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Chapter 360 – Womanizer, Lots Of Lovers

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3095 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1882 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

It was night, the streets were illuminated.

Under the orange lamplight, a silvery, glittery sports car opened its door. A somewhat handsome young man who was 185 centimeters tall, slightly thin, wearing a white T-shirt, ripped jeans, and a golden designer watch on his right hand.

He had fairly pale skin and long bangs that almost covered his eyes. He had shallow dark eye circles.

“Young Master Chen!” The handsome receptionist ran over.

“Here I am.” The young man known as Young Master Chen ruffled his hair. “Where’s that woman?”

“She’s inside!” The handsome receptionist smiled flatteringly.

“Oh.” Young Master Chen looked and asked, “you won’t mess it up this time, right?”

“Of course not! She’s definitely a beautiful one this time!” The handsome receptionist shook his head vigorously.

He had come to know a lot of rich heirs working here. The moment a beauty showed up in the entertainment center, he would inform these lustful guys straight away.

After every success, he would receive a nice sum of money.

Because he introduced a girl that looked like an angel from the back but a dinosaur from the front to Young Master Chen, the latter suffered from ED for the next few days. So, he instantly notified the other party the moment he saw Yaeger, as compensation.

“Young Master Chen, this one’s definitely perfect!” The handsome receptionist patted his chest hard and took out his phone to show a video.

It was surveillance footage from the entrance.

Young Master Chen’s eyes became wide the moment he saw the girl in red inside the footage and his pupils shrank. “Hiss! This figure, these legs. Perfect!”

Although he couldn’t see the face, the perfect figure and wonderful long legs were enough to ignite his soul.

“My little brother said he’s fine.” Young Master Chen licked his lips. “This woman will be mine!”

The video continues playing, it was footage from the hall.

Half of her face could be seen.

“Awesome! Absolutely perfect!” Her plump lips, smooth chin, and skin as white as jade were simply phenomenal and unforgettable.

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At this moment, Young Master Chen had starry eyes, a trembling body, and flames of passion burning in his heart.

Seeing that, the handsome receptionist immediately knew that he would earn a good sum of money tonight and became overjoyed.

“Young Master Chen, I’ll lead you to her now!” He hurriedly said.

“Wait. My clothes are too casual right now.” Young Master Chen waved his hand. He dressed very casually since he had no expectations this time around.

It was fine for typical girls. But since he was dealing with a girl like Yaeger, it would be a disgrace to his title as a womanizer if he didn’t sort himself properly.

Fortunately, he always carried along a bunch of tools for womanizing every time he went out, so he didn’t have to travel back and forth.

Opening the front hood of the silver sports car, Young Master Chen took out a black suitcase.

“Let’s go.”

Closing the hood, the two headed towards the entertainment center.

In private room 201.

Mylene was flabbergasted, feeling like she was fooled.

What with ‘I’m not a good singer’.

Liar! An absolute liar!

Mylene asked Yaeger to a karaoke bar for 2 reasons: Firstly, she wanted to experience the so-called youth. Secondly, she wanted to show off her singing skills in front of Yaeger.

However, she went on her knees on the sofa the moment her dazzling sister sang.

It was impossible to win against.

This was an angelic voice!

Singing technique was irrelevant. The moment she opened her mouth, her beautiful voice would impact one’s mind and tremble their souls!

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The song ended.

Yaeger put down the microphone and muttered, “quite average. Please don’t laugh at me.”

Hearing that, Mylene almost cried out in tears of sadness. She felt like she was mocked.

‘If you call that average, then wouldn’t I be croaking like a duck?’

“However, singing is unexpectedly interesting. I never knew that singing relieves stress.”

Yaeger smiled.

“Sister, do you want to sing another one? I want to hear more!” Mylene said.

Since she couldn’t win, she might as well just enjoy it.

She never planned to compare her vocal skills against Yaeger anyway. Instead, hearing her sister’s angelic voice made her feel ecstatic.

“Sure, let’s do another one.” Yaeger hesitated slightly. She wasn’t interested in singing, but she still agreed since Mylene seemed very eager.

Today, just like Mylene, she was here to experience living a normal life and an ordinary youth where people wasted time without a care.

There was no need to worry about losing anything or think about anything at all. She needed to just empty her mind and enjoy herself.

“Sister, sister, why don’t you sing a fast song~” Mylene recommended.

“Sure, let me see.” Yaeger used the remote control for a bit and soon found a brand new fast-paced song.

“Well, here we go.”

A wondrous voice instantly emerged from her mouth and filled the room with passion.

Mylene only felt goosebumps as indescribable emotions filled her heart.

It was obvious that her emotions had been affected by the song.

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Unlike the previous slow song, this fast-paced song was vigorous and filled with power.

Her attractive voice instantly traveled outside the room and dazzled all passersby, halting their steps.

The song ended.

Like a dream, everyone woke up and was left with shock.

“So awesome. This voice is so lovely!”

At this moment, a greasy fat man that was about 40 years old screamed loudly.

An ordinary looking man with a sharp gaze wearing a black suit followed beside him.

“Brother Zhou, can you make the woman who’s singing inside come out and accompany me? Her voice is fantastic! How do you describe it, that’s right, impossible to forget!”

The fat middle-aged man stared at room 201 and said.

The passersby heard this and then looked at the young man beside him, they were all shocked.

‘Where did this guy come from? He’s actually accompanied by Brother Nan’s confidant?’

No matter where this greasy middle-aged man came from, they knew they couldn’t afford to make enemies with him. That alone was enough.

“This isn’t appropriate, Mister Wei.” The young man was known as Max Zhou, a security manager of the entertainment center.

“What’s wrong? Is there any girl who comes here a proper one? Just give her enough money and she’ll play with me!”

The greasy middle-aged man, known as Mister Wei, said unhappily.

His accent was a little heavy. Obviously, he wasn’t a Southerner.

“I’ll ask.” Max Zhou sighed silently. He’d never do such a thing if that person wasn’t Brother Nan’s big business partner.

Knock Knock Knock!

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Yaeger and Mylene looked at each other after hearing the knocking on the door.

“Did you order something?” Yaeger asked.

“No.” Mylene shook her head. She had already ordered all her food and beverages when she booked the room beforehand.

“Then ignore it.” There were multiple presences outside the door but they were pathetically weak. Obviously, they weren’t here to cause trouble.

That was what Yaeger assumed.

Knock Knock Knock!

The door was knocked again.

“There’s no one inside.” Mylene said unhappily.

Since it was rare to go out and have fun with her sister, she didn’t wish to be disturbed.

“I’m Max Zhou. The lady who sang just now, can you please come out?” Max Zhou instantly spoke after hearing a reply.

“I’m busy, get lost.” Yeager spoke in exasperation.

At this moment, she clearly understood that these people were here to cause trouble.

“Brother Zhou, this mare seems to be a little aggressive. She won’t even show you respect.”

Mister Wei smirked.

“Heh, disrespecting me at Glory Entertainment Center is no different from disrespecting Brother Nan. Woman, I’ll give you another chance to make a response.”

Max Zhou’s expression was grim as anger rose in his heart.

Despite announcing himself, somebody in the entertainment city still disrespected him. They were asking to be killed!

“You have three seconds, get out.”

What replied to him was Yaeger’s bone-chilling voice.

“Very well! Hearing that, Max Zhou let out an evil grin and an ominous aura leaked out of his body.

Seeing that, everyone backed off with anticipation in their eyes.

Because they knew that a great spectacle was going to unfold soon.


After the beautiful voice stopped, it became silent.

At the same time, Max Zhou kicked the door with full force.


The door opened in response.

“I’m afraid that you people don’t know what it means to die.”

A red figure emerged and entered everyone’s vision. Immediately after, her horrifying grim voice was heard.

The moment they saw this woman’s face, everyone exhaled deeply.

Although half of her face was blocked by the sunglasses, the parts that were exposed were flawlessly beautiful.

Then, looking at her white neck, sexy collarbones, massive snow mountains, and finally her pair of slender legs, many people nearly suffered from a cardiac attack!

Beauty! Absolute beauty!

“Horosho!” Mister Wei couldn’t help but exclaim in a foreign language as blood boiled in his body.

This woman seemed like a succubus. Anyone’s blood would boil and they would lose all reason the moment they saw her.

Max Zhou was completely stunned. He never imagined that such a flawless woman was inside the room.

“Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! Awesome without equal! Beauty, I’ll give you a million, stay with me for one night!”

Mister Wei said excitedly.

Hearing the number, everyone was stunned.

He was filthy rich!

An actual prodigal millionaire!

He would hand out a million before seeing her full face, it was simply incomprehensible.

“Woman, Consider yourself lucky. Mister Wei likes you a lot.” Max Zhou smiled grimly and unclenched his fists.

In his opinion, 1 million was enough to sway Yaeger.

The spectators on the scene also felt the same way.

Whispers rang around the place.

“One million a night? Is her pu̲s̲s̲y made of gold?”
“Tsk tsk, you won’t understand. Those legs alone are worth the money. I’ll do the same if I have that much money~”
“Hah, these tycoons always inflate the price. Making things difficult for us.”

“You can actually do anything you want as long as you’re rich.”

Someone shook their head and sighed.

“What’s happening over there?” On the other side, Young Master Chen had reached the third floor after donning a blue suit and a cool hairstyle. He asked after seeing a lot of spectators in the corridor.

The handsome receptionist instantly ran over in response.

He returned after a few seconds.

“Young Master Chen, looks like that woman is in big trouble!”
“Oh, good, then I’ll be there to save the day.”

As they said: rather than showing up early, one should show up at the perfect time. He was glad since he had encountered such an event the moment he came here.

The two passed the crowd. Young Master Chen was about to say something but someone else was faster.

“I’ve been merciful enough by giving you three seconds to run away. But since you people don’t appreciate it, then you can stay.”

A beautiful sound was heard.

The next moment, everyone saw the flash of a black figure.

Immediately after, painful wails were heard.


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