Chapter 390 – Fateful Night

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2077 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1236 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

April 8, 10:25.

“Hey~ Heyeyey~ Look at this noodle, it’s long and wide~”

The alarm rang. Yaeger slowly opened her eyes and revealed her glowing irises. By now, although her mental state wasn’t at its prime, it was good enough.

“This is a fateful night. There can’t be any mistakes.”

Turning off her phone alarm, Yaeger got out of bed. She caressed her silky smooth long hair and mumbled to herself.

To other players in the Linhnan server, tonight was a night of adventure and harvest. However, to Yeager, it was her most important night ever since rebirth. It was most likely that this night would decide the height of her future accomplishments.

If possible, she even felt the urge to cleanse herself and burn offerings, praying for success. Unfortunately, there was not enough time. After inspecting all the windows and doors, she laid down once again and entered the game.

White light flashed.

In the game, Layna’s store’s guest room.

Yaeger and Yunuen went online almost simultaneously.

After exchanging a few words, both of them put on black robes and left through the back door. After lots of twisting and turning, traversing through alleys of different sizes, they sneakily arrived at Hasa Hotel.

The hotel was open as usual tonight. But it was clearly deserted since it was in a remote location. Not a single customer could be seen.

‘This is a great place to conceal things.’

As a hotel, it would be painfully conspicuous if they remained closed all year around. On the other hand, leaving an open like this despite the poor performance there was barely enough to remain operational was good enough as a camouflage.

A cunning rabbit had 3 lairs. Alicia had several establishments like this one. Hence, she had a lot of places to hide.

“You are Yunuen? You’re really cute.”

In the room, Alicia glanced at Yunuen and smiled gently.

“Your… Your Highness the Eldest Princess, hello!” Yunuen stammered. It was her first time meeting such a noble being.

She was also very pretty and attractive. A single smile alone was enough to captivate anyone.

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Yunuen also knew another person on the same level, which was Yaeger who stood beside her. No, Yaeger was a lot more noticeable. People would feel incredibly excited and heated as long as they shared a presence with her. She had an otherworldly charm!

“You don’t have to be so courteous. Just call me Alicia or sister.” Alicia smiled.

Hearing that, Yaeger slightly smirked.

“Really, can I really call you sister?” Yunuen was flattered.
“It’s fine.” Alicia’s smile became even gentler.
Yunuen looked at Yaeger helplessly. After receiving a nod, she instantly spoke, “sister Alicia!”
“Good girl. Here’s pocket money from your sister.”

Alicia nodded softly and took out a banknote worth 10,000 gold coins from her black robe’s pocket and handed it to Yunuen.

“This… This isn’t appropriate…” The latter said in a panic.

She only claimed credit where credit was due. She wouldn’t dare to accept this so-called pocket money. Yunuen clearly understood that Alicia treated her this well because of [Princess]. Without her relationship with [Princess], she would be an irrelevant outsider.

“Take it.” Yaeger said.
“Thank you, sister Alicia!”

‘Since she already said that, I’ll be insulting her if I don’t accept it, no?’ With that thought in mind, Yunuen took the banknote and stored it carefully.

“Is it time to go?” Yaeger looked at the time and asked Alicia.
“Yes, let’s go.” With a wave of her hand, Alicia’s expression instantly became solemn.

At the same time, in the royal palace.

The square in front of the back garden was now filled with people. They were all vetted players and adventurers. There were quite a lot of guards around. Some of them even wore black armor and emulated a terrifying aura.

The entrance to the underground maze was located on the massive black fake mountain in the garden. By now, there was a massive opening. Like the maw of a giant beast, waiting for people to walk into their deaths.

There were a lot of well-equipped soldiers on the fake mountain who surrounded it in layers. Not even a single fly could make its way in here. Many magicians were also stationed on a temporary platform mounted alongside the fake mountain. Most of them specialized in reconnaissance and tracking.

“It feels a little off.” In the crowd, S.K.Y. suddenly spoke.

As the result of effort invested during this period of time and astronomical amounts of investment, he had reached Level 21. Now, he was the Guild Leader of [Limitless] and chief commander of the [Death of Love] Guild.

Beside him, Taurus asked in curiosity. “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you think that this amount of manpower is too much?” S.K.Y. pointed to the side of the rockery.

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“It seems a little excessive, but we’re in the palace. Isn’t it reasonable for them to be cautious against us?” Taurus said.

“It just feels a little too much. You see those soldiers wearing black plates? They’re all over Level 70, one of them even has an unknown Level. I’m afraid to say that person alone can kill us all.” S.K.Y. pushed his nonexistent gold rimmed glasses and said.

“After hearing what you said, it’s really strange. Looks like they dispatched way too much manpower. Perhaps they are trying to deal with someone, or to prevent something from running out of the maze?” Taurus crossed his arms in thought.

“Maybe. This underground maze opened so suddenly. Also, I heard that this place was never opened to the public. But now, we’re allowed to enter. Something just doesn’t feel right.”

S.K.Y. could sense a faint hint of danger.

“Who cares? With risk comes opportunity. As long as we can gain benefits, it doesn’t matter. We’re players. We’ll only lose equipment and some experience if we die.” Taurus spoke nonchalantly.

“That’s true. I guess I got too caught up in the game.” S.K.Y. said.

“Speaking of which, why isn’t Black-hearted Princess here?”

Taurus looked around but couldn’t locate that beautiful figure.

Regardless of the occasion or moment, her figure would always garner the most attention. She was the unique existence that nobody could steal the limelight from. If Black-hearted Princess was present, everyone on the scene would’ve rioted by now.

“She humiliated the Emperor last time. I’m sure she has been blacklisted by the royalty by now.” S.K.Y. laughed.

“Heheh, that would be best. We’ll gain the most out of the maze if she isn’t here to cause trouble.” Taurus said.

“We have to go through dozens of screenings before we enter the palace, and three strict searches after entering. How can she ever get in? Heheh, that’s what she gets for offending the Emperor. She deserves it!”

S.K.Y. pushed his nonexistent gold-rimmed glasses again and chuckled.

“Hehe, as long as we seize this opportunity to regain the lead, we’ll be able to exact our revenge very soon!” Taurus smiled sinisterly.

They looked at each other and started laughing even crazier.

Rustle rustle!

At this moment, a slight noise came from the garden. Within the blink of an eye, three figures appear. Under the moonlight, their appearance gradually became clearer. They were Yaeger, Alicia, and Yunuen, who were wearing black robes.

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They actually snuck into the palace without being detected!


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