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Episode 17 Rebellion in the Kingdom

「O-0ccupied? Are you saying that the kingdom’s army rebelled? 」

「Rebellion is a bit too harsh of a word. Pledging to return the kingdom on the right way is a proper thing to do」

「Who is the mastermind? Could it be general Karugi…」

「I didn’t come here to chat with you. The one who we seek is the barrier master-dono. Rinos-dono, we are ordered to courteously escort you to the royal palace. Eril-dono, there is an order to deliver you to the royal palace, but it doesn’t require you to be「alive」. In case you resist, we will be forced to resort to extreme measures. As long as I bring back your head, it is all right」

「My status is that of a slave. Just as your follow orders of your lord, I can’t accept any invitations without Master’s approval」

「There is no reason to worry. We will bring you straight to the Versam couple. They are currently detained by us. Shouldn’t slaves return to their masters? If I remember correctly, wasn’t you ordered to return by the sunset? 」

「I want to see a proof that the Master is in your hands」

While laughing, the man received something wrapped in cloth from another soldier and carelessly threw it at me.

I unwrapped it and looked inside. Inside there were….two arms. The two arms were cut off from the shoulder. I could recognize these arms.

「I-It can’t be!」

「As you might have guessed, this is an arm of the great magician Falco」

It was bloody, but the clothes were the same as my teacher’s. More than anything, there was *, his favorite item「Skull’s Gold Ring」, on his hand.

「Yo-you *******!!」

Eril was enraged and slashed at the man. It was a fast slash, but the man dodged it easily. He is formidable. I looked into his status.

Rukua Madoisen (Swordsman, 41 years old)
HP: 822
MP: 103
Sword Arts LV4
Quick Draw LV4
Body Recovery LV4
Body Strengthening LV4
Evasion LV4
High-speed sword dance LV3 [1] Eyes of Truth LV4
Curse LV2

He is a monster far above Eril. He continued to dodge Eril’s attacks without much effort.

「Good moves, but too bad. If you trained for a little longer, we could have fought a more satisfying match」

The moment Madoisen put his hand on the sword’s handle, Eril was cut.

「….So you have a barrier cast on you. It’s not impenetrable….but it will be a waste of time. All right, let’s bring you with us」

「And what if I refuse?」

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「The Versam couple, Falco and the prince will die」

「Falco is…..But the barrier protects the aunt and the prince!! You can’t kill them! 」

「We will starve them to death」


「Without any water or food, you will naturally die. No matter how strong is the barrier, it will be over in a few days. If you come with me, they will die painlessly. However, if you are planning to escape, they will die in the midst of suffering」

「Are you still a human?! You were supposed to serve this kingdom!! To follow you…」

「My lady, let’s go together as Madoisen-san says」

「Rinos! Do you to go with these guys?!」

「I’m worried about the Master and his highness. Even more, Falco lost both of his arms. He might really die if won’t help him」

「…….I got it」

「As expected of the barrier master-dono, you understand how it works. Well then, let’s go meet our lord」

「I only have a little favor to ask. If possible, I want to meet my master, the teacher and his highness」

「I don’t mind if it is just that. I will definitely provide you an opportunity」

We entered the north gate and boarded on the carriage that was already prepared for us. Leisurely, the carriage proceeded to the main gate of the royal palace.

There were soldiers in the front and the back, but there were only two of us inside. Eril was looking out of the window, without paying attention to me. I didn’t know what to say and just stared at her.

…Eril cried. Trying to deceive me, she suppressed her voice and cried. Without thinking, I grabbed her hand.

「Don’t worry, my lady. The enemy is aiming for me. I will use myself as a bargaining chip to exchange for Master’s life. Let’s talk with the mastermind behind this rebellion. Let’s do what we can」

「Uu….Rinos….Hick, hick, hick」

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Tears fell from her eyes as if from the broken dam. She gripped my hand to the extent it was painful. Her sadness and frustration were without bounds.

The carriage was slowly closing on the main gate.


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