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Episode 11 Let’s Carry the Prey

「It might be difficult to bring this cow back」

I said, looking at the 3-meter long cow.

「But I need to bring the proof to the teacher. What should I do」

For now let’s just cut off the part that is possible to bring back.

「That is not necessary」

Eril takes out a bag, hanging on her hips, and hands it to me.

「Channel your mana in this bag and say「Apt」, try it」

I did as she said; I channeled my mana inside and said「Apt」. In a moment, the cow before my eyes disappeared.

「Eh? Eh? What happened? 」

「This is the「Infinite Storage」. It’s one of the heirlooms of the Versam family. It’s a bag that can store any object according to the user’s mana. I don’t have a lot of mana, but since your MP is almost inexhaustible, you can store most of the things」 [1]

When I checked my status and noticed that I lost about 30 MP.

「When you want to take it out, just imagine it. You can have it until we return to the mansion. If you lose it somewhere, you can imagine what will happen to you, right? 」

I nodded vigorously. Lady Eril is scary.

We left the forest and mounted the horse. As expected, this time, we were riding much more leisurely and slowly on our way to the mansion.

When we departed, I was holding Eril’s waist to barely stay on the horse, but on the way back it is much easier. Holding onto her waist, I noticed that her skin is unexpectedly beautiful. I might look 10, but I’m 30 inside. It’s hard to restrain the impure thoughts sometimes.

「Seriously, you are revolting」

Eh! You can read my thoughts!?

「Having so many skill at the age of 10, that’s just inhuman」

Said Eril. It’s unheard of to have a LV4 skill at the age of 10.

In the first place, it usually takes 5 years of serious training to learn a skill. From there, 5 years more to reach LV2. To reach the next level, you need another 10 years. 20 more years for LV4 and 30 for LV5. Basically, you need to train for 70 years to reach LV 5 from nothing.

Sometimes, people are born with the skill. The so-called「talented」people, they can usually develop their skill much easier. By the way, Eril was born with the skill「Sword Arts LV1」.

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For Eril it took about 20 years to reach LV4, even though she stopped practicing for a while. In her case, the skill rose rapidly when she was studying under her master. It took her 8 years to reach LV4 from LV2.

In this way, you can say that Eril too was far from other humans. As she said「It’s easy to learn a skill when you are on the verge of dying」. You can imagine how hard she was training.

However, I was training on the verge of dying too. I lost the count of my bones being broken. I wonder how I am still alive.

「Well, I was close to dying a lot of times too. Maybe that’s why I grew up so fast」

「Was it like that? Falco healed you every time you lost your consciousness, I though you wasn’t on the verge of dying」

No, that’s only for fatal injuries. Only if I wasn’t able to heal myself.

After I explained how hard I was injured and how often I was healed, Eril seemed to be finally convinced.

We returned to the mansion in the afternoon. When Falco heard that we came back, he came out of the mansion with a smile on his face. After him, Mrs. Elsa also showed up.

「You already returned! Did you hunt the monsters properly? You won’t pass if you brought back a single goblin」

「Good work out there, Rinos. You seem to be uninjured」

「Yes, Master. We returned without any injuries. We hunted the monsters properly, teacher」

「You didn’t force the lady to work for you, right? All right, show it to me! 」

「Not here, Falco. Let’s do it in the garden」

「I see. It’s inappropriate to display the corpses in front of the mansion. All right, let’s go to the garden! 」

And once we arrived, I took out the giant cow.

「I-is this Curse Charole!?」

「The most I was able to do is to stop its movements. Rinos ended up killing it by himself」

「You stopped Curse Charole? Rinos defeated it alone? 」 [2]

The teacher was stunned. I heard after that, that it’s common sense to run away, once you encounter it. You need to deploy an army to deal with this one, according to other people, they are overrunning the cities without the walls before you can notice. There are also cases of army forces being thrashed by it, it’s on the level of disaster. [3]

「Two monsters banded together, sorry, I mean, you have an impressive power」

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「Rinos is the monster here. I wasn’t able to do a thing, I need more training」

「Even then, you managed to safely return. Good work. But what should we do with this big body」 [4]

「Aunt, I heard that its meat is exquisite. Let all have our fill」

Eril just said something outrageous. Even Eril’s sword was unable to cut it apart, there is no way it would be that easy.

But that was a needless worry. It has a thin skin around the anus. Going from there it was easy to peel off its skin.

Thanks to the efforts of the chief maid Warasa-san and other maids, it was cooked at the level of the restaurant. Must note that its meat was the most delicious meat I ever had in both of my lives. It’s meat and organs were indeed exquisite.


  1.  There were no brackets here, so I added that on my own volition. 
  2. Bestiary. Entry №1
    Name: Curse Charole
    Description: 3-meter long cow
    Strengths: Hard skin, power
    Weaknesses: Needs to breathe, anus 
  3.  Unfortunately, it needs to breathe. 
  4. BBQ. 

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