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Episode 16 14-Year-Old Change

Two years after adulthood, I became 14 years old

It’s about time for me to assume the post of the royal barrier master. The current royal barrier master is going to retire very soon.

The Versam family suddenly got very busy. Elsa-sama’s visits to the royal palace had increased. Last time, she even went out for 5 days straight without any warning. I was worried and visited the royal palace’s main gate regularly, to the extent of making the guards laugh.

One soldier showed me to a smaller gate, close to the main one. Leading to the royal palace there was a big stone bridge, the palace was really beautiful from there.

It’s difficult to exit once you entered inside. I thought so, and having nothing to do went to the west district, which was filled with a variety of different shops.

There were a lot of ingredients, armor, and weapons, it was quite fun. My earnings from the golden birds were still with me, so I could afford most of the things here. However, those things were of little interest to me. I only ate in the restaurants sometimes.

I also visited the slave shop but wasn’t able to peek inside. Scanning the building with the presence detection, I found 20 people, I had no idea who was who. What happened to the girls that were brought here with me? Is they are still alive, they should already be adults.

Recently, when I was in the mood, I was hunting in the Runo forest. Of course, Eril was with me. However you put it, I spent a lot of time training with her, she is like a big sister to me. Once I enter the royal palace, it would be hard to meet her. So I thought of making some memories while I still had a chance.

…..That day, Elsa-sama went for the royal palace as usual. Falco went with her as an escort and Eril suddenly proclaimed that she wanted to hunt.

Let’s hunt something big once in a while, I thought while stretching. In these years, I learned how to ride a horse. Although I’m no match for Eril, I’m still proud of my achievements.

Together, we lined up and headed for the north gate. Once you pass the bridge, the forest will be right before your eyes. When I was unable to ride a horse, I was always clinging to Eril’s back, but recently I didn’t need to. I wonder if she would let me if I ask?

While thinking about such things, several hours of hunting passed and it was already evening.

「My stomach is empty」

「I will make the food today. I managed to obtain the red beans and some sugar. There is also salt. You can look forward to it, my Lady」

「Wa? What are you going to make? Will it take time? No way, take out a boxed lunch」

I thought about making a zenzai, but I was shot down. Having no other choice, I took out the boxed lunches and started to eat.

「Zenzai? Is it sweet? Hee, sounds tasty. Let’s hurry and depart. Make it once we return to the mansion! 」

I stored the lunch that I just took out. This infinite storage and farseeing mirror are necessary while hunting. Truly a wonderful item.

In order to return to the mansion, I mounted a horse. But, the moment we were about to exit the forest, the horses suddenly stopped, and in the next moment.


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I heard the sound of an explosion. Eril and I looked at each other and rushed out of the forest. Once we rode out of the forest, the sight of the kingdom’s army blocking the north gate greeted us.

There was another explosive sound. Looking in the direction of the capital, I saw the royal palace being attacked by the wyverns.

「Wyvern!? Why is this happening!? The royal palace, the royal palace is in danger!!」

Eril screamed with a shocked expression on her face. Was it because the kingdom’s army is blocking the north gate? Still, the situation is bad.

While we were spacing out, a single soldier from the army that blocked the north gate approached us.

「So it is Rinos-dono and Eril-dono. We occupied the royal castle. Our lord wants to see you」

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