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Episode 22 The Last Order

I awoke in the morning. It seems I slept through the whole night.

There is the dragon that I defeated yesterday before me. With its eyes and mouth opened wide, it looked awful.

A creature called「dragon」 is said to be quite the delicacy. However, when I thought who is in its stomach right now, I didn’t feel like eating it. I lay a barrier around it and raise the temperature inside. As I was looking at it, it became bright red and melted. It looks like a puddle right now. I raised the temperature further. It’s probably a few thousand degrees inside already. After a while, its body had evaporated and disappeared.

I looked at the sky and put my hands together.

Well then, what now? Let’s return to the Versam family’s mansion first.

I entered the capital through the north gate. The prided wall, thanks to the dragon’s rampage is a complete mess. Not just that, the damage to the buildings is enormous. There should be a lot of injured people.

I walked towards the area where noble’s mansions should be. Yesterday, I walked on this path together with Eril. While thinking about those things, I headed straight for the Versam mansion.

After the yesterday’s rebellion, there are no soldiers around, there are no people here at all. I tried searching for the presences and found nothing. It seems there is no one here indeed.

The buildings are mostly intact around here, it looks just as usual. However, with no one around, it creates a really weird atmosphere.

I reached the mansion after walking for a while. The gate looked unchanged, I felt that if I waited for a while, the maids will come out and say「Welcome home, Rinos」.

The gate was easily opened and I entered inside.

A few meters from the entrance, there was nothing. Master’s room, teacher’s room, mine and Eril’s rooms on the second floor, there was nothing. Only the entrance hall, the dining room, and the kitchen retained their original form.

I head for the dining room. The room was clean and tidy, you can never believe that there was a rebellion yesterday. I’m glad that this place survived. The reason is, there is the treasury of the Versam family here. When I was still a slave, Elsa-sama told me that if she and the marquis didn’t come home for more than 7 days without any notice, I’m to take everything in the treasury with me. I’m going to fulfill this last order.

The entrance into the treasury is the stove.

Of course, this stove works hard during the winter parties. It also participated in the creation of the roasted beef and provided some warmth during the cold.

There is a small glass ball on the side of this stove. You can’t notice a small glass ball until you look closely. I channeled my mana in it and the stove moved. It is an excellent article; it reacts only to the authorized people’s mana and ignores all others.

And I channeled my mana into this glass ball. Actually, it was the first time I tried to enter the treasury, so I was slightly worried, but the stove moved away without any problem. A corridor wide enough for one person to pass appeared before me.

Once I stepped into the corridor, the entrance closed behind me. The next room should be the treasury. I activated a life magic spell「light」and looked at the surroundings. On the door of the treasury, there is a sculpture of a dragon with its mouth wide open. I aligned my face with it and said the words.

「Door, open「I don’t know」」

I heard a sound and carefully opened the door.

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There were two swords and a silver robe inside.

I stored them in my「infinite storage」.

I traversed the corridor once again. There is a small glass ball on the wall. I put my mana in it and return to the dining room.

I suddenly became interested and proceeded to the kitchen. The plates were orderly organized, without any disturbance. The stored food was completely fine too. All of the tableware, food and cooking utensils I put in the「infinite storage」and left the mansion.

Although there were no people there anymore, I still erected a barrier around the mansion. It was my home for 8 years, I didn’t want it to be touched by others.

I walked towards the west gate. The dragon rampaged quite a bit, so everything is in shambles. The residential and the commercial areas suffered the most of the damage. I thought to take a stroll around there and heal some people on the way.

However, there was no one around. I couldn’t sense anyone.

I walked towards the north gate, but there was no one here either. After walking for a while longer, I was able to sense a presence of people outside of the gate. I exited from the gate and headed in its direction.

There were about 50 townspeople there. Some of them were injured. Some of them had weapons. Most likely, they are the people who evacuated from the capital when the rebellion started. First of all, I can treat the wounded.

「Are you all right, everyone? The injured people…..」

「Uwaa!」「Gyaa! 」「Hiiiii!」

When I approached, everyone panicked for some reason. There are some who aren’t able to move from fear. All of them are staring at me. Is there something behind my back?

I turned my head and saw only the usual Runo forest behind me.

An arrow unexpectedly fell beside me. Turning back, I saw people lifting their bows at me aggressively.

「P-please wait!」

「Uaaaaaa! Stay away! Stay awaaaaaay!!!!」

They fired the arrows at me like mad. I was too overwhelmed and ran towards the Runo forest.

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