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Episode 24 Let’s Make a Zenzai

Episode 24 Let’s Make A Zenzai

I’m hungry. I have a lot of things to think about, but let’s fill my stomach first.

Since I have been thinking for a while already, my body craves for sugar. While I’m at it, might as well make a zenzai that Eril wanted to taste.

I took out a pot, that I borrowed from the Versam family’s kitchen, put beans and poured water inside. I used a small fireball to make the water boil. After a while I sucked out the water then, once again, poured the water inside and boiled it. For now, this should be enough.

From here on, it is the most important part. The beans were simmering nicely. I made a stove with earth magic and ignited the firewood with magic. I carefully adjusted the heat….

I have nothing to do for now. What do I do?

I left it as it is and checked my status. I just remembered, I never learned 「Lightning Magic」. The reason is, the teacher never taught me and I am bad around lightning.

Well, I’m the Great Demon King right now. Being unable to summon lightning is unbecoming. If someone says to me「The Great Demon King can’t even use lightning~? Damn, it’s too laughable! 」, I will die from embarrassment.

I have time, let’s practice. The teacher said that the image is important in regards to magic. Let’s imagine the lightning. Pika, gorogorogoro~. Pikapika, baribaribari~.

….I can’t. Nothing comes out. The sky is bright and clear, not a single cloud. That’s too depressing.

How is it appearing in the first place? It needs thunderclouds if I remember correctly.

I created a U-shaped barrier and floated to the sky. It feels rather nice. There I generated the steam by using water and fire magic. I warmed the ground with fire magic. Then, I lowered the temperature on top of the barrier using ice magic. After a while, the black cloud appeared, and after a few more minutes,

「Pika! Paripari~」

I produced a tiny lightning bolt. I somewhat understood the principle. I checked my status and found「Lightning Magic LV3」there. Why is it LV3 all of a sudden?

All right, let’s try it. It is scary if it is close, so let’s drop it as far as possible. Thunderbolt….as far as I can.

「Dosshan, baribari~~~~~」

I was too impatient. My vision turned white for a moment. Did it fall close after all?? The sound was nothing to scoff at, you know?

My body is still fine. I want to check the result, but I need to attend to the pot. The water decreased, so I need to refill it from time to time. [1]

I checked the status and「Lightning Magic」became LV5.

The Great Demon King is god damn amazing. I summoned the lightning bolt twice and mastered the skill. Maybe that’s why Great Demon Kings are strong?

While I was thinking about that, the beans finally became soft. It’s about time.

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While drawing out the water, I put beans into another pot. Sugar incoming! Remembering how my grandma used to do it, I added the sugar by the eye. Then I added a pinch of salt.

I added the water and boiled it. After 10 minutes at the low heat, the zenzai was completed.

….Sweet. Tasty. Of course, I’m hungry, but it was still made rather nicely for someone like me. Tasty. Tasty. Eat. Eat.

…..My stomach is full. A lot was still left, what am I going to do with it?

I overestimated myself and made too much, a lot was left. It shouldn’t be too difficult, let’s put it into the「Infinite storage」. I might obtain a mochi somewhere. At that time, I will enjoy them together!

While enjoying the feeling of fullness, I thought of my future plans. My status had risen, but not being attacked by the monsters feels weird. It seems, they really don’t like me. The humans should be like that too. Then how am I going to live from now on? What will happen when I eat all of the food? I can gather the edible plants, but how long will it last? The answer didn’t come to me.

I’m tired of thinking. I will die from the depression if this continues. I need to relax my brain. Well, since I became the Great Demon King, let’s do that to recover the mood.

I stood up and assumed a pose,

「You too will be turned into one of my puppets! Guhahahahahaha! 」

….Sorry. Please spare me. I just wanted to try it. That was dangerous. I almost fell on the ground depressed again.


I heard a sound behind my back. I turned around and discovered a small white fox. Did it come to become my puppet?


  1. Casually destroying half a forest while boiling beans, cooking god approves. 

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