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Episode 15 Adults Have a Lot of Things to Take Care of

I turned 12 years old, I’m finally an adult.

It seems that in this world the 12th birthday is the cause for a big celebration. However, with me being a salve, there is no point to think about it.

Nonetheless, the maid big sisters congratulated me and treated me with their special cooking. I was truly touched. When I thanked them while crying, my attention was completely stolen be the contents of the pot, to the extent that I even stopped crying. Let’s keep the fact that I received big sister’s fist of fury a secret.

One night, the prince appeared after the Elsa-sama’s meal. He always appears out on nowhere. He doesn’t have much free time in the royal palace, and once he has, he always come here. It seems, he at least confirms if Elsa-sama is present before coming.

Since the time of the ceremony, the number of his visits was reduced. It seems he has a lot of political matters to attend to. Come to think of it, I didn’t see marquis Versam recently.

The ceremony was magnificent. The 100000 members off kingdom’s army were standing guard around a kingdom. Everyone was slightly tensed because of that.

「Hello there, it’s been a long time. I heard you became an adult recently, I came to congratulate」

「No need, your highness. For this slave to receive such words」

「No, you are my benefactor. I can do at least that」

At the party, I showed 30 living golden birds. The appearance of the illusive birds crying and frolicking made the audience gasp in shock. Of course, that was possible because I created a gigantic barrier and adjusted the environment inside to the one they liked.

「Please accept the congratulations from me too, Rinos」

Elsa-sama handed me a card.

「It’s a pass to the west gate, from now on, you can leave the city when you want to」

The capital is a giant city with about one million of population. The west region is a region for commoner’s residential and commercial area. The slave market, where I arrived after reaching the capital, also stands in the west district. The east district is a district for nobility, and the north and south are for army and people affiliated with it.

To enter each of these districts you need some kind of a permit or pass. The east gate is the most reinforced and sturdy of all, so unless there is some special event, it will stay closed. It was opened during the recent ceremony, but the closest time before that was 20 years ago.

「Rinos! Next time, I will bring you around the city! 」

The teacher was in a good mood. If I am to play around with my teacher…..Will I climb the stairs of adulthood at 12 years old??

「However, please remember. Be sure to return to the mansion before the sunset. In case you still want to stay outside, be sure to ask for a special permission. Falco and Eril, do you understand? 」

The two were at a loss for words. I want to stay a kid a little longer.

「I didn’t go out much outside the royal palace gate. There was no opportunity for me to wander outside. I’m a little envious of Rinos」

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True, the prince can’t easily leave the royal palace. Having an opportunity to visit the Versam family is already a lot. In the first place, the royal palace is spacious enough to accommodate around 100000 soldiers, originally, there should be no need to leave the palace on purpose.

「Also, I planned to delegate another task for Rinos. The management of our treasury」

According to history, the Versam family has a lot of treasures gathered. This was especially the case for the Versam family’s founder. His weapon and armor are said to be of the national treasure class. Formidable power resides inside of them.

「I will tell you the way to access the treasury later. It’s pretty complicated, but you will manage」

「The manager of the Versam family’s treasury. No one will be able to steal if it’s him. He is qualified. But with that, my congratulations served no purpose」

「That is not true. There is no way the words of your highness were for nothing」

「If the teacher says so, then I’m relieved. Instead of the congratulations, I have a favor to ask from the Versam family」

Will he ask for something outrageous again? I can’t place a veto on it, in the end, I will have to do it anyway. No, he said it is for the Versam family. Does that mean that I’m not involved?

「A favor from our house….Please do not hesitate to order us」

「I want you to release Rinos from slavery」

Oh! He asked to free me from slavery! Good job your highness!

「I also want you to adopt Rinos and make him a royal barrier master serving under me」

…What? Adopted into the Versam family? Royal barrier master? Just what is happening here?

「Rinos’ ability as a barrier master is a super first class. The amount of mana is also out of ordinary. I think of making him our kingdom’s『Greatest Shield』」

「Thank you for your grace, your highness. However, I cannot decide it on my own. I will reply once I consult with my husband」

「There is no hurry, you can answer at your own convenience. I cannot just bring Rinos into the royal palace all of the sudden. It will be two years in the fastest. During that time, I plan to talk with the marquis and the teacher frequently」


「I already decided the name for a new court magician.「Versam Daquet Rinos」, how is it, it’s a good name, right? 」

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Said the delighted regent prince. My opinion wasn’t involved in this conversation, is it fine? It would be nice to have some peace occasionally.

Rinos (Slave Barrier Master, 12 years old)
HP: 168
MP: 859
Barrier Magic LV4 (I can deploy barriers however I want! It’s possible to deploy barriers on other people)
Fire Magic LV3 (I can manipulate the size and speed of flames now!)
Water Magic LV2
Earth Magic LV2 (I can dig and fill holes much quicker now!)
Recovery Magic LV4 (I can recover the lost parts now!)
Life Magic LV1
Chanting LV3
Appraisal Magic LV3
Sword Arts LV2
MP Recovery LV3 (I can completely recover in 3 hours)
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Mana Absorption LV3
Body Strengthening LV2
Evasion LV3 (I can avoid some of Eril’s attacks without the barrier)
Etiquette LV2 (I can perform some sophisticated movements, mademoiselle)
Liberal Arts LV3
Paralysis Resistance LV2
Poison Resistance LV2
Mental Resistance LV3V3

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