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Chapter 471 – This Expert Has Quite The Expertise

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2080 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1378 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger tapped on the interface and the detailed conversation unfurled.

Mylene: “Good afternoon, sister. You’re not too busy, are you? I need to discuss something important with you.”

Yae-hime: “No, I have time. What’s going on?”

Mylene: “An individual representing the Ye Family visited the Ability Management Department today inquiring about you. It seems like their intent is hostile.”

Yaeger paused, seemingly caught off guard by the Ye Family’s swift actions. Nonetheless, she found the idea of them posing a genuine threat laughable. Given the intense friction among the Four Major Families and the Black Family’s current leadership over the Ability Management Department, it was unlikely they would lend the Ye Family any assistance. Furthermore, Yaeger had the reassurance of her sister overseeing the department, someone she could trust unequivocally.

Yae-hime: “How formidable is this representative?”

Mylene: “Grandfather mentioned that he is a quasi-Grandmaster, so he’s fairly skilled. Though, probably no more of a threat to you than a common mosquito.”

Yae-hime: “Quasi-Grandmaster?”

Mylene: “Yes, it’s the term for martial artists nearing the threshold of the Grandmaster Realm but haven’t yet achieved it.”

Yae-hime: “I see, so he is on the verge of reaching the Grandmaster status but hasn’t officially made it?”

Mylene: “Exactly, you’ve grasped it swiftly!”

The notion seemed absurd to Yaeger. Was the Ye Family truly so naive to think a quasi-Grandmaster could stand a chance against her? Or was there another motive behind this move?

Yae-hime: “Are they seriously dispatching a quasi-Grandmaster to confront me?”

Mylene: “It seems so. According to Xina, this individual is exceedingly arrogant.”

Yae-hime: “Has the capital’s intelligence network failed to convey my true capabilities? It seems like a gross underestimation. Or is the Ye Family simply devoid of strategy?”

Mylene: “No, it’s more about underestimating your strength. Old families tend to have a more stringent belief in the hardships of reaching the Grandmaster Realm, possibly viewing this as an overestimation of your power.”

Yae-hime: “Fair point. Only those who have faced me in battle can fathom my strength.”

Mylene: “Moreover, sending a quasi-Grandmaster isn’t their sole strategy.”

Yae-hime: “?”

Mylene: “They are likely hoping for him to advance to the Grandmaster Realm through battling you.”

Yae-hime: “Isn’t that a far-fetched plan?”

Mylene: “Absolutely, the chances of him attaining a breakthrough before meeting his end are minimal.”

Yae-hime: “So, he is essentially a disposable asset to them. By the way, how is grandfather doing, Mylene?”

Caught off guard by the sudden change in topic, Mylene hesitated. She was in a fragrant room, pondering over how to respond. Admitting he was in good health would potentially lead to a challenge, while revealing any weakness would encourage a confrontation.

After considering her options, Mylene chose a safe exit.

Mylene: “Sister, I am currently occupied. We can catch up later. Love you lots~”

“What a brat. How dare you,” Yaeger muttered to herself, shutting down the game interface with a shake of her head and a bitter smile. The news of the Ye Family’s quasi-Grandmaster being in Roc City did little to perturb her. ‘It would take him over a month to find me without anyone to guide him,’ she reasoned, exiting the wilderness and stepping onto the road. Swiftly, she hailed a Beast Carriage, directing it towards Jade City.

Upon arrival, she found the city gates wide open, a façade of normality hiding the heightened security measures. Each person crossing the threshold faced a rigorous search, a process fraught with inconvenience. The tired yet vigilant soldiers surveyed the civilians with hawk-eyed scrutiny, their presence markedly increased within the city confines.

In the bustling Jadeleaf Plaza, Taurus voiced his confusion, “We’ve yet to locate the target, why would they open the city gates?”

S.K.Y replied, lending insight into the authorities’ rationale, “An all-day search yielded no results. Keeping the gates closed any longer would plunge the city into chaos.”

“That’s true,” Taurus nodded, attentively listening as S.K.Y continued, “More importantly, there are claims of a person resembling the succubus seen in the wilderness near the city. The higher-ups are the only ones who can confirm her identity, but given the current situation, the information seems likely to be true.” S.K.Y adjusted his nonexistent gold-rimmed glasses and whispered, lending gravity to his words.

“I see. No wonder the gates were opened so early. Moreover, the number of soldiers in the city has decreased significantly since this morning; they must have exited to search for her,” Taurus conjectured, standing tall and stretching like a spear suddenly unsheathed. The scene around them was a pool of transfixed eyes, drawn magnetically to the duo due to the captivating black armor they adorned, too cool and conspicuously designed, evoking both awe and curiosity among the spectators.

Excited whispers broke out as someone recognized their outfits as the uniform of the Direct Army. Speculations arose, assuming them to be experts with high-grade equipment. Yet, a close observer revealed the “[Cosmetic]” label on their armor, unraveling the truth that their gear was just for show. The initial amazement ebbed, giving way to dismissive glances until their true identity and stature were disclosed. The plaza abruptly transformed from a pool of silent judgment to a tempest of envy, spite, and disbelief, buzzing with the vibrant energy of a wet market.

Amidst the fluctuating emotions of the crowd, S.K.Y. and Taurus maintained serene exteriors, although inwardly, they reveled in the limelight. Their journey of ascension in the ranks had granted them not only ego-satisfying attention but also privileges that many players in the Jade Empire could only dream of, including substantial discounts on supplies and easier access to special quests. The list of benefits was long, and they basked in the plethora of opportunities that laid before them.

As they reveled in their heightened status, a jarring voice broke through the crowd, announcing, “Black-hearted Princess is back in town!” S.K.Y. and Taurus exchanged knowing glances, nodding in silent agreement.

The return of the infamous figure indicated to them that the succubus, previously suspected to be in hiding in the wilderness and associated with the Black-hearted Princess, was likely out of town now. It was a daring move for her to come back to the city, given her connection with the elusive succubus. The pair couldn’t decide if her action was a display of audacity or simply foolhardy.

Meanwhile, outside the city gates, the carriage driver was bidding a hearty goodbye to Yaeger and her companions, his spirit lifted by the hefty tip he received.

“I did not expect to reach Jade City so quickly. This driver is truly experienced,” Yunuen said.

“Probably,” Little Fairy responded.

As they walked, Yaeger instructed, “Go to Layna’s shop after entering the city. I’ll stroll around. If you encounter any problems, let me know instantly.”

“Yep!” Yunuen and Little Fairy affirmed simultaneously, following closely behind her.

As they approached, the guards recognized the infamous Black-hearted Princess. Without hesitation, they stepped aside, the notion of stopping or searching her instantly dismissed from their minds. No one wished to incur the wrath of the notorious figure known as the scourge of the Empire.

Yet, against all expectations, a voice rang out firmly, “Stop!”

There was someone who dared to challenge her authority.


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