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Chapter 389 – Plunge The Path Of Swordsmanship Into Eternal Darkness

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3020 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1872 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Arrogant! She was extremely arrogant! She actually wanted to fight all the prodigies at once. Her arrogance was off the charts! Everyone present was extremely egotistical. They instantly seethed in anger.

Even Azul, the bystander, felt like she should step up and discipline Yaeger harshly. In order to let her understand reality!

For a moment there, everyone was agitated and the atmosphere became heated.

“[Princess], don’t think that you’ve defeated me just because you won against Black Shade. I am now in my prime!” Korg Gongshu said.

She felt the intense urge to fight Yaeger right away.

“What an interesting fellow. Can I be first?” Genovese Dragon laughed grimly.

It was her first time ever being underestimated like this.

“I should be the first to go.” Joachim Ye raised his hand and said in a carefree manner.
“What right do you have?” Genovese Dragon and Korg Gongshu spoke simultaneously.

The latter wanted to regain her honor and reclaim first place in the ranking, while the former wanted to teach Yaeger a harsh lesson. Both of them were hot-tempered, so they wouldn’t back off.

“Since I made her come, I naturally have the right to go first. However, I’m not an unreasonable man. How about this? If you both are willing to step back, I’ll definitely compensate you in the future!”

At this moment, Joachim Ye’s fighting spirit had reached its peak. He couldn’t wait any longer.

No matter what, he had to be the first to fight this time. Hearing those words and sensing his imposing aura, Genovese Dragon and Korg Gongshu looked at each other before backing off.

They weren’t interested in the so-called compensation. They only backed off because he was in an energized state and had to fight already.

Azul was excited after witnessing the scene. The battle between prodigies was about to truly begin! She wasn’t the only one who was excited. The nosy prodigies at the back also clenched their fists and cheered Joachim Ye on.

Instead of that incredibly arrogant and foolishly naïve [Princess], they naturally chose to support Joachim Ye.

‘Do you think you’re hot s̲h̲i̲t̲ because you’re beautiful?’

Upon becoming a Pinnacle Master, one’s Mentality would be superior to that of ordinary humans. Hence, these prodigies weren’t all that affected by Yaeger’s beauty. In addition, Martial Artists were valued based on strength. Her appearance was only a secondary characteristic that didn’t mean anything to them.

In the stadium, people cheered on Joachim Ye in unison. There were only a few of them but they were very energetic and infectious!

“A world without me, Joachim Ye, will plunge the path of swordsmanship into eternal darkness.”

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Under thunderous applause, Joachim Ye stepped out and unsheathed his sword, tossing it upwards.

Then, he shouted loudly, “sword, come!”


The sword high up in the sky created a crisp noise.

The next moment, everyone saw its scabbard shattering and revealing a blade flashing in purple. Not only that, that sword seemed like it was controlled by a magical power. It flew towards Joachim Ye.


With a flash of light, Joachim Ye grabbed the sword and pointed it at Yaeger.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

The scene was quiet.

Then, everyone was astonished.

“Oh my goodness, that’s telekinesis!” Someone shouted.
“Am I actually dreaming? He actually controlled his sword!”
“This isn’t a dream, he actually just controlled his sword!”

Not just those weaker prodigies, even Azul and the rest were astonished.

Back then, Yaeger controlling objects to escape from the Rosen Hotel was enough to shock Old Man Tian. Now that these prodigies have witnessed such a miracle, they would naturally feel the same.

Yet, only Mylene remained indifferent. She had only one thought in her mind right now: ‘sister, please calm down!’

After hearing the exclaims, Joachim Ye slightly smirked. He was extremely happy. It was always fun to show off. To be honest, was there anyone who disliked showing off?

“Now, I’ll show you my sword…” He looked ahead. Before he could finish, a black silhouette appeared before his eyes like a phantom.

Immediately after, a powerful gust of wind slammed into his left face and squished it.

At this moment, Joachim Ye’s mind was blank. He just felt like his left face was violently smacked by a giant holding a long and thick concrete pillar.

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The split-second before he could react, his body was already falling down the sky like a boulder and slammed into the ground, creating a loud noise. Half his body was instantly embedded into the solid ground.

Finally, his nerves were overwhelmed. An intense sensation of pain shot up and exploded in his brain.


It happened so suddenly that all the prodigies blinked and failed to catch up.

They were only roused from their sleep when they heard those painful wails. Their jaws became agape from shock. In the previous second, Joachim Ye was showing off. The next second, he was pummeled.

Such a stark difference was simply unbelievable. However, they knew reality had unfolded before their eyes. They had to believe it!

Mylene had no reaction to this. She only thought, ‘is sister only using the strength of a Pinnacle Master… That’s good. That’s it then. Just don’t kill them.’

Meanwhile, Azul beside her was completely shocked and absolutely stunned.

Even in her wildest imaginations, she would never assume that they had such a substantial gap in strength despite being on the same rank as Pinnacle Masters.

“Are you all deaf? I told you all to come at once. I’m in a hurry.”

Yaeger didn’t even spare a glance to Joachim Ye. She released her aura and manifested countless tentacles. As if encountering a demon, those weaker prodigies were all terrified and demoralized while looking at [Princess].

They would never defeat such a monster!

Only Korg Gongshu and Genovese Dragon still held onto a hint of fighting spirit. However…

Swoosh Swoosh!

Countless tentacles shot out and immediately captured everyone aside from Mylene and Azul. Immediately after, they flailed wildly!


As if it was struck by a powerful earthquake, explosions rumbled all around the stadium while its walls trembled constantly. Watching the wide stadium as it got destroyed within the blink of an eye, Azul only felt chills down her spine.

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She couldn’t win! She absolutely couldn’t win! For the first time in her life, she was engulfed by this massive feeling of defeat.

Unlike Azul, those prodigies who were tossed around by those tentacles could only feel infinite despair and fear, aside from the intense pain. By provoking someone they shouldn’t, this was the price they paid!

Amidst the painful screams, countless semi-transparent tentacles flailed wildly, as if they were performing an orchestra from hell.

Mylene covered her forehead while feeling a headache. Being tortured by her sister like this, those prodigies would be critically injured if not dead.

‘My skull hurts.’

However, she didn’t plan to stop Yaeger. After all, these prodigies reaped what they sowed. They weren’t simply asking to be killed.

The performance had ended and only miserable screams remained.

At the same time, Joachim Ye who was stuck in the ground painstakingly freed himself. He was just as terrified as those prodigies who laid on the ground and were in critical condition.

This monster was absolutely horrifying! He felt regret. Immense regret. Unfortunately, there was no turning back time in this world.

“I heard you’re going to hurt my friends? Huhuhu, tell me, how would you like to die?”

Suddenly, Yaeger appeared in front of him and smiled coyly.

Such a dazzling and beautiful smile was enough to captivate someone for a lifetime within a single glance. However, in his eyes, such a beautiful smile was actually 10,000 times worse than a demon’s grin.

Shocked! He was utterly shocked!

Escape. He had to escape immediately!

Joachim Ye felt like running and tipped his toes on the ground…

However, that was all he could do. A semi-transparent giant palm instantly slammed into him the moment he was about to jump up.

Another loud noise erupted from the stadium.

This time around, Joachim Ye was completely embedded into the ground. He felt all his organs churning and all his bones seemed to have broken.

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“You’re Joachim-something, right? Here’s a question, how many bones does a human have?”

Yaeger marched out her long beautiful legs and asked while walking.

Wracked with immense pain, Joachim Ye could only faintly hear the word ‘bones’. He was instantly terrified, and his hair stood up.

His intuition told him that this monster was about to do something very unpleasant!

“The answer is two hundred and six. Originally, you’re supposed to die today. However, because I’m in a good mood. I’ll let you live.”

Mylene instantly heaved a sigh of relief after hearing those words. Meanwhile, the other prodigies who held onto consciousness were all horrified. This demon, this monster, was definitely about to do something horrible to Joachim Ye!

“However, you might’ve avoided dying, but you must be punished. Your two hundred and six bones, I’ll clean them up for you.”

The moment she spoke, the tip of those tentacles instantly formed into fists and slammed into Joachim Ye’s body like a storm.

Painful wails resounded across the stadium. Those who heard it were creeped out and they felt the immense urge to leave this place immediately, and to leave this horrifying demon!

The cruel, brutal, and barbaric torture ended quickly after it began. Fresh blood stained the ground in red, like a flower blooming in defiance.

“I’ll spare you all this time. Don’t let me see you again. Or I’ll kill without mercy.” Yaeger said indifferently as she glanced at the prodigies on the ground with grim eyes.

She spared these people’s lives, not because she was afraid of trouble. But simply because she wanted to avoid causing trouble to Mylene.

After speaking, she turned around and left. Mylene skipped over and hugged her arm intimately. She was incredibly happy right now.

‘Indeed, my sister loves me the most!’

After Yaeger and Mylene had left the scene, the remaining prodigies instantly felt like they had survived a catastrophe and became relieved.

Soon enough, under Mylene’s orders, some people came and sent them to the nearest hospital.

Once their injuries were treated, the Ability Management Department instantly arranged private flights and sent them away. The news of those prodigies being defeated by Yaeger alone reached Yanjing very soon.

It caused a massive earthquake among the upper-class society.

In Jade Flower Garden.

Yaeger took a shower and slowly closed her eyes after lying on the bed. There were only about 3 hours before her expedition into the underground maze. She had to recover and adjust herself right now.

Just as Yaeger was resting, in the game.

In Hasa Hotel.

Alicia slowly opened her eyes, her gaze was sharp. She seemed to be in better condition than she did during the day. She looked energetic, and didn’t resemble a patient at all.

Yet, only she herself knew that she couldn’t maintain this state for long.

“Tonight is the fateful night that will determine whether I live or die.”

Alicia looked out of the window with a meaningful gaze and spoke with a low voice.


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