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Chapter 475 – To Be Honest, We Are Simply L̲u̲s̲t̲i̲n̲g After Her!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2079 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 979 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Simultaneously, in Jade City, Little Fairy and Yunuen drew their weapons. Little Fairy appeared anxious, while Yunuen’s face was a mask of indifference. They faced a crowd of players with glowing eyes and avaricious expressions. To an outsider, the onlookers might have seemed like predators hungrily eyeing the women. However, it wasn’t the women they coveted—it was their equipment.

The crowd had the desire to possess the women as well, but none were foolish enough to act on it. The system would surely deliver swift retribution for such actions.

“Heh, Little Yunuen, Little Fairy, if you don’t want trouble, give us your equipment,” jeered a Warrior, brandishing his weapon menacingly. With [Princess] hastily logging off and after hearing from S.K.Y. and Taurus, their collective fear had diminished considerably. Bolstered by their numbers, they decided to target Yunuen and Little Fairy, believing they could easily overpower them.

Behind the crowd, Taurus began to move forward, but S.K.Y. stopped him. Taurus was puzzled. With epic equipment within arm’s reach, why hesitate? S.K.Y. responded by simply drawing a line across his neck with a grin, indicating he planned to let others do the dirty work and swoop in for the spoils. ‘Why should someone of my stature lift a finger?’ Taurus thought, smirking as he stepped back. Members of [Death of Love] followed suit, poised to seize the loot after Yunuen and Little Fairy were dispatched.

“Drop your weapons and choose peace, or prepare to meet your maker,” Yunuen warned, her tone icy. Despite the odds, she remained composed, fortified by her recent trials in the underground maze.

The crowd fell silent for a moment, exchanging glances, before bursting into derisive laughter. While Yunuen had a fierce reputation, she was no [Princess]. Her warning came off as preposterous.

“What a fool,” S.K.Y. scoffed.

“She must think she’s something special because she hangs out with [Princess],” Taurus added dismissively.

“These players are far stronger than the ones she took down before. I predict this will be over in less than a minute,” S.K.Y. declared, confident in his assessment after reviewing footage of Yunuen’s past battles. He considered her leagues below [Princess], who could annihilate scores of enemies without breaking a sweat. Yunuen, on the other hand, would easily be overwhelmed and defeated by a sufficiently large group.

“Once we have their Epic Equipment, we’ll be far more formidable,” Taurus laughed, clearly thrilled at the prospect. In this game, most equipment could be modified to fit either gender, making it doubly valuable.

“True, but I worry about the wrath of Black-hearted Princess if we loot her sidekicks,” Taurus cautioned.

“Didn’t you see how she reacted when Lord Blei’s name was mentioned? She went from cocky to terrified. I doubt she’d dare retaliate,” S.K.Y. assured, adjusting his nonexistent gold-rimmed glasses.

“I suppose you’re right. As long as we’re under Lord Blei’s protection, she wouldn’t dare cross us,” Taurus responded, his tone dripping with arrogance.

Suddenly, a sickening crunch reverberated through the air, as if a watermelon had been split open. Blood spattered everywhere, shocking everyone present. Without uttering a word, Yunuen had swiftly struck, killing a player in the blink of an eye.

Fear rippled through the crowd. Despite this being a virtual world, the act of ruthless killing was unnerving. S.K.Y. and Taurus were initially surprised but soon regained their composure, convinced that Yunuen’s burst of power would be short-lived.

They were proven horribly wrong. Yunuen, bathed in a red aura, unleashed her staff in a flurry of deadly blows, as if she’d never tire. Meanwhile, Little Fairy aided her by firing arrows imbued with a freezing aura, slowing down opponents and making them easy prey. It was a veritable dance of death, painting the virtual landscape in gore and echoing with the screams of the defeated.

As player after player was mercilessly cut down, S.K.Y. and Taurus exchanged looks of shock and bewilderment. “Why is Mahou Shoujo Yunuen so strong?” they seemed to be asking each other, completely caught off guard. It was as if they were watching a lesser version of Princess herself, committing slaughter on an unimaginable scale.

A red tornado of destruction swirled around Yunuen, eliciting screams that filled the air and chilled the bones of everyone present. They sounded like the cries of tortured spirits. Yunuen was now an indisputable powerhouse. Apart from her high-level equipment, her Bloodline—a potent, enhanced [Black Dragon Bloodline]—was a significant factor.

With a grim smirk, she felt as if her limbs were brimming with boundless energy. “I’ll send them all to heaven,” she thought, relishing the newfound stamina her second dose of [Black Dragon’s Bloodline] afforded her.

As Yunuen and Little Fairy coordinated their onslaught, players were annihilated at a terrifying rate. No one could escape. Witnessing the dreadful carnage, S.K.Y. and Taurus were overtaken by fear. Their instincts screamed for them to get away.

“I have official duties; I’m leaving now,” S.K.Y. declared abruptly.

“I can’t keep Lord Blei waiting either,” Taurus quickly added, and they bolted, leaving everyone else dumbfounded.

Others soon concocted their own excuses and scampered away, desperately wishing this were all a bad dream. Yet the agonized screams echoing in the distance were a harrowing reminder of the grim reality they had just fled.

In the virtual world, a gruesome massacre unfolded. Yet, simultaneously, outside the game, there was another form of distress. “Ouch! It’s going to break, it’s going to break!” Vera 17 wailed sorrowfully from Yaeger’s room.

“Your body and mind both belong to me. How dare you betray me? You deserve this,” Yaeger retorted, looking down at her with a grim expression.

Semi-transparent tentacles danced ominously around Vera 17 before making a crisp impact on her backside, immediately followed by a series of high-pitched screams.


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