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Chapter 474 – You Led The Rat Here?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2062 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1012 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

A few moments earlier, Jordan was observing the Jade Flower Garden when a subtle, unique aura began to emanate in a rhythmic pattern. Such a change would go unnoticed by most, and even weaker Martial Artists or Transcendents would overlook it. However, as a quasi-Grandmaster, Jordan’s keen senses immediately picked up on it.

“This doesn’t feel like [Princess]. It’s more like… a distress signal. What’s happening?” Jordan pondered aloud. He slowly rose, his patience waning. “I’ve been waiting for so long without any trace of her aura. Could I have been deceived? Regardless, I’ll investigate this signal.”

Deciding to act, he vanished in a flash, reappearing below Yaeger’s residence, moving with evident caution and unease. “The life force is distinct. An Ability User must be upstairs,” he deduced. He scouted the perimeter and quickly moved to a concealed section of the building. Suddenly, a robust aura erupted from above, rivaling that of a quasi-Grandmaster.

“This is it!” Jordan’s heart raced with exhilaration. By following the trail of the Ability User, he had unexpectedly stumbled upon his primary target. Feeling confident and out of reach of her projectiles, he swiftly scaled the building, reminiscent of a nimble monkey.

In a room on the top floor, Yaeger’s worst fears were realized.

“He’s right below me, and I only just detected him. He’s no ordinary foe,” she thought, her heart pounding. Her immersion in the game had dulled her perception of the real world, leaving her vulnerable. A regular adversary might not pose a threat, but against an expert like this, even the brief time required to log out could prove fatal.

“I can’t continue gaming like this. I need to bring [City of Chaos] into reality as soon as possible,” she resolved. The urgency of her predicament left no room for reflection on how she’d been discovered. Her priority was to escape. Despite her hideout’s temporary nature, she had no desire to confront her pursuer there.

As her gaze shifted to Vera 17, who had become something of an ally, Yaeger noticed her peculiar movements and emanating life energy. “You brought him here?” she accused, anger evident in her voice. With the imminent threat closing in, she warned Vera, “Once I’m back, you’ll pay for this!” Without hesitating, she flung open the window and leaped out.

Jordan, sensing the movement above, sprang from the window ledge to the rooftop. After a brief landing, he propelled himself off again, his keen eyes quickly locking onto his target. He observed Yaeger, who was clutching a child bundled tightly in her arms. She made her way towards a nearby forest with impressive speed.

“Is she leading me into a trap or genuinely trying to flee?” Jordan pondered mid-air, the cogs in his mind turning rapidly. The thick vegetation of the forest would provide ample cover, potentially concealing any ambush. However, her haste, especially while burdened with a companion, seemed to indicate genuine desperation. But appearances could be deceiving. “Could this all be an act? Maybe she’s planning to have me outnumbered inside,” he speculated.

The predicament gnawed at him: To chase or not? Venturing in risked an ambush, but holding back meant potentially losing her trail, making it nigh impossible to find her again. The decision weighed heavily on him, causing a figurative headache.

As the ground approached, Jordan faced another challenge. A fall from such a height, even for someone of his capabilities, was perilous. Channeling his strength into his legs and forming wings of aura, he deftly managed to levitate, ensuring a gentle landing.

In a mere moment, Jordan Ye counteracted the force of his descent. It was nothing short of remarkable.

“I must dive into the tiger’s lair to seize the cub,” he thought. If [Princess] managed to elude him now, his esteem within the Ye Family would undoubtedly suffer upon his return. Risks had to be taken.

“I have the upper hand in strength and experience. I refuse to falter,” he mentally bolstered himself.

Hitting the ground running, he delved into the forest. Tracing her path, it wasn’t long before he found her. Yet, it seemed she wasn’t fleeing, but rather awaiting him.

With a confident posture, Yaeger looked on, arms crossed and chin raised. Nearby, what seemed like a worm wriggled. Upon closer inspection, it was Vera 17, who seemed particularly animated. The presence of Jordan was the cause of her excitement. She could sense his immense martial prowess. But the difference between Transcendents and Martial Artists meant she couldn’t gauge their relative strengths. All she knew was, given his bold pursuit, he was likely on par with [Princess].

Confronted by the poised Yaeger, Jordan’s senses heightened. “She’s stopped. It has to be a trap!” he surmised. A quick scan of their surroundings revealed nothing out of the ordinary. Even the bound girl he’d thought might pose a threat was merely twitching in a peculiar fashion.

“No trap?” Confusion briefly marred his features, but he remained on guard.

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“Name yourself,” demanded Yaeger, her tone cold. The secluded location ensured privacy; she was in control and could dictate the terms.

“I am Jordan of the Ye Family, and I’ve come to end you!” With clenched fists and a surging aura, he faced her with conviction. Any potential traps no longer concerned him.

“So, it’s the Ye Family. How did you track me down? No matter, I’ll inquire later.” As she spoke, Jordan’s vision was suddenly obscured. As he strained to see, he found it was a fist, and it was closing in at an alarming speed.

Before he could even muster a defense, the force of the blow sent him reeling. The overwhelming strength battered him, and pain surged through his frame. With a single punch, he grasped the gravity of the situation.

“She’s a Grandmaster?”

However, realization came too late. A dark silhouette emerged, and a barrage of strikes rained down upon him. In mere moments, he was left on the brink of consciousness.

The last thing he registered was Yaeger’s voice, dripping with menace, “Well, I’ve got my new test subject.”


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