Chapter 342 – The Sunday Where My D*ck Is Gone

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2198characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1429 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Under the receptionist’s guidance, Yaeger and Lili, who was uneasy, came to a room on the top floor. The receptionist left after giving Yeager the key.

Yaeger was slightly surprised when she opened the door and entered inside. The room was big, very clean, and a pleasant aroma lingered in the air.

“Why aren’t you coming in, Lili?” Yaeger spoke after realizing that the little beauty was still standing outside.
“I’m… Coming…” Lili visibly struggled and hesitated, before making up her mind and going inside.
“By the way, the receptionist told me that there’s a large bath house downstairs. Why don’t we take a bath together?”

Yaeger looked around the room before glancing at Lili and leaving a suggestion.

“A… Bath!” Hearing this, Lili somehow shouted.

At the same time, she fantasized about simulating scenes where they saw each other’s bare flesh and scrubbed each other’s bodies.

‘Oh, my hand accidentally slipped. Huehuehue, I actually did it on purpose, Lili! Ah, no… That’s too sexy!’ The audio and video were even synchronized.

“Are you alright?” Yaeger was confused. Wasn’t it normal for 2 girls to take a bath together? ‘What was she fussing about? Come to think of it, can I even take off my underwear?’

At present, censorship was enforced, under the name of harmony. Hence, players couldn’t commit any acts of disharmony. They couldn’t be intimate with NPCs. However, Yaeger wasn’t subjected to such a restraint.

Back then, she had even molested Alicia greatly. It was a shame that her female form didn’t come with a d*ck. If that weren’t the case, she would have given Alicia a deep tissue massage back then.

‘Sigh. My d*ck is gone…’

“Well… No! I don’t like bathing with other people!” Lili spoke in a panic. Her face was as red as a ripe tomato.

“I see. Then you go ahead.” Yaeger spoke indifferently. She wouldn’t force her into it since she didn’t like it.

“Sure. I’ll be right back.” Lili forcibly suppressed the perverted thoughts festering inside her head and ran outside.

“Wait a minute, are there private baths inside that bathhouse?” By now, Yaeger finally spotted an issue.

Meanwhile, Lili was nowhere to be seen.

“Forget it. I’m sure Lili will have a way to empty out the bathhouse anyway.” Closing the door, Yaeger came to the bed and laid down.

Then, she opened her game interface to check out the rewards that she had earned today. She earned quite a lot of gold.

It was her cut of the sold fish, enough for her to live a lavish life for the foreseeable future. Still, that wouldn’t happen since she would invest it all into the market, in order to generate insane profits.

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“I can never have enough money.” Yaeger sighed lightly. She knew that the money she had earned recently would make her objectively wealthy, but she still wasn’t satisfied.

“Compared to Nangong and Sachiel, I’m still as poor as a peasant.”

When someone earned 3,000 a month, they would be surrounded by others who earned the same amount; When someone earned 30,000 a month, they too would be surrounded by people earning that same figure.

As a result, it would delude that person into thinking that there were lots of people who earned 30,000 a month.

But the truth was, when someone reached that level, they would only be surrounded by people on that same level.

Yaeger’s current situation was the same. She had reached the level of a wealthy person, only to realize other people on that same level were equally wealthy—making her seem irrelevant.

Of course, she wasn’t really obsessed with earning money.

As long as she could save enough money to purchase that place, she wouldn’t be worried about money in the future.

‘I still need quite a lot of money. Oh, Taurus Zhang, hurry up and give me some money.’

In Yaeger’s eyes, Taurus Zhang was akin to a walking ATM. When the timing was right, he would be giving away lots of money.

“Even if everything goes well in the maze, Alicia would take a considerable amount of time before she could return to her prime. Expecting Alicia to help me after she has seized the throne is probably wishful thinking.”

Once Alicia became the Empress, Yaeger would be elevated into nobility and gain massive influence. By then, it would be easy for her to rake in lots of money.

The question was, would her plans be smooth sailing? Could she afford to wait until then?

Upon thinking, she realized her future was full of uncertainties.

“Sigh, everything will work out in the end.” At this moment, she knew it was useless to overthink things. Hence, she simply gave up on thinking and focused on the loot she earned tonight.

[Deepwater Fin] was a rare material that could be used in creating weapons and armor.

Yaeger only skimmed it halfheartedly. Opening crates was enough for her to attain weapons and armor. She would never waste her time gathering materials and forge new ones.

In the end, she decided to stash these materials for now and sell them at a high price later.

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She might not need it, but many people did.

“Woah, that’s awesome!” Yaeger instantly became excited the moment she saw [Ocean’s Tears].

This was a one-time use Mana recovery item. It was very rare.

Because it could replenish 5,000 Mana within 1 second.

Inside the game, any items that could replenish mana points within an instant were all hard to find.

“I have only 10 drops. I need to save it.” Based on her current Mana, using [Ocean’s Tears] was definitely a waste. However, it would be different if she was stuck in a desperate situation.

After all, her life was more important.

Shifting her gaze, Yaeger examined the [Golden Flying Fish Essence].

This was the most valuable reward. The effects…

“Huh? Skincare product? Am I reading it right?”

She examined the item description several times, only to realize that this bottle that contained premium and rare essence was nothing but a skincare product!

Apart from beautifying her skin, it had no other benefits at all!

“Garbage.” She was a celestial with a divine body. With flawless skin, she didn’t need healthcare products at all.

Therefore, even if this skincare product had supernatural effects, it was still nothing but trash in her eyes.

“Well, the essence liquid is useless to me but it’s still useful to other girls. No woman could resist the temptation of having beautiful skin.” With a flash of inspiration, Yaeger finally realized the correct way of using this essence.

Indeed. She could use it to gain Favorability from female NPCs.

After checking her rewards, Yaeger left the hotel and bought dozens of fancy bottles from other shops nearby. She repackaged the essence liquid with them.

At this moment, Lili returned from her bath. Her fair white skin had a faint glow of red and was moistened. Somehow, she seemed a little seductive.

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Yaeger gave her a bottle of essence and then went downstairs for her bath.

‘Strange. Her Favorability didn’t increase at all.’

After reaching the bathhouse with confusion in her mind, she realized no one was around. It seemed like Lili had kicked them all out.

‘I can take off my underwear. Indeed, I’m special.’ She wasn’t very surprised by that.

After rinsing her body briefly, Yaeger returned to the room.

At this moment, Lili paced around while mumbling.

“Sleep together, don’t sleep together, sleep together, don’t sleep together…”

“You… You’re back.” Seeing that Yaeger had entered, Lili whispered with a blushed face.

“Yep. It’s getting late. Let’s sleep.”

Yaeger dissipated the water clinging to her skin with her aura and then laid on the bed.

“I… I’ll just sleep on the floor!” Hearing that, Lili replied in a panic.

“The bed’s big enough, no? Come.” Yaeger patted the bed with her hand. “Or perhaps, you dislike sleeping together with me?”

“No… Not true. I’ll sleep on the bed.” Since she had put it that way, Lili had no choice. It would seem like she disliked her if she refused.

Once she got into bed, the stimulating scenes in her fantasies would become reality!

Lili felt like her heart was about to explode as she carefully climbed into the bed.

“This… My first time… Be gentle.” She said shyly and timidly.

Hearing that, Yaeger’s mind went blank, as if she was struck by lightning. The next moment, she deeply resented the fact that she had lost her d*ck!


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