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Episode 12 Peaceful? Days…

After hunting that big cow, my treatment underwent a change.

The biggest change was my room. No, it wasn’t remodeled, I was given another room that was previously used by Waiton.

The butler, Waiton, left his post to serve under the marquise. In exchange, I assumed his responsibilities.

The quantity of work needed to be done for the prince kept increasing. If before that, the marquis was able to visit the mansion once every two weeks, then now he is visiting only once in a few months. That’s why, in order to decrease his burden, Waiton was invited to the royal palace. [1]

The marquis is already above 60 years old. In the world with the average life expectancy of 50 years, 60 is considered as quite old. We can only pray for Mrs. Elsa to live a long life too. [2]

Waiton’s room was splendid. The size wasn’t that different, but his bed had a canopy. It was the first time seeing it outside the movies.

However, I needed to change the bed sheets for my own. Doing it was a matter of course, but the style has completely changed.

Why do I get better treatment right now? The reason is simple. My workload has increased. And at this moment, the most important work for me:

「Need to make a barrier around the whole mansion」

In short, I’m making a barrier that can prevent people with killing intent from entering. For that to happen I need to make a lot of adjustments. There was the case when the messenger from a certain noble family, the moment he stepped inside the barrier, fell down in agony.

This person seemed to be a spy that came to investigate the Versam family. In the first place, a spy that can’t hide his plans well can only be called incompetent.

「Barrier LV4」is quite useful skill. I can now deploy the barrier around the other people. In addition, the remote control is also possible. As a result, Mrs. Elsa and marquis Versam are under the protection of my barrier. There are plans to let me put a barrier on the crown prince. As expected, being a slave I’m unable to enter the royal palace. I’m expected to stealthily put a barrier on him once he is out of the royal palace, but there is no right opportunity. Just like that, this keeps being delayed.

Also, the content of my training has changed. As of some time ago, I’m training in the Runo forest instead of the garden.

There are Falco, Eril and me to serve as the protection for Mrs. Elsa. We are doing it while rotating. Falco doesn’t particularly teach me anything anymore, so I have enough time to perform my duties as the butler. But Eril from time to time wants to go to the Runo forest. Without any other choice, I’m forced to accompany her when I’m free from butler’s duties.

The Runo forest is dangerous. And the biggest danger is Eril’s interest in food.

「Hey! Doesn’t this mushroom look tasty? Try it, Rinos! 」
「This fruit is beautiful! It should be delicious! 」

It seems her meals were rather unappetizing when she was training under her teacher, but Eril’s「love to eat」has awakened again after tasting that cow.

Evidently, I was in charge of cooking. Well, I can use water and fire magic anyway, so cooking isn’t a problem. The problem is:

「Poison tasting also included」

Eril only eats the food that I acknowledged as「delicious」. Of course, not everything I ate was safe.

Thanks to that, I had eaten my fill of ingredients with paralysis poison. The poisonous plants inside the Runo forest are odorless and tasteless. The paralysis seems to activate when you swallow it. I tried to stand only to fall down while being numbed from the poison. This happened many times. There was a time when I was found by goblins in such a state.

Thankfully, a lot of things can be healed with the recovery magic. While doing that I obtained the poison and paralysis resistance. I can deal with the poison now, but every time I put the tasteless and odorless things in my mouth, I immediately spit it out.

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I also hunted a lot of monsters. Although I never met the monster on the level of Curse Charole, I managed to defeat a lot of all kinds of spiders and mantises. Sometimes I received a powerful attack, but thanks to the barrier, I avoided any damage.

Before I realized, the winter has passed, the spring and the summer have passed too.

Rinos (Slave Barrier Master, 11 years old)
HP: 112
MP: 639
Barrier Magic LV4 (I can deploy barriers however I want! It’s possible to deploy barriers on other people)
Fire Magic LV3 (I can manipulate the size and speed of flames now!)
Water Magic LV2
Earth Magic LV2 (I can dig and fill holes much quicker now!)
Recovery Magic LV4 (I can recover the lost parts now!)
Life Magic LV1
Chanting LV3
Appraisal Magic LV3
Sword Arts LV2
MP Recovery LV3 (I can completely recover in 3 hours)
Presence Detection LV3
Mana Detection LV3
Mana Absorption LV3
Body Strengthening LV2
Evasion LV2
Etiquette LV1
Liberal Arts LV3
Paralysis Resistance LV2
Poison Resistance LV2
Mental Resistance LV2


  1. I think Waiton didn’t even have a single line up to this moment. 
  2. This one was confusing. 

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