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Episode 26 That Thing Was Really Troublesome

I approached the little fox once again.

「Are you fine? You sure bring disasters」

「I’m saved」

The little fox spoke, what is this little thing?

「Are you able to talk?」

「Even though I’m looking like this, I lived for 200 years already. When a fox reaches 200 years, it is able to become a demon fox and speak. The one who didn’t commit any sins will transform into a white fox, and the one who did, into the demon fox. That Paoran is a famous demon fox, she was chasing our kind」

「Hee~. And why the white fox who didn’t sin is in this forest? 」

「Yes. I was dispatched in the Juka Kingdom as a messenger of a god in the first place. Our job is to gather the fate in our respective countries and become the idols for people. When I tried to gather the fate in a variety of ways, the Great Demon King appeared and I had evacuated into the forest」

「Is it okay for you to leave the country?」

「……There is no way it is. Still, I was so scared. I ran quite far, but I never expected the Great Demon King to come here」

「Well, I apologize」

「I thought I will be killed once discovered. I completely restrained my aura and observed from a tree. But you suddenly got up and screamed, so I was surprised and fell from the tree」

About the puppet? I want you to forget it.

「I was prepared to die, but I never expected for a Great Demon King to present me such a delicious offering. I was fortunate that Paoran found me at that moment. I took away most of her abilities, she won’t be a threat to me」

「Was Paoran that bad of a fox?」

「She is a demon fox that was called a seductress. Deceiving people, bringing calamities. She did things that could ruin a country many times」

…..Seems pretty selfish.

「You gave me an offering and I punished Paoran. You also successfully lowered the power of your curse. If you are willing, I can erase the curse from your status. What are your thoughts? 」

「I’m happy if this is true, but tell me the details about the curse first」

「The curse appears after killing the beings of the same kind as you. Humans, in your case. It depends from the circumstances and the viciousness during the act. It is said that those who didn’t feel any guilt and even had fun in the process gain levels faster. In the first place…..」

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LV1 Murderer (more than 1 killed)
LV2 Slaughterer (more than 10 killed)
LV3 Demon (more than 100 killed)
LV4 Demon King (more than 500 killed)
LV5 Great Demon King (more than 10000 killed)

「A priest can lower the level or completely remove the curse. After the war, you can often see the priest blessing soldier, like that, they are cleansing them from the curses. Also, if you are baptized by the church, the level of the curse will be harder to raise in the future. However, human power could only influence the curse under LV3. The highest priests could only remove up to LV3. Most of them have they hands full with LV2」

「Right now my curse skill is…… LV4. Are you able to erase it? 」

「We, the white foxes, have a divine protection. If it is a LV4, it is possible to erase it」

「Then, I want to ask you. Please do it」

「However, I want to trace your memory once. I never heard of someone becoming a Great Demon King at your age. I can’t remove your curse if you are a wicked person」

「Understood. I’m fine with that」

「Without further ado, let’s do it…….Please dispel the barrier」

Oh, I forgot.

「Hoo~ a slave. Eh? It can’t be! Eh? Ho-ho, this is! Arara, ufufu. Heee~. Uwaaa~. Yes, yes, this is…..What? Eh? Eh? Wait, 80000?? This, eh? Wait….ueeee」

The fox slowly breathed out.

「No wonder the Great Demon King was attached. With your skills, the titles too make sense. I understood everything. And lastly, what are you going to do from now on? What do you want to do from now on? 」

「I want to have some peace. Ideally, surrounded by beauties」

「…..Such an honest person. All right. Let’s commence the removal of the curse」

The removal was concluded in a moment. I couldn’t perceive what exactly changed, but the little fox said that I felt as a completely different person.

「Come to think of it, I didn’t hear your name yet. I’m Rinos」

「Eh, I traced your memory, so I know your name. We, the white foxes, usually do not have a name」

「Then how should I call you? “You” is kind of」

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「Usually we are called according to our shrines. Like country’s god or Fox-sama. If it is okay with you, I want to ask you to name me. If I have a name, my position amongst the divine beings will rise ever so slightly」

Name…..A fox, if she is a fox…..


「…….Won’t you change your mind? 」

「Choose any on those」

「…..Gon is fine」

Don’t make such a resigned face, Gon. I will make another offering sometime later. Come to think of it, if Paoran can turn into a human, does that mean that Gon can too?

「I can. No problem」

She turned into a human, but, well, how should I say it.

「You face is still that of a fox! Rejected! 」

It seems that Gon wasn’t that proficient in the art of human transformation. When she just became a white fox in the past, she found the children’s games very interesting and wanted to join them, only to end up in a bag. The reason is simple, she just forgot to transform, she dashed out as a fox. Since this was her dark history, it was a secret from Rinos.

「By the way, you said that you are a messenger of a god. Which god is it? 」

「Our god is the「Nine-tailed fox」」

Thought so! Is it a demon fox who lived for a million years? Does that mean that Gon could someday arrive at this stage too?

「Well, I’m a failure after all. It will take me at least 10000 years even with a shrine」

There is no way I will live long enough to witness that

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