Chapter 327 – Such A Cute Loli, Obviously I Must…

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2139 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1369 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Noticing Yaeger’s surprised expression, [Vita Lemontea] instantly followed her gaze and looked at that tattered horn.

‘Could this piece of junk be some kind of treasure?’

She remembered that when she was doing a guild quest, she stumbled upon an elderly who was about to starve to death. After giving them some food, she received the horn as a gift.

She assumed it to be some kind of a quest item. But when she took it back and verified it, it turned out to be a piece of junk horn. She was obviously disappointed.

But now, seeing Yaeger’s surprise, [Vita Lemontea] instantly came to an epiphany. A business opportunity! This item was a piece of junk in her possession. However, it definitely had some significance to the Black-hearted Princess. Otherwise, she wouldn’t make such an expression!

[Vita Lemontea] examined in detail and her eyes instantly lit up.

“How much are you selling this horn?” Yaeger said suddenly.

Hearing that, [Vita Lemontea] raised 5 fingers after some deliberation. “Five… Fifty thousand!”

Selling a piece of junk for 50,000 was definitely extortionate, to say the least. Yet, she was thick-skinned as she only slightly blushed when she named the price.

‘Will I annoy her by naming such a nonsensical price?’ [Vita Lemontea] was instantly flustered.

“I’ll take it.” Yaeger didn’t bargain. This item might be worthless to other people, but since she had access to relevant information, she knew it was invaluable. 50,000 was a fair price.

[Vita Lemontea] was dazed. If she knew Yaeger would agree to such a price readily, she would’ve asked for more money! Unfortunately, she had only one shot and she missed it. Of course, if she wasn’t afraid of dying, she could still ask for more money.

Actually, as long as she wasn’t excessive, Yaeger would still pay more for it.

“Here.” [Vita Lemontea] handed the horn to Yaeger. She was deeply flustered the moment she retracted her hand.

‘What if the Black-hearted Princess refused to pay me?’

Although the horn was a piece of junk to her, she still sold it for 50,000. If she didn’t get that money, it would be as horrible as her losing 1 billion dollars.

Yaeger placed the horn in her inventory. When she was about to pay, she realized she only had about 30,000 in her account. All the money she earned from the Novice Village and Jade City were now invested into the market. She couldn’t utilize them for now. By now, the 30,000 in her account was all that she had left.

“I don’t have enough money. Can I compensate for the rest with Equipment?” While speaking, Yaeger pulled out 2 Uncommon Equipment of decent quality.

She earned both of them from killing other players. When Yaeger said she didn’t have enough money, [Vita Lemontea] thought she refused to pay. Yet, she was instantly overjoyed the moment she saw Yaeger pulling out 2 Uncommon Equipment.

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“No problem!” These Uncommon Equipment were above Level 10. As long as they were decent, they would fetch a combined price of 40,000.

She exchanged a piece of junk for 30,000 gold coins and 2 Uncommon Equipment. She earned big! Taking the equipment, [Vita Lemontea] was shocked after inspecting them. They were Level 15 Uncommon Equipment!

Big! Big money!

She was trembling with excitement.

“I transferred you the money.” Ignoring her reaction, Yaeger instantly left after paying the money.

There was still some time before the city gates’ opening, but she has no plans to stroll around any further.

“Change of plans. I’ll no longer go to the Magic Beast Valley.” With the horn in possession, Yaeger now had a better place in mind.

Moreover, that place was relatively close to Jade City and it was easy to travel there. If something important happened in the city, she could also return here very quickly. In comparison, the Magic Beast Valley was further away and more dangerous. It was hardly a choice for her.

Although the Magic Beasts at the edges of that place were around Level 30, there were still the occasional Magic Beast with higher levels lurking the area. It was very dangerous.

“My destination now is a village close to the fishermen’s dock. [Aoma Village].”

It took about 3 and a half hours to reach the dock. Which was at least half as close when compared to Magic Beast Valley.

Leaving the Plaza, Yaeger suddenly stopped. There was a familiar figure in front of her.


“It is I.” This person was small and petite. She wore a white blouse and a white cap. She looked cute but was expressionless. Hence, she was none other than the deputy chief of the Royal Knights—Lili.

“What are you doing here?” Yaeger asked.

“Training. Help.” Lili extended her small hand and pointed at Yaeger before pointing back at herself.

Yaeger looked around. After realizing that no one was nearby, she hurriedly approached Lili and whispered, “Alicia told you to come?”

Lili shook her head. “No. I happened to be on vacation and decided to come.”

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As a response, Yaeger’s face was calm but she shouted in her heart, ‘Lies! I know for fact that you’re very devious!’

If she wasn’t mistaken, she was sure that Alicia had already told Lili about the underground maze, as well as their time of entry.

‘Once Alicia has recovered her strength, she’ll definitely face [Warlock Association] head-on. By then, Lili, who has a blood feud with the [Warlock Association], would naturally join in to seek vengeance.

But all of that would only happen if Alicia recovered her strength and claimed the throne. And I will be the person who decides Alicia’s fate! Lili helping me is no different from helping Alicia. By helping Alicia, she’ll get to seek her revenge.’

Lili came to her with an obvious agenda in mind. She wanted to make sure that Yaeger would reach Level 30 within these 3 days.

“Thank you. With your help, Lili, I’m sure everything will be fine.” Yaeger smiled.

She was speaking the obvious. With such a strong person aiding her, she’d definitely achieve her goals. Moreover, she could earn more Favorability from Lili since they would be working together—killing two birds with one stone.

Currently, Lili’s Favorability towards her was average at best. Hence, she decided to at least become ‘best friends’ with Lili.

If I don’t snatch such a cute NPC… Ah sike! I mean to say we ought to become best friends! Yaeger shouted in her heart.

They had breakfast nearby and soon, the city gates had opened. They traveled to their destination by riding the Beast Carriage.

Time passed. An hour after Yaeger and Lili left Jade City. Yunuen went online.

The moment she spawned in the shop, she received a message from Yaeger.

Yaeger: I’m going out. I’ll be away for about 2 days. While I’m not around, you better stay in Layna’s shop. Don’t go anywhere. It’s dangerous. If someone came to cause trouble, don’t waste your breath with them. Just bash them dead.

After reading the message, the corner of Yunuen’s mouth twitched. ‘Killing them straight away is just too scary!’

“While Princess is absent, I’ll just focus on refining medicine.” Closing the door panel, Yunuen spoke with a pale face.

Since she had refined medicine yesterday, for the whole day, she was now nauseated the moment she smelled the stench of herbs.

Knock Knock Knock!

At this moment, the door was knocked.

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“Coming!” Realizing that her master wasn’t around, Yunuen instantly went to open the door. Two players were seen.

The moment they saw Yunuen, their eyes lit up as if they were hungry wolves who saw a lamb. Within an instant, both of them pulled out their weapons.

By now, practically everyone knew that Yaeger had left Jade City via Beast Carriage. In their eyes, Yunuen was easy prey once Yaeger wasn’t around to protect her. She could be killed at any moment!

“You… Stay away! “I’m… I’m very strong. You’ll probably be killed with a swing of my staff!” Noticing their maniacal stares and killing intent, Yunuen instantly pulled out the [Staff of Tyranny] and spoke in a panic.


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