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Episode 13 Yes, Gladly! I Received Your Order!

「Rinos, Master calls for you」

There was a sudden summon from Elsa-sama. Well then, I wonder why, I can’t think of a reason. But she never calls for me without any reason. She is not the person that uses me for trivial matters.

「Rinos is here, Master」

I knocked the door and announced my arrival. After a while:


Entering with excuse me, I became speechless once I was inside. Unexpectedly, there was his highness the prince inside. I regained my composure and respectfully kneeled.

「I apologize for my rudeness」

「Do not stay on ceremony so much. I just sneaked out today. Please stand」

「I’m grateful. Then, I will stand」

「This time, his highness came to this mansion to ask for Rinos’ help. Please assist him with all your power」

「You waste your words on me. If I can help his highness and Master then I will do whatever I can. Although unworthy, I will strive to assist as much as I can」

「Is he really 12 years old? The Versam family is frightening if it can educate him to that extent」

The prince said that and looked at me. His face was laughing but his eyes weren’t. Such people are cautious. The moment they regard you an enemy, they won’t have any mercy. That’s why I will display as much loyalty as I can. Well, I don’t plan to be his enemy anyway.

「Let’s proceed to the main subject. I want to ask you for the golden birds. About 100 of those」

Golden bird…Living deep inside the Moru forest, the bird with golden beak and feathers. It is rumored that they eat gold and their body is soft and tender, they have the best taste among the birds. It is considered a monster of F rank, but it’s too vigilant and its fleeing speed is frighteningly fast. It’s said that they can flee at light speed. Even a god-class person of LV5 can do nothing in the face of escaping golden bird. Adding to that, its meat can spoil really fast. 5 minutes after death it will start spoiling, and after an hour it will completely rot. Therefore, there is almost no chance for it to reach the table. If by chance, someone manages to hunt it, the moment the golden bird determines that it will be unable to survive, it will move away from the flock to the entrance of the forest. When someone hunts the golden bird, he will usually dismantle and eat it on the spot, or, if he has an「Infinite storage」, he can store it and use the space magic to avoid rotting. At that time, It could be sold for a price exceeding 100000G. To get hundred of these birds is quite an unreasonable request.

「When I will take the throne, there will be a ceremony. At that time there will the representatives of aristocracy and other countries present on the celebrations. I would like to use the golden bird as the main dish」

「The deadline is two weeks, I won’t be able to wait any longer. How about it, can you do it? 」

「This is a great opportunity to get in good graces of his highness. You can do it Rinos, no one can do it but you」

True, if I’m able to hunt a golden bird, even more, 100 of them, it can greatly illustrate my ability. At the same time, it will serve as a deterrent

「Is teacher unable to do it?」

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「Idiot. If I go, I will be able to hunt a few, but many. I will hunt a few and the rest of the flock will run. Besides, I will just excessively damage them with my fire magic」

「If teacher can’t do it, then I, as your student, definitely won’t be able to」

「You have your barrier magic. Just find a flock and enclose them in the barrier, then just take them as they are」

How unreasonable. Finding the flock of vigilant bird is difficult on itself, plus, I will need to deploy a fairly wide barrier to capture all of them. The moment the barrier disappears, the birds will be able to escape. This way has some difficulties. What should I do?

「It’s fine. If it is Rinos, you will do it somehow. Your highness, please anticipate the results. The 100 birds will definitely be delivered 」

Eril! When did you enter? What did you just say? Don’t just push the problem onto me like it someone else’s problem!!

「I’m relieved hearing that. But please spare me from the spoiled ones」

「Of course, your highness. The Versam family has an「Infinite storage」. If he uses this bag, there will be no way for them to rot」

「Un, I came here to ask the teacher because you have it in the first place」

「Please stop it with teacher, your highness. Call me like Elsa does」

「No, I can earnestly share my opinion with the teacher and marquis Versam only. It’s also a reminder to myself. So let me call you a teacher 」

「You words are wasted on me」

The peaceful conversation started between everyone besides me. Have you decided on your order? It seems I have no other choice but to answer with「Yes, gladly! 」.

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