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Episode 27 That Thing Was Truly Troublesome

「Hin! Hin! Hin! 」

A sudden cry interrupted our pleasant conversation. It was a pegasus that I slashed with「Onigiri」.

Its eyes were closed and it was trembling all over. Its breathing was rough. It was gradually unable to withstand the suffering and collapsed.


It was shaking with tears in its eyes. It will die if I let it be.

「So it is a unicorn pegasus. A rare article you have here」 [1]

Gon raised her voice. Eh? What is that? Is it really rare?

「Pegasus is a rare creature, but there are plenty of unicorns in this world. However, the unicorn pegasus, who has the traits of both of them, is even rarer. I saw it last time about 100 years ago. Although, it died soon after its birth」

「If it’s that rare, shouldn’t some gods use them?」

「I doubt that it works like that. It is just a unicorn and a pegasus. A seed, that shouldn’t have appeared under normal circumstances. The one who rode this horse was, if I remember correctly, a royal from the Hideta Empire. It might have been an imperial treasure」

Oi oi, does that mean that if this horse dies it will be bad? For now, let’s cast some recovery magic….was it its spirit that was cut? Then how should I treat it?

「If it’s an empire’s belonging, it won’t be a bad idea to return it. It will be bothersome in a lot of ways if it dies. However, what kind of magic is able to heal it? 」[2]

「The confusion can be dispelled by using LV4 recover spell Extra Heal. But with your katana, it won’t be of any use. I think that it is impossible unless you use LV5 Ultimate Heal. Ultimate Heal can even revive a person during 1 hour after its death unless some important organs are missing. It wasn’t cut that long ago, you should be able to mend the damage to its spirit」

I see, 「Onigiri」kills the spirit. I must say, I made a terrible weapon. Let’s try it then, 「Ultimate Heal! 」.

The unicorn pegasus was wrapped in the blue light.

「Are you okay?」

Or so I asked. The horse’s eyes opened and it neighed in a small voice.

「It wants some water, so it said」

So you are able to understand this horse, Gon! As expected of the white fox. While admiring, I created plenty of water with water magic. The horse drunk with great vigor.


It said something again. Oi, Gon, what did it say?

「It says: Thank you for saving me. I was about to die」

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「You are a unicorn pegasus, right? Do you belong to the Hideta Empire? I can return you to the Empire if you want…」

The horse froze for a moment. Then again, it weakly buruburu’ed something.

「It says it doesn’t want to return. It will die if it goes back」

I asked some things, this horse seems to be 4 years old. For some reason, it grows too slow and its body is smaller than it should be. Because it is pony-sized, it can’t be used on the battlefield or displayed in public. So the royal guy from before forced it to be his mount.

This royal’s treatment was very rough, and it failed a lot. Sometimes it was whipped, and in severe cases, slashed at with a sword. Come to think of it, that royal kept calling「Daba, Daba」, but it was just another name for a「horse」. Well, I knew already, but that guy was pretty messed up.

At that time, because of the event in the Juka Kingdom and the appearance of the Great Demon King, all of their contacts were severed. The horse didn’t want to enter the Juka Kingdom, even for the reconnaissance. But the idiotic duo decided to depart on a subjugation mission. They even used a road through the Juka Mountain Range, which is a dragon’s den. This road should have been a certain death for them, but those idiots were able to arrive safely. They were attacked by a dragon once, but Paoran deceived it with her illusions.

The horse continued to run all this time without any food or water until it bumped into me. The three people were eating while riding. Did they want to kill me this much? You need to bring something stronger than just your killing intent to defeat me though. Idiocy that can’t be explained by their youth. Well, Paoran most likely devised this plan.

If I return this horse to the empire, its future would definitely be bleak, I can imagine that. Well then, what should I do…..

「For now, you didn’t eat all this time, right? I have plenty of carrots, you can eat as much as you want. Water can be created at any time too」

I pulled a lot of carrots out of the「Infinite storage」. The horse was hesitating at first but started eating little by little. It wanted to properly taste it. After a while, it stopped eating and slightly trembled. Let’s confirm with Gon.

「It says that it was the first time it ate such delicious thing. It says: This incompetent one is happy to receive your grace」

That is an exaggeration. For it to be that happy only from water and carrots, just how horrible was its life before this?

「There is no way you are incompetent. My barrier shouldn’t be damaged by the normal attacks. However, you scratched it with your horn. You can be proud」

「I was incredibly afraid, but I thought that I will die if I do nothing, so I slammed with all my power…or so it says」

「When you instantly defeated the demon fox, I thought that my death was near, so I bit you. I apologize, so he apologized」

Even while fighting me, the idiot treated the horse quite roughly, while it was suffering the pain I can’t imagine.

「I see. I unknowingly caused you to suffer. I did some horrible attack」

「….I truly thought I was going to die, I saw the hell while still alive, it says」

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「But it was more painful when the master abandoned me, it says」

Even though he was an idiot, it accepted him as its master. Isn’t it a nice fellow.

「Isn’t it fine, being abandoned? That idiot just couldn’t see your splendor. In fact, you combat power is strong. Stronger than your master’s. Even more, your hair is beautiful, your eyes are pretty, I think you look really great」 [3]

「…..It says it’s happy, it’s crying」

The horse puts its face in my hand with buruburu. Well then, what should I do with this horse.

「The slave magic wasn’t cast on it, so technically it doesn’t belong to the empire. Its master had abandoned it too, there is no problem with picking it up. If you don’t want it, you can sell it. It will fetch a considerable price」

Selling it will be a pity.

「The horse says that it doesn’t mind you riding on its back」

All right, might as well accept its feelings. This horse’s height is just right for me. Well then, how should I call it? Unicorn pegasus is somewhat long. Let’s ask its name through Gon. [4]

「…..Daba, it seems」

There is no way it is a good name. All right, let me bestow you with a new name. It is a unicorn pegasus, so…

「Your name is「Bright」. It is worthy of the one who inherited the noble blood of a pegasus and a unicorn, what do you think? 」

「…..But this unicorn pegasus is a female」

Say this sooner. I retract what I said, etto…..

「I decided, you name is「Irimo」. I will call you「Irimo」」

Buruburu, Irimo said. It seems she liked it. Anyway, was that fine, Gon? You are properly translating, right?

The unicorn pegasus’ growth is slow. This is a misunderstanding caused by the lack of information. Originally, for a normal horse, 4 years old is like 20 years old for humans. However, in a case of a unicorn pegasus, it is closer to 12. Rinos and Irimo are going to grow from now on, but it is a story for another time.


  1. What kind of mutant is this? 
  2. Killing a prince should be more troublesome. 
  3. If this horse is a male… 
  4. Great Demon King on a pony unicorn, pff. 

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