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Chapter 341 – Things Like That Are Very Exciting

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2014 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1321 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

[Aoma Village] was brightly lit. The streets were crowded with pedestrians.

Unlike Jade City, there were very few shopfronts in this place. Most businesses were in the form of market stalls that scattered all over the road and looked chaotic.

Two beauties, one big and one small, strolled around the streets. Any pedestrians would automatically open a path when they noticed them. They moved very quickly, as if they were avoiding something dangerous.

“Is that appropriate?” The little beauty—Lili suddenly asked.

The big beauty—Yaeger licked the lollipop in her hand and looked over. “Are you talking about Marco?”

Lili nodded, “the heirloom.”

“That horn seems to be cursed. Keeping it around isn’t good either.”

Yaeger ruffled her jet black hair and continued. “When I was using it, I clearly felt a gust of ominous energy invading my body.”

“What do you mean ominous?” Lili asked curiously.

“That energy is wondrous. It was like a curse but it actually isn’t. It seemed to be able to remain inside the body and slowly reshape it.” She said.

“Isn’t that dangerous?” Lili stopped walking and looked up to Yaeger. “Are you alright? Do you feel uncomfortable anyway?”

She was calm on the surface but she was actually a little nervous. She realized she was careless since she failed to notice it!

But actually, even if she focused all her attention on Yaeger as it happened, she would still fail to notice this abnormality anyway.

After all, she wasn’t an expert in these things. When it came to this special energy being similar to a curse, she knew very little about it.

“It’s fine. My body’s more unique than most. I purified it instantly.” Yaeger smiled.

Hearing that, Lili secretly breathed a sigh of relief. If something bad had happened to the [Child of Destiny], she would be ashamed to face Alicia. Not only that, she would be ashamed to face herself.

“My physique may be special, but the same doesn’t apply to Marco’s family. As you can see, Marco had a large family but he’s the only one alive. Something’s clearly wrong.
I suspect his family members have all been affected severely. When I hit Marco today, I didn’t pay attention to my force because I was in such a hurry. But do you think he’s hurt by it?”

Lili blinked and then pondered. She clearly understood how powerful Yaeger was. So powerful she could easily murder a desert bison with one punch and do something even worse with a single kick.

When Marco was sent flying by Yeager’s kick, nothing happened to him aside from some swelling on his face. With that, it was clear to see that he was much tougher than the average human.

“So you’re saying that his family members’ body or Bloodline has been slowly transformed into an ocean life form after using the [Sea Deity’s Gift]? Their family population is dwindling because they can hardly create offspring with other humans by now?” Lili asked.

It was nigh impossible for beings of different races to create offspring. Even if they could, the same would apply to their descendants. Creating hybrids on a large scale would eventually drive any species into extinction.

Hence, in general, one would never marry someone of a different race.

“Probably.” Yaeger smiled faintly. Actually, she had no idea if what she said was true. She only came up with this nonsense as an excuse after listening to Marco’s story and learning of his family’s current situation.

“So, I’m telling you, I really did it for his sake. Also, I gave him 30% of the proceeds from selling the fish. That much money is enough for a normal person to live comfortably for the rest of his life. Consider that as my compensation to him.”

Lili nodded, realizing that the [Child of Destiny] was a truly wise person. On the surface, it seemed like she had destroyed someone else’s heirloom due to greed. But in truth, she had been deeply considerate and did him a massive favor!

‘I seem to have misunderstood her. As expected of someone admired by sister.’ Lili sighed in her heart.

Ding! Lili’s Favorability towards you has increased by 1000 points.

After hearing the notification, Yaeger was taken aback. ‘What the heck? I can earn favorability just by spouting nonsense?’

“Lili, am I a good person?”

“Yes.” Lili nodded after a moment of silence.

It was actually difficult for Lili to tell whether Yaeger was a good person or not. However, when it came to other players and NPCs, they would come to a conclusion without a second thought. They were calling her ‘Black-hearted Princess’. So, how could she be a good person?

“Lili, you are really good at reading people.” Yaeger smiled deeply and placed her pretty hand on her head, caressing it.

Lili blushed slightly while feeling surprised. ‘I used to hate people touching my head. But why am I fine when she’s the one doing it? Oh no, this feels quite nice…’

At this moment, Yaeger retracted her hand. “It’s getting late. Let’s find a place to sleep.”

Lili felt slightly unhappy as the hand was retracted. It was actually very comfortable for her.


“Did you say anything just now?” Lili returned to her senses after hearing Yeager’s voice and asked.

“I just said it’s getting late. So, let’s find a place to sleep.” Yaeger said.

At night, the Magic Beasts would become active and pose a threat. Under usual circumstances, the carriages would stop moving during nighttime. Especially when it comes to long-distance travels.

Hence, Yaeger decided to return to Jade City via Beast Carriage the next morning. Naturally, they wouldn’t return to Marco’s home due to the affairs regarding his family heirloom.

In fact, Even if such an issue didn’t exist, Yaeger and Lili wouldn’t stay in his home anyway. It would be bad if other people knew that they stayed overnight.

Yaeger didn’t mind it, but Lili did. After all, she was still the Deputy Chief of the Royal Knights. She couldn’t risk a controversy spreading because of that.

“Oh, I see. There’s a hotel there. Let’s take a look.” Lili said.

The two of them no longer strolled around as they went to the hotel quickly.

“Are there no additional rooms?” However, upon inquiring, the receptionist told them there was only 1 single room remaining.

“Yes. I’m really sorry. Because someone’s selling Golden Flying Fish today. People in the city learned of the news and many of them came over to buy it. I’m sure you know that the fishes are all dead and it’s hard to store them. So, those customers commissioned our hotel to handle it and also stayed the night. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience caused. However, I think you two are quite friendly with one another. It should be fine for both of you to stay in one room, right?”

The female receptionist realized that Yaeger looked familiar, but couldn’t remember where she saw her within the heat of the moment. Moreover, although the former was as beautiful as a goddess, she still felt a slight hint of disdain.

‘Such a strange feeling.’

“That’s what she said. Are you alright with it?” Yaeger glanced at Lili. Still, she didn’t mind staying in the same room at all.

“Same room… Together?” However, Lili seemed to be on the contrary. Her face was instantly blushed.

“Is there an issue?” Yaeger tilted her head slightly.

“No… Nothing’s wrong at all! We can just stay together!” Lili said in a panic.

At this moment, her heart seemed to be broken and was beating wildly.

‘What… What to do? Staying together, sleeping on the same bed… Then we’ll cuddle… And do that sort of stuff…’

The more she thought about it, the more excited she became. She had read about ‘those kinds of stuff’ from the books hidden under Alicia’s bed. It was exhilarating!


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