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Chapter 453 – Trying To Fool Me Into Risking My Life Again?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2105 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1325 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

[Angel’s Tears] Information

Item Name: [Angel’s Tears]
Grade: Legendary Level 1
Special Effect: Health recovery, potential unlocking
Description: A relic left by an astral entity, having life-saving properties. As long as the user still breathes, they can be fully healed (Applicable to users below Level 50). Moreover, there’s a 15% probability of activating 1 to 50% of your potential, allowing you to transcend limits for fifteen seconds

After absorbing the details of the item, Yaeger’s breathing intensified. The ability to regain full health was an undeniable boon. Not to mention the possibility of temporarily activating her hidden potential.

Even though the latter lasted only fifteen seconds, its implications could be colossal.

‘Amazing. The perfect example of a Legendary item! The more, the merrier,’ Yaeger thought, her fists clenched in anticipation. After a moment, she collected herself, shifting her attention to a fragment of jade.

Information promptly surfaced before her.

[Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual] Information

Item Name: Incomplete copy of the [Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual]
Grade: Unique Level 1 (Upgradable)
Attribute: Wood
Level Restriction: None
Special Effect 1: [Fate Breakthrough]
Special Effect 2: [Heretical Seven Needles]
Special Effect 3: ???
Special Effect 4: ???
Special Effect 5: ???
Description: A longevity manual penned by the youthful Green Emperor. Its practitioners can transcend the constraints of mortality and ascend to higher realms, theoretically even reaching divinity. Composed of three sections, this is the first. Upon completion, it extends the practitioner’s lifespan and provides exceptional medical skills.
Note: The [Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual] is simple to learn but tough to perfect. To decrease the difficulty, you may draw prizes.

A sharp intake of breath escaped Yaeger after comprehending the data. The concept of cultivation existing in a fantasy world never crossed her mind. But, the shock wasn’t due to that. The manual’s ability to prolong her life span had stunned her!

Imagine the thrill of drawing prizes while expanding her life force incessantly. The mere thought of it sent chills down her spine, feeling like this skill was crafted specifically for her.

“Phew… Calm down, calm down. I’ve encountered all sorts of situations. I should stay composed.” After taking a deep breath, Yaeger managed to steady herself.

She then reached out, tapping the incomplete [Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual]. A flash of green light, the jade fragment vanished, and cryptic words filled her mind. Thanks to the system’s support, she could comprehend their meaning despite not knowing the words.

In an instant, Yaeger had learned the first part of the [Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual]. Although she only grasped its basic principles, akin to a novice.

Ding! Your familiarity in [Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual] has reached phase one, your lifespan is extended by one day.

Ding! You learned the first needle of [Heretical Seven Needles], Hands Of Rejuvenation.

As the system announcement sounded, Yaeger felt a surge of vitality coursing through her. Her mind became a reservoir of vast medical knowledge and techniques.

Within seconds, she assimilated everything, and a green sparkle danced in her eyes.

“Only a single day of extended life?” Yaeger felt a twinge of disappointment following the vitality surge announcement. Her disappointment was fleeting though, as a smile quickly took its place.

‘The [Green Emperor’s Longevity Manual] is remarkable indeed. I, a complete novice, managed to grasp healing arts within mere moments. It’s truly unique… But hold on, it’s a Basic Skill. It doesn’t occupy a skill slot and most importantly, I can transfer it to the real world! Does that mean I can heal Rakshasa’s sickness and mend Little Fairy’s legs?’

With these thoughts, a wave of euphoria washed over Yaeger. She almost howled in jubilation at the moon.

‘Hold on, contain the excitement! I don’t know yet if it will actually work.’

She quickly decided to test it out on someone as soon as she returned to the real world. If it proved successful, immediate healing would follow. She already had a suitable test subject in mind.

Forcing down her exhilaration, her attention was drawn to a note in the Description.

“To draw prizes in order to lower difficulty? Sounds like a rip-off.”

Thinking back to how her lifespan only increased by one day after reaching the first phase, she felt like she was being lured into a bottomless pit.

“Sister System, you’re so wicked!”

As she voiced her complaint, a threatening dark cloud materialized over the [City of Chaos]. Streaks of lightning danced ominously within it, as though ready to strike her at any moment.

Seeing this, Yaeger quickly backpedaled on her statement, “Ignore what I said earlier! Sister System, you are the best, the most wonderful in the world!”

Immediately after her words, the cloud vanished as if by magic.

Yunuen and Little Fairy exchanged impressed glances. ‘The princess can actually converse with the System. Truly remarkable!’

While they admired [Princess], Yaeger was actually quaking in fear.

The Sister System seemed to have grown especially tempestuous recently. It even threatened to hit her with lightning right from the start!

‘Humph, wicked Sister!’


Once again, a dark cloud formed in the night sky, accompanied by threatening peals of thunder.

‘No, what I mean is, I love Sister System the most!’

Yaeger’s heart pounded as she sent her thoughts out in desperation.


This time, it didn’t work. Red thunder crashed down, impacting the [City of Chaos].

Was Yaeger instantly incinerated? Of course not. The lightning struck the ground, but was immediately absorbed by the [City of Chaos].

“Ah, the energy from the lightning is not bad. It can be used to replenish some energy,” Little Blue casually commented as it floated over.

“You can do that too?” Yaeger queried, relieved at having narrowly avoided a possibly painful lightning strike.

“Indeed. When [Black Magic Crystals] are scarce, the [City of Chaos] can absorb various forms of energy to maintain operations in the central area,” Little Blue explained.

“In that case, couldn’t you fully recharge the [City of Chaos] by stationing it in a zone with frequent lightning?”

Yaeger’s eyes sparkled with the idea.

“That’s impossible. Lightning energy alone isn’t sufficient to power a fully functional [City of Chaos]. Unless it stayed within the lightning zone for a decade, continuously absorbing strikes, it might reach full charge,” Little Blue dismissed her suggestion.

“I see. It seems I have to find more [Black Magic Crystals] then.”

Yaeger felt a pang of disappointment. She had thought she’d come up with a brilliant idea on a whim. But it turned out to be fruitless.

Apart from the need to find a lightning zone active for ten years, she couldn’t even afford to wait that long. After all, the connection between both worlds was just three years away.

“I’m looking forward to it.” Little Blue commented impassively.

Even though she said this, she didn’t seem overly concerned.

[Black Magic Crystals] were not commonplace, and it was highly unlikely that they could be found just because she tried.

However, Yaeger was oblivious to Little Blue’s thoughts. She closed the Item Box and returned to the Character Panel. Just as she was about to shut it, new information on the interface caught her eye.

“[War Fortress]?”

Upon closer inspection, her eyes widened in shock, and her heart pounded in her chest.

“Is this some sort of joke?”


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