Chapter 391 – Everything Is Under Control

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2041 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1209 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

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“I can’t believe there’s actually a secret passage leading to the palace under the hotel,” Yaeger whispered in awe.

She had thought Alicia only showed them a secret passage that could lead to somewhere near the palace. Yet, not only did they enter the palace, but they even reached somewhere close to the underground maze’s entrance.

“I began making plans a few years ago while waiting for this day to come. Moreover, when our ancestors first built the royal capital, they prepared some secret escape routes in case of emergencies. So, there’s nothing worth being surprised about,” Alicia explained softly.

“I see.” Yaeger nodded. She had already noticed that some sections of the secret passage were incredibly ancient.

“Does Emperor Richard not know of the secret passages under the royal city?” Yunuen inquired softly.

“Of course he does. But he doesn’t have the schematics. So it’s useless even if he knows,” Alicia replied.

She had already taken the royal capital’s design schematics a long time ago.

“The royal city is massive. Without the schematics, he can’t stop it from happening.”
“It wasn’t feasible to send a soldier to guard any place that seemed suspicious, no?” Yaeger added.
“Exactly. That’s why Richard concentrated all his manpower around this area.”

Alicia squinted her eyes and observed the rockery through the dense tree leaves.

“He even dispatched his direct army and army commander. He’s really cautious.”
“Direct army?” Yaeger asked in confusion.
“Those soldiers in black plate armor are directly under Richard’s command, his direct army. They’re quite strong. Especially the one with a single red horn on his head, the commander. He’s even stronger.”

Yaeger followed Alicia’s gaze and saw the tall figure wearing black armor similar to the other black-armored soldiers. The difference was that his black armor was adorned with many red lines, and there was even a bright red horn on his helmet.

Such a unique individual was impossible to forget.

“Such a powerful aura. I’m afraid this person is as strong as Lili.”
Hearing that, Alicia chuckled. “No way, my Lili isn’t that weak.”
“I see. By the way, what’s Lili doing now?” Yaeger was a little surprised. She had underestimated the little cutie’s strength.
“Lili’s waiting at home. It’s not appropriate to involve her in this ordeal. Besides, as long as she remains in the inner-city district, she’ll help me hinder Richard,” Alicia said.
“I suppose so.” Yaeger nodded.

The underground maze had a Level Restriction. Even if Lili came, she wouldn’t be able to do anything. Thus, she might as well stay home and hinder Richard at the same time. This would make it easier for them to enter the maze.

If Richard were standing guard by the rockery, it would be nearly impossible for them to sneak in.

“When are we going to act?” Yaeger asked.

It was past 11 o’clock by now. But since the people in the square hadn’t moved, they couldn’t take advantage.

“Soon, let’s get ready.” While speaking, Alicia took out a beautiful handkerchief.

It was the [Cloak of Invisibility] invented by Allie. Pouring some power into it, the handkerchief instantly grew in size.

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“Come in.” Alicia covered herself with the enlarged [Cloak of Invisibility], then motioned for Yaeger and Yunuen to enter.

“Allie, that liar. She said it has a maximum capacity of four, but it’s already crowded with three!”

The moment Yaeger entered, she felt squished like a sandwich.

“I’m sure it can easily contain four Yunuens,” Alicia smiled.

Among the three of them, Yaeger was 175 centimeters tall, Alicia was 170 centimeters, while Yunuen was 149 centimeters. There was a stark difference.

“We’ll have to make do,” Yaeger smiled bitterly.
“Wow, it smells good,” Yunuen inhaled lightly and was instantly mesmerized, like a tiny bee entering a garden full of flowers.
“That’s true,” Alicia also inhaled.

This was Yaeger’s body scent.

‘Where did you perverts come from?’ Yaeger was rendered speechless.

While speaking, they had miraculously disappeared. At this moment, even a Grand Magician who was most proficient in tracking wouldn’t be able to find them.

Just as they disappeared, a disturbance unfolded in the square.

“What are you looking at?” A skinny adventurer suddenly spoke in displeasure.
“So what if I’m looking at you?” In front of him stood an adventurer with a large body, who also spoke in displeasure.
“Are you going to keep looking?”
“So what are you going to do about it?”

They angrily stared at one another and unsheathed their weapons nearly at the same time.

“Look again and I’ll hack you to death!” The thin adventurer shouted.
“So what if I’m looking at you? Come at me… Ah! You really did it! I’m going to kill you!” Blood splattered, and the large adventurer screamed hysterically. He instantly swung the greatsword in his hands.

After that, blades clashed.

The scene became chaotic!

“What’s happening?” Seeing the sudden flash of blades and then a magical explosion, S.K.Y. was instantly dumbfounded.

“I don’t know, but it looks like someone’s causing trouble!” Taurus took out his weapon and spoke in a fluster.

Within the blink of an eye, the chaos had spread to the players.

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No, there were more than a dozen magic spells in various colors hitting the surrounding soldiers, creating deafening bangs.

“Are they mad?” Taurus and S.K.Y. spoke at the same time.

Those adventurers actually dared to assault the soldiers in the royal palace? Were they tired of living?

‘It’s coming.’ Inside the garden, Yaeger tightly clenched her fists.

Despite being covered by the [Cloak of Invisibility], their vision wasn’t hindered at all. Because the cloak would become transparent after activating its ability.

“Let’s move,” Alicia said softly.

The magic that attacked those soldiers just now came from members of [Hidden Kill]. At the same time, it was also their signal to move.

They were less than 300 meters away from that black rockery, and the key’s effective distance was around 100 meters, depending on the situation. The closer it faced the entrance, the higher its range.

In other words, they had to sneak past at least several layers of security before the key’s teleportation could be activated.

But the question was, how could they avoid those Magicians’ detection?

While Yaeger was contemplating, two massive shadows appeared in the night sky. Immediately after, a whining noise was heard. Many people on the scene heard it.

Looking over, all of them were dumbfounded. They actually saw two massive war chariots falling from the sky!

Yaeger and Yunuen were both stunned after witnessing this scene. Such an event was like seeing two road rollers somehow falling from the sky while going out for a jog in real life!

“Now, this is our best moment,” Alicia said suddenly.

The appearance of those war chariots at this moment was planned ahead of time.

Those chariots originated from outside the royal capital. They were tossed in here using full force by hidden experts from [Hidden Kill]. They were targeting those Magicians and soldiers who guarded the periphery of the rockery.


Two high platforms instantly collapsed. Soldiers and Magicians fled desperately, and the scene was instantly embroiled in chaos. At this moment, Yaeger and the others seized the opportunity and rushed inside quickly.

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