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Chapter 454 – [City of Chaos], Your Five Star Residence

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2102 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1202 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

War Fortress: [City of Chaos]

Grade Condition Mode
Demon God Severe damage (90%) War Mode, Floating Island Mode, Travel Mode


[Realm Destruction], [Spatial Jump], [Spatial Stacking], [Region Teleportation], [Void Lurk], [Energy Absorption], [Transformation], [Deflection], [Barrier], [Gravity Control], [Spatial Collapse]

Real-life Ability:

[Dimensional Break]


This is the [War Fortress] of a formidable entity from the Archeozoic Era. It was extensively damaged during a catastrophic war; only the central region remains functional. It could be restored to its prime condition by finding enough pure energy sources and valuable materials.

Yaeger’s hand, which was floating in mid-air, trembled subtly, and her face betrayed absolute disbelief.

The [City of Chaos] data displayed was undeniably astounding. Especially the real-life capability, [Dimensional Break].

The [City of Chaos] could traverse dimensions by consuming a substantial amount of energy.

‘My city…can materialize in the real world!’

She couldn’t believe her own eyes.

It was simply inconceivable. Beyond comprehension!

The thought of transporting such an enormous entity into reality sent chills down her spine.

Not so long ago, Yaeger merely wished for a safe home to enjoy her game in peace—a home with a five-star security rating. However, she not only accomplished her initial goal by venturing into the underground maze, but she also stumbled upon a [War Fortress].

A movable fortress that could be brought into reality was akin to a five-star residence, filling Yaeger with sheer joy, thrill, and astonishment. At this moment, she was as enraptured as a tiny bee discovering a vast field of blossoms, blurring the line between reality and dreams.

Everything had transpired too swiftly; she barely had time to process it all!

“Master, what’s wrong?” Little Blue inquired, seeing Yaeger’s dazed expression.

Brought back to reality by the endearing voice, Yaeger turned her gaze to Little Blue and sought confirmation.

“Little Blue, can the [City of Chaos] breach dimensional limitations and materialize forcibly elsewhere?”

“Of course. That’s a fundamental capability of any [War Fortress]. Without it, how could one traverse dimensions or wage war amongst the stars?” Little Blue responded nonchalantly.

Her words caused Yaeger’s lips to twitch. She had believed she had stumbled upon something extraordinary, only to realize it was merely a basic function. This revelation was nothing short of shocking.

“Did you assume that the [War Fortress] was just a typical war machine, Master?” Little Blue asked, staring intently at her.

‘Yes.’ Yaeger couldn’t admit.

The name, [War Fortress], was indeed misleading.

The [City of Chaos] was better termed a Super Space Fortress!

‘Such is the power of a Demon God rank. Truly incredible. I can’t even begin to imagine how formidable the [City of Chaos] would be once fully restored!’

Before this, Yaeger was only concerned about her real-life abilities. Now, revisiting those capabilities felt like an earthquake had struck her core.

The [City of Chaos] was unquestionably a priceless treasure.

No wonder Little Blue hinted at world domination.

A fully functional [City of Chaos] would indeed have such potential!

‘Regrettably, the current [City of Chaos] is heavily damaged, and Richard’s recent assault caused further destruction. It would take a considerable amount of time to restore it fully.’

Gradually, Yaeger regained her composure.

No matter how large the prize, it held no value if it was unattainable. For Yaeger, the immediate rewards mattered more. ‘Given that Alicia has broken the curse, she will regain her peak strength in roughly ten days. The final showdown will ensue then. If Alicia triumphs, she will ascend the throne as the Empress, and I will become her subordinate. Defeat, however, isn’t a possibility,’ she mused confidently.

With Alicia returning to her prime, the [Hidden Kill] association, and certain factions within the Empire backing them, the odds of losing were minuscule. Yaeger closed the game interface and glanced up at the dark sky, ‘Alicia is safe for now. However, I seem to have landed in some trouble.’

Her association with Alicia was no secret. Luckily, Richard’s attack on the underground maze eradicated those who were privy to it. “But the players aren’t entirely silenced. If word gets out, I will face the repercussions,” she mused. If Richard were to discover their alliance, he would stop at nothing to exact revenge. Consequently, her lucrative endeavors in Jade City would be thwarted, and the steady inflow of gold coins would cease.

Brushing off the concern, Yaeger told herself, “Whatever will be, will be.” With a [War Fortress] under her command, dependence on the city was a thing of the past. Nonetheless, she would miss exploiting the naïve players. “I’m still too poor,” she sighed, reminiscing about the vast resources needed to restore the [City of Chaos]. No amount of wealth seemed sufficient.

Dismissing these thoughts, Yaeger turned her attention back to the present. ‘This expedition into the maze is proving to be more dangerous and challenging than expected,’ she thought, locking eyes with the smirking Little Blue. However, her smile was soon replaced by a grimace of pain as Yaeger tightly pinched her face.

“Little Blue, are you familiar with the concept of delayed retribution?” she asked, her voice stern.

“I… uh… ah… I don’t know!” Little Blue cried in pain.

“Did you really think you could scheme against me, cause me all that trouble and distress, and walk away unscathed?” Yaeger asked, her tone icy. Her near-death experience was primarily due to Little Blue’s cunning and manipulative actions.

“Whoever crosses me will ultimately face the consequences. However, given that you now serve me, I’ll spare your life. That said, punishment is inevitable.” Yaeger declared. The [Life Contract] ensured that Little Blue was irrevocably bound to her and could neither resist nor betray her. This bond could only be broken by death.

“Noooo~!” Little Blue wailed in dread, expecting a severe beating based on her understanding of Yaeger’s nature.

“No? Little cutie, do you realize you nearly got me killed?” Yaeger said, a hint of fear still resonating in her voice.

The menacing Swift Black Dragons and Chris pushed Yaeger to the edge, making her gamble with her own life.

“And let’s not forget, you deliberately allowed Chris to enter the maze, didn’t you?” Yaeger abruptly changed the topic, releasing Little Blue.

If merely suppressing one’s strength could allow entry, then the empire’s mightiest would have stormed the maze in hordes.

Rubbing her aching face, Little Blue winced, “Ouch, that hurts!” before refuting Yaeger’s claim, “No. Chris has a peculiar power that masks his true strength. This tricked the maze’s rules and allowed him to sneak in.”

“I see,” Yaeger acknowledged, nodding in understanding. The shadowy [Warlock Association] was infamous for its mysteries. It wouldn’t be surprising if they possessed such a unique capability.

“Well then, it’s time for you to face your punishment,” Yaeger announced ominously. She swiftly grabbed Little Blue, who was attempting to make a swift escape, and hauled her into a room within the city. Shortly after, the city echoed with the sound of Little Blue’s high-pitched screams, leaving Yunuen and Little Fairy outside, aghast at the commotion.


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