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Chapter 356 – Gods’ Arrangement And Spar Invitation

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 3113 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1918 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“After that, why did the Eternal Race and Demon Race disappear?” This was Yeager’s greatest question.

“I’m not sure about that either. Each country had different records about this part of history. The only identical information is that both the Eternals and Demons disappeared at the same time. For unknown reasons.”

“Actually, it’s not accurate to say they disappeared. Because until this very moment, the church would occasionally receive holy decrees. The executioners of Gods’ will still exist. Perhaps they are unable to return to this world due to some special limitations.”

“But they can still create interventions in this world through holy decrees, or the executioners of their will. This incident, I suspect a God is behind it.”

Hearing that, Yaeger instantly frowned.

Combining the information about the dungeon, and what Alicia and the Eleventh Apostle said, she was already sure that the [Rise of The Undead] was a dungeon created by a god.

“I can only think of a God related to plague and death. The Reaper.” Alicia said.

“Is our opponent actually a God?” Yaeger smiled bitterly.

“That’s just my deduction. In the end, it still takes time to ascertain the truth.” Alicia said.

“We better pay attention to things related to the apostles.” Yaeger placed her hand back into the quilt and spoke calmly.

“The apostles’ characteristics are obvious to see. We’ll naturally kill all of them when we find them.” Alicia smiled as killing intent flashed in her eyes. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Aren’t you afraid of offending that God?”

Although they weren’t sure if the Reaper made the apostles spread that plague and become the perpetrator behind the opening of the [Rise of The Undead], Yaeger believed this assumption was most likely to be true based on the information she gathered thus far.

This dungeon was very ominous and strange. It was impossible to exist unless it was controlled by some mysterious powers.

As for whether it was the Reaper’s power, she couldn’t prove it yet.

Her deductions could only be verified once she entered the dungeon personally and conquered it to the very last stage.

However, this wasn’t her current priority. Besides, there was a possibility that the dungeon would fail to be activated due to their interference.

“As I have said before, the earlier stages of the Mythic Era were where divine power was at its prime. After the gods were gone, it was here where imperial power emerged. When it came to both humans and Xenos, they had formed true imperial powers during this era as they ruled over their respective territories.”

“As imperial power developed, divine power slowly dwindled. This eventually changed the power structure in this world. That’s right. It resulted in a brand-new era where respective races created their own empires. Gods, who couldn’t descend into the world, could only rely on their apostles and believers. Their influence was weak.” Alicia said indifferently.

Powerful people like them did not respect the divine. Moreover, some of them even aspired to kill Gods.

After all, during the earlier stages of the Mythic Era, a mortal’s display of ultimate power was to be capable of killing Gods and slaying Dragons.

Unfortunately, there was no God for them to kill in the current world. And the True Dragons that existed in this world couldn’t be killed easily because of the [Covenant of All Races].

Yaeger was silent.

As the most powerful prodigy in the history of the Jade Empire, Alicia carried a sense of pride that was ingrained into her bones. Yet, it was dulled after aging and going through all these ordeals over these years.

However, based on what she said just now, Yeager could still sense the hint of pride within her.

‘A high-leveled God or a Demon are complex existences for sure.’ She was suddenly reminded of Litzy, that mysterious being.

This little girl was the reason why she had walked a path of no return ever since she was reborn. However, it was exactly because of Litzy that she had such a perfect starting point.

Earning a Divine Bloodline, 2 Artifacts, lottery tickets, and Reality Skills.

It could be said that Yaeger wouldn’t become what she was today without Litzy.

‘I have two Artifacts on me. Those Legendary and Mythical ranked NPCs will kill each other just to attain one of them.

The influence of a powerful God on this world isn’t as simple as you expect, Alicia.’

After talking for a while, Yaeger decided to come later at night. Considering the fact that Alicia was in bad health and needed rest.

Leaving the Hasa Hotel, she went to a food stall and sat in a corner spot. She started pondering after ordering some food.

‘Apostles and believers are the tools of Gods in the current era. So, is Rakshasa facing a similar situation as well?

Not only is she an Eternal Race, but she’s also the Child of God. Although I don’t know what a Child of God signifies among the Eternal Race, I know it’s something extraordinary based on Rakshasa’s stats.’

Despite being both the Princess of Fate and Princess of Destiny, Yaeger’s stats weren’t superior to Rakshasa’s. Hence, her identity had to be extraordinary.

‘If the Reaper is behind [Rise of The Undead], then won’t the other Gods be involved in something else…’

All of the sudden, Yaeger remembered Rakshasa’s sudden shift in attitude.

In her previous life, she was akin to a real God of War—distant and superior above all.

However, during the Closed Beta, Yaeger found Rakshasa to be a docile and cute girl. Like an approachable neighbor’s daughter.

“Human nature is hard to change. A person’s character can’t be changed this easily, unless she experienced something horrible enough to change someone significantly, or…”

Thinking of this, Yaeger instantly felt chills down her spine.

“That shouldn’t be, right?” Shaking her head, she shrugged off that terrible speculation.

“Then what about my situation?” Taking a sip of red tea, Yaeger’s eyes flashed with inspiration.

Her rebirth was bound to mean something. However, she simply couldn’t figure out the reason. Perhaps a certain supreme God resurrected her and returned her to 3 years ago.

What did they want? To make her save Earth? Well, would a God from Saint Demon World be so charitable? Fine, perhaps that supreme God was nothing but a kind soul. Then, why was she chosen?

“How can someone like me become the Savior? That’s just too far.” Yaeger mocked herself.

Indeed, she was never suited to be a Savior. She wasn’t interested either. If she really had to, she would become Cathay’s savior at most. She would never care if other nations were destroyed.

Those of different nationalities would never be allies. She wasn’t a saint who loved everyone equally. Electing a non-saint to be reborn and become the world’s savior was undoubtedly a horrible decision.

Hence, that alone couldn’t prove that this certain supreme God, or supreme existence didn’t intend her to be a savior by allowing her to be transmigrated.

Besides, when the [Night of Advent] arrived, Earth would completely fuse with Saint Demon World and create a flawless bond. Even if the Demon Race didn’t invade them, lots of empires would desire to claim this ‘Virgin Land’.

The assumption about creating saviors was wrong to begin with.

“If they are looking to create a Savior, I suppose Rakshasa’s the right candidate.”

In the previous life, Yaeger had no value other than being handsome. He would never compare to the child of destiny, Rakshasa.

Unless God was blind, Yaeger would’ve never been chosen as the world’s Savior.

No. If they were looking for a mortal to surpass all odds and save the world, then it might be possible…

“That’s not right either. I’m so handsome that I can murder with my looks alone. How am I ordinary?”

The more Yeager thought about it, the more she realized that there was something off with her rebirth.

“This isn’t really just a prank, right?”

Just when she was deeply confused, Mylene greeted a guest in real life.

“What brings you to Roc City, Azul?” Mylene asked in surprise after seeing the tall and slender beauty with 36D mounds in front of her.

“I’m here to play. Don’t you welcome me?” Azul Black placed her hand on her back and smiled.

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I.” Mylene smiled and sat on the opposite side. “Tell me, what do you want?”

Mylene obviously knew how Azul Black behaved since they grew up together. She definitely wanted something. If there was nothing she needed, she wouldn’t show up.

“Hehe, there is something.” Azul Black let out a naughty smile. “I heard you’re quite friendly with [Princess] these days.”

Hearing that, Mylene nodded lightly. “She’s my sister now.”

Immediately after, she realized something and her expression became solemn, her eyes filled with caution. “Why are you asking about that?”

“Hehe, it’s nothing. Since you’re friendly with [Princess], then you can hand this letter to her.”

Azul Black took out a letter from her purse and handed it to Mylene.

“Huh? Invitation to a duel?” Mylene was a little stunned after seeing those bright red words.

“You want to challenge my sister?” She stared at Azul Black as if she was an idiot.

A Pinnacle Master trying to challenge a Grandmaster?

Absolutely insane!

“No. I’m here to spectate. My sister wants to protect [Princess]. I wouldn’t dare to touch her. Someone else wants to challenge her.”

Then, Azul Black briefly explained what happened in the hotel.

“You people have too much time on your hands.” Mylene was listed in the Grandmaster Ranking ever since she emerged. Hence, she naturally never understood how the prodigies in the Prodigy Ranking felt.

She only knew that these people were looking to hurt themselves.

Not to mention Yaeger was a Grandmaster. Even if she was a Pinnacle Master, she was already strong enough to decimate all of them.

Of course, Mylene would never tell Azul Black any information about Yaeger.

Since some suicidal people were looking to antagonize her sister, she would allow them to understand the meaning of cruelty.

Mylene revealed an evil grin as she thought about that, which terrified Azul Black.

“Fine. I’ll hand that to my sister. What else do you want?”

Mylene asked.

Azul Black shook her head. “I’m here primarily to deliver the letter. Of course, if you want to show me good hospitality, please treat me to a meal. I won’t mind.”

“How about trussed pork chop rice?” Mylene asked in exasperation.

At this time period, it was more appropriate to have a tea party.

“The one with leg clamps?” Azul Black’s eyes glistened, creating quite a massive shock wave as she extended her body outwards. Mylene instantly seethed in envy.

“Not only that, there’s also a colonoscopy arranged for you. You want a combo meal?” She stood up in an aloof manner.

Instead of showing hospitality to her master’s sister, she preferred playing video games.

“No way. This is boring. I’m leaving.” Azul Black pouted and then left.

She had achieved her objective here, so it was meaningless to stay around. When it came to meeting up with her old friend, that was simply unnecessary. When they were in Yanjing, they practically met every day.

“Well, I was just looking for an excuse to chat with sister.” After Azul Black left, Mylene returned to her room with her radiant smile and logged on to the game.


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