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Episode 23 And What Do I Do Now?

From deep within the Runo forest, I looked at the blue sky.

It’s a nice weather, great for laundry. It’s autumn. It is neither cold nor hot. A refreshing wind blows in the forest. A pleasant wind indeed. Staying home all the time is good, but going outside is nice too, from time to time. Such a quiet place. So peaceful.

While I was thinking about such things, there were tears in my eyes. I need a little more time to escape from reality.

People suddenly attacked, although I never did anything to them. I thought to wait here until things calmed down, but even monsters were distancing themselves from me. I kept going deeper and the monsters kept running. They even sprinted with all they had.

There are no living beings around me. It is the silence itself. It is pretty scary in such a quiet forest, you know? Like, really. Just what on earth had happened to me? For now, I looked at my status. It became something amazing all of the sudden.

Rinos (Great Demon King, 14 years old) LV ∞
HP: 49859
MP: 62874
Barrier Magic LV5
Fire Magic LV5
Water Magic LV5
Wind Magic LV5
Earth Magic LV4
Recovery Magic LV5
Life Magic LV2
Chanting LV5
Appraisal Magic LV5
Sword Arts LV5
MP Recovery LV5
Presence Detection LV5
Mana Detection LV5
Mana Absorption LV5
Body Strengthening LV5
Evasion LV5
Etiquette LV2
Liberal Arts LV3
Paralysis Resistance LV5
Poison Resistance LV5
Mental Resistance LV5
Dark Magic LV5
Curse LV5

God of War * God of Knowledge * Great Demon God *Iron Man * Iron Arm * Barrier God * Warlord * Sage * Excellent Appraiser

….The hell? 「Slave Barrier Master」became「Great Demon King」. Forget about the ridiculous skills, even more ridiculous titles were attached. Am I some famous baseball player?

I became the Great Demon King, so I immediately checked my body. There was no change in my appearance, judging by the reflection on the water. Still, I was surprised when the status screen appeared right before me. It seems to be an effect of Appraisal LV5. Even more, it displayed everything I wanted it to display. Adding to that, all of the information perceived by my detection skills was present on the「Map」.

Map is able to display all living beings in a 50km radius. It seems that enemies and those who bear hostility against me are marked red. The area 5km around me is pure white, but after that, it is covered in red.

Speaking of the troublesome skills, it is Curse LV5. Let’s appraise it.

「Draws animosity from every living creature. Attracts the evil beings. Status raised by 500%」

It makes you strong but everyone will hate you, or so it seems. Apparently, no one is around me right now because of this skill.

I can hide my skills, in other words, I can resist other’s appraisal. However, I am not able to hide this curse.

Swords, spears, bows or other physical means of attack do not work against me. The same goes for poison and paralysis. Basically, I’m almost invincible.

I looked at the sky while spacing out. For some reason, I couldn’t stop my tears.

After a while of trying to escape reality, I organized my mind. Let’s try to properly think about my circumstances. Yes, let’s do just that.

At this point, I appraised the items from the treasury of the Versam family. These things ended up being quite amazing too.

「Nameless Sword」
By channeling a small amount of mana, the owner can transform its form into the most suitable form for himself. Draws out owner’s most outstanding talent.

「Probe Robe」[1] Keeps the wearer pure at all times. Absolute defense against the curses, poison, and paralysis. Able to completely recover the wearer’s lost parts and wounds.

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With this robe, it might work.

I immediately equipped the robe. The Curse skill is still present. However, once I equipped it, I understood. It is able to clean my clothes and body, thus making me “pure”. In other words, there is no need for bathing and laundry. It also serves as a free hospital, because it is able to recover wounds. It will greatly ease the traveling. The founder is awesome!

While I am at it, I try to hold the「Nameless Sword」. It is said that it can change its form and draw my hidden talent, let’s try putting mana in it.

The description said “small amount”, but it took quite a bit. It is your usual iron sword from the shop, but it shined due to my mana in it. With a flash, it transformed into a Japanese sword.

A japanese sword in a black sheath, right from a historical drama. It is quite light. I tried slowly pulling it out.

What is that? This katana has a red edge and looks vicious. Let’s appraise this katana.

「- – -」
The sword that cuts the spirit instead of the body. The creature that was cut will taste the hellish suffering over the long period of time, eventually leading to its death. Ignores defense.

….This is a dangerous fellow. I ended up creating a cursed sword all of the sudden. Looking closely,

「Can be changed only once. Will be released upon the owner’s death」

uwaaaaa. This is so wrong~. Do not make things with such restrictions~.

For now, let’s name it. Let’s go with: Cut apart the soul…「Onigiri」 (Onigiri). [2]

I thought of a name and became hungry in the process. And I didn’t call it like that because of the hunger. Just a coincidence. Come to think of it, I didn’t eat since yesterday, let’s make something.


  1. I tried. 
  2. First is Oni Slasher and second is rice balls. 

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