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Chapter 359 – Bite-Sized Happiness

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2230 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1321 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Closing the door, Yaeger looked around the small private room. It had a small sofa, a small coffee table, cheap decoration, and poor sound insulation. No matter how she looked at it, it was the cheapest room available.

“Why would Mylene choose such a room?” Yaeger tilted her head in confusion.

Reasonably speaking, based on Mylene’s wealth, she could effortlessly book the best private room in the center for an entire day. Yet, she booked such a small and cheap private room. What was the point?

She was sure that Mylene wasn’t someone who was frugal. Instead, she was a big spender.

“I’ll know once she comes over.” Yaeger tidied her skirt and sat down gracefully, placing her purse on the side.

Beep Beep!

At this moment, her phone made noise.

Checking it out, it was indeed a message from Mylene.

Yaeger: I’m here. Waiting for you.
Mylene: Hehe, I’m very sorry. I’ll be right there!

After reading the message, Yaeger shoved her handphone back into a pouch and leaned back onto the sofa.

“So boring.”

There was nothing for her to worry about in the game for the time being. The same applied to real life.

From this moment on until 11 o’clock tonight, she had nothing to do.

After 11 o’clock, she would enter the game and witness a miracle. No, she would witness the opening of the maze. Once it was done, she would go offline and catch a nap. Assuming she could sleep.

“Once the maze opens, I’ll have another day of preparation. I can raise Yunuen’s Level by two or three.”

Since Yunuen already had combat experience, it was now time for her to increase her Levels. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be useful in the underground maze.

“Based on the information provided by Alicia, I can tell that there’s a level restriction in the maze. Anyone above Level 30 is forbidden from entering. This prevents overpowered people from coming in and ruining the situation. The fewer variables at play, the more likely we will succeed.” Yaeger mumbled to herself with a solemn expression.

Alicia’s fate and her future were all wagered into the underground maze. Once she failed, the consequences would be dire.

Knock Knock Knock!

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Door knocking noises interrupted her thoughts.

“Who is it?”

“Sister, I’m here!” An adorable voice was heard outside.

Opening the door, a cute figure pounced at Yaeger.

“Hehe, here’s the bearhug!” In the face of such an attack, Yaeger didn’t dodge nor retaliate. She allowed the figure to hug her.

“Where did this kid come from?” Yaeger stroked Mylene’s head and closed the door.

“Sister, you are so beautiful today!” After indulging in extreme softness, Mylene let go in reluctance and backed off 3 steps, examining Yaeger from head to toe.

“Sister with a ponytail looks so cool!” Then she gave a thumbs up.

By now, Yaeger had removed her hat and sunglasses, revealing her original appearance. She was beautiful at every angle.

A girl with a single ponytail would often be perceived as someone capable and straightforward. Yaeger would seem especially cooler since she had a perfect ponytail.

They sat down. Mylene leaned against Yaeger without a reservation and chuckled. “What do you think of this private room, sister?”

“It’s not that good.” Yaeger was honest.
“Hmph, I think so too. However, it won’t feel that way if it’s too nice.” Mylene said.
“What feeling?” Yaeger was slightly curious.
“Youth.” Mylene spoke with a serious expression.

The word ‘youth’ meant absolutely nothing to Yaeger. Because there was nothing worth remembering. Her youth consisted of doing menial jobs, studying hard, and receiving lots of confessions and love letters. It was very uninteresting.

‘Come to think of it, receiving confessions from so many people is probably my peak in life.’

Looking up, the ceiling was low and the lights were dazzling.

Yaeger retracted her gaze and tilted her head towards Mylene. “What kind of youth can you find in this place?”

She was very puzzled. It was just a karaoke bar. What would it signify?

“How do I explain this… I just envy those students, they can sing karaoke together and play together. Wasting their time without any restraint. Having a little fun. To me, these things are the so-called youth. I said this to my brother before, and I’ll tell this to my sister now. When I was very young…”

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Mylene told Yeager about everything that happened during these years, bit by bit.

Although she had heard it in his male body, she still listened to it attentively. Then, she came to a realization. What Mylene wanted was simple and common. It was an incredibly normal and ordinary life.

Indeed, an opposite to her current life.

She was an 18-year-old Grandmaster, Transcendent, Ability Management Department’s Chief Captain, and member of the Tian Family.

Her identities and abilities were all extraordinary. She was never destined to live a normal life.

“So, even occasionally, I want to properly experience what people my same age enjoy doing. If I can, I’d like to experience it with my brother and sister.” Mylene smiled happily.

Looking at such a dazzling smile, Yaeger couldn’t help but feel a sense of heartache.

Over the years, she had been living a hard life. But wasn’t it the same for her sister?

Her current life only came to be because she sacrificed the happiness that ordinary people would attain.

‘And my current life, I sacrificed… Ah sike! I’ll never give up on my c̲o̲c̲k̲!’

Yaeger shouted in her heart.

“Tonight, let’s enjoy the ordinary, youthful experience to the fullest~”

Suppressing her negative emotions, she extended her hand and stroked Mylene’s hair. The latter instantly let out a pleasant expression.

Time flowed quietly.

All of a sudden.

“Ah! I almost forgot the task at hand! This is for you, sister!” Mylene was instantly reminded of something, and pulled out a letter from her cute white purse in a hurry.

“Invitation to a spar?” Looking at those bright red characters, Yaeger’s eyelids twitched uncontrollably.

“For me?”

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“Yep!” Mylene nodded hard.

Opening it, Yaeger’s eyelids and lips twitched at the same time.

Its content was no different from any traditional letter of challenge. It was filled with a bunch of nonsense before asking her to join a fight.

However, there were 3 names on the closing remark:
Korg Gongshu, Genovese Dragon, and Joachim Ye.

“Are these people in that much of a hurry to die?” Yaeger spoke in exasperation.

She had shown her strength the last time when Korg Gongshu came to test her. She initially thought that was enough to discourage anyone who tried to challenge her.

Little did she know, people weren’t discouraged. In fact, more people came.

“Sister, you can’t kill them.” Mylene said in a fluster.

“I know, just kidding.”

These prodigies all had a large family or organization behind them. Yaeger had no intentions of making enemies with them for now.

However, if they chose to antagonize her, she wouldn’t hold back and retaliate to the highest intensity.

“Sister, pick a time so I can give them an answer.”
“Five o’clock in the afternoon tomorrow. I’ll show them what’s good.”

She didn’t set it tonight because time was tight. She had nothing else to do aside from leveling up Yunuen tomorrow, so it was a good time to deal with these bugs.

“Sure. Five o’clock tomorrow. I’ll prepare the venue!”

Mylene took out a special phone and quickly tapped on the screen using her stylus pen.

After sending out the message, she held Yaeger’s arm: “Sister, let’s sing!”

“I’m not very good at singing.” Yaeger picked up the mic and spoke solemnly.

Outside of Glory Entertainment Center, a sports car arrived at high speeds.

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Skrrt! Skrrt!

The sports car braked hard after coming close to the parking lot and drifted, heavily grinding the tires against the floor. It created a lot of white smoke and a strange noise.


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