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Episode 25 Welcome, Greetings

The little fox kept staring at me while trembling. Do you need to be so afraid? I am a nice person, you know? I thought like that, but I am still the Great Demon king in the end. I’m probably very scary.

I didn’t think of eating this fox. I can’t feel the killing intent from it, even if it has, it won’t be able to harm me. Well, if this cute little fox somehow knocks me out, I will be really amused. Still, let me create a barrier for protection.

It will eventually go away if I leave it be. Well, it is that. I am not just a Great Demon King, I also have some considerable skills. I should be fine.

Besides, it is a white fox. Maybe it is some kind of divine being. I tried putting some of the remaining zenzai on a plate a placing it before the fox.

「You may eat if you want. It might not suit your palate though. Go ahead, please grant me some divine favor」

I pushed the plate towards the fox. The fox trembled. It probably won’t eat as long as I am around. I turned around and took some distance. Let’s investigate with the Presence Detection. The fox carefully approached the plate, sniffed around and started eating with great vigor. Was it that hungry?

When I was about to tell it that I still have some more, I detected three presences coming this way with tremendous speed. They seemed to be humans. Their color was red, they were completely hostile.

After a while, two horses appeared. They charged in my direction without any hesitation.


My barrier stopped the horse. Looking closely, this horse has a horn. A unicorn? Oi oi, you are scratching my barrier! If you hit the same place 200 more times it might break.

While I was thinking about that, another one appeared from my back.

「I got you!」

The rider slashed at me. Slow. It is idiotically slow. I don’t even need to use a barrier. I casually dodged the blow.


Before I noticed, the horse that should have been behind my back disappeared. No, just kidding. It is above.

I looked closely and noticed that the wings appeared on the horse. The young man with his eyes red trusted his sword at me. This one was frighteningly slow too. I easily dodged.

「You are radiating the vile energy, yet you appearance is that of a human. What the hell are you? 」

「He is a Great Demon King, your highness. Demon King, no doubt」

There was a woman, riding behind the man on a pegasus. Her eyes were full of suspicion. She knows that I’m a Great Demon King, is she some kind of appraiser? Let’s check everyone’s status.

Hideta Shua Serias (Royalty, 16 years old) LV14
HP: 102
MP: 47
Sword Arts LV2
Body Strengthening LV1
Evasion LV1
Etiquette LV1
Curse LV2

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Visto Zai (Imperial Knight, 16 years old)
HP: 122
MP: 39
Sword Arts LV2
Body Strengthening LV2
Evasion LV2
Curse LV2

Paoran (Demon Fox, 487 year old) LV47
HP: 712
MP: 1054
Illusion Technique LV4
Recovery Magic LV3
Fire Magic LV4
Seduction Technique LV4
Human Transformation Technique LV4
Mind Magic LV3
Appraisal LV4
Curse LV3

Isn’t this person a bit out of line from everyone else? The young masters aren’t anything big, although they have a curse. They do not suit each other, did they specifically invited her to come?

The pegasus slowly landed on the ground.

「He has a number of skills, but hey all pretty low. It should be easy if we work together」

「He is a Great Demon King, but why is he so weak? His aura is so vicious」

「Most likely, it was just birthed. It is still awakening」

「Fufu, fufufufu. That is good, that is good! I’m truly lucky. I never expected to bump into the unawakened Great Demon King! If I take his head back, I will be the next emperor without a doubt! 」

「Haha! That is a cause for celebration!! Let’s kill him! Let’s kill him right now! 」[1]

I thought I would be able to talk with a person after all that happened, and I got this. Only some idiots. Un? The woman started chanting. She left the talking to the next emperor or whoever he is and wanted to sneakily attack me. As expected of a female fox. It won’t work though.
At that moment something dropped on her shoulder, it was a little fox from earlier.

Maybe because she was chanting, the woman was surprised and slapped the little fox to the ground. And,

「Your highness! Please kill it! 」

「Daba, do it」

The pegasus’ horn stabbed into its belly and the blood flowed. I can’t stand it after all.


With that, I caused a medium scale explosion around the little fox. While the enemies were disorganized, I approached its body and applied the recovery magic. The wound quickly closed. The little foxed eyed its belly with wondering eyes.

I stood before the little fox, I will administer the punishment on its behalf.

「Fufu, fufufufu. Is this the extent of your magic? It is not even a threat. Just obediently die」

The pegasus stabbed at me with its horn and was, of course, stopped by the barrier. Following after that, Serias aimed for my neck, and Paoran released a huge fireball towards my head.

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I knocked the sword aside with my left hand, with my right hand I extinguished the fireball with the water magic. At the same time, I released a LV5 fire spell「Scorching Bullet」towards Paoran. The fire was compressed to the limit, its size was about 3 cm. This small fireball flew at super high speed. She couldn’t dodge it from this distance. Because she was leaning from the horse, her left hand and left leg had evaporated. The person in question probably thought that they simply disappeared. At that moment, flames rose from the open wounds. From here, it looked like she was spewing fire from her left leg and left arm.

「Eh? Just when, ugyaaa! 」

The heat and pain soon followed. Paoran fell from the horse.


The pegasus that wanted to stab me, bit me on the head. I pulled out the「Onigiri」and slashed at its neck. I properly felt the impact. However, the pegasus’ head was still in place.

「Hi, hi, hi, hihihiin!!!」

Or so it cried and started rampaging. Serias tried to regain the control, but it didn’t listen.

「Goua! Goua! Goua! Gouaaaa! 」

The horse raised an unthinkable scream and shook violently. It shook of Serias and he fell on the ground.

「Daba, damn you!」

Serias threw a stone at the pegasus with all his might. Are you a kid?

「I got you! Haha. Die! 」

Zai pounced at me from the back. I’m aware though. Without turning back, I grabbed his sword with my left hand. I crushed it as it was and released a powerful fist towards his nose. Zai immediately retreated.

「You *******. Don’t be so complacent! It seems we need to go all out in order to win. Zai, I authorize the use of that sword」

Serias pulled a sword from Zai’s back. It was an incredibly beautiful sword, I almost leaked out a voice of admiration.

「It is an heirloom, passed down in my Hideta Empire. With this, it will end」

I have no idea what he is going to end, but for now, let’s fire a scorching bullet toward Zai, who was reciting「killkillkill」in a small voice like some kind of spell while creepily laughing at the side. His left arm vaporized and flames appeared from the wound. He raised a scream and rolled on the ground. If the pheasant does not call, it will not be shot.

While my attention was on Zai, Serial came slashing at me. I silently cut him with the「Onigiri」.

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「Ugh, uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!」

「Y-your highness!!」

Serias screamed and disappeared into the forest. Behind him, there was a figure of Zai, who managed to steer a horse with only one hand. There are plenty of monsters that way though….. Well, whatever.

I couldn’t see the demon fox. Looking at the map, she seems to be running with all her might towards the Hideta. I decided that it was a nice opportunity to test my new lightning magic. I aimed at the fox and released a lightning bolt. A lightning bolt that will keep chasing her until she is dead. Let’s name it「Guided Lightning」. Judging by the map, she was busy dodging it. She seems to survive, for now. Well, do your best.


  1. Well, it’s been nice knowing you, not really, but now it’s time for you to die! Yes! How exciting! Not for you of course. Mmmm. 

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