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Chapter 328 – On Behalf Of The Moon, I Will Eliminate You

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2065 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1292 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Seeing that Yunuen had said those ridiculous words with a flustered expression, both of them grinned ear to ear and felt immense pleasure. It felt amazing to bully the weak!

One of them was a Warrior while the other was a Holy Knight. They were both at Level 15. A few levels lower than Yunuen. However, in their eyes, Yunuen was just a weakling.

Because she was a Priest. She was nothing but a walking health dispenser that stayed behind and cast healing spells—nothing but a tool.

Even though she could learn offensive skills, a Priest’s Attack Power was still very weak. Even a Ranger at the same level could destroy them, not to mention Warriors and Holy Knights, who had powerful offensive abilities.

Perhaps she’d be dead after receiving a single punch.

“You… You should really stay away. I’m going to bash you to death!” Yunuen was really panicking now.

Under Yaeger’s assistance last time, she had killed a Werewolf Assassin and managed to embolden herself. However, since she had to suddenly face two terrifying players and Yaeger wasn’t around, she was naturally afraid.

After all, she was never the kind of person that enjoyed fighting others.

“Heheh! I’m so scared!” The Warrior’s laugh was a little lecherous as his gaze was filled with cruelty.
“Here. I’ll let you bash me! Do it harder. Don’t worry!” The Holy Knight took a step forward and lowered his head. Tapping his head with his fingers, he spoke mockingly.

“I… I’ll really do it!” Yunuen gripped the [Staff of Tyranny] tightly as she trembled.

Technically speaking, this was the first real fight she was involved in. Whether it was Wind Wolf King or the Werewolf Assassin, Yaeger was the one dealing most of the damage. Yunuen had barely contributed.

“An Epic staff! She actually has an Epic staff!” The Warrior initially planned to continue mocking Yunuen, but he instantly screamed in excitement after noticing the [Staff of Tyranny].

More than an hour ago, he had heard rumors about Yunuen having a bright-red Epic staff in her possession. He didn’t pay much attention back then and just glossed over it.

But now, Yunuen actually pulled out a bright-red Epic staff. Hence, he was definitely pleasantly surprised by it. The moment he thought of the price for Epic Equipment, the Warrior became heated and felt the urge to seize it immediately.

Regrettably, if he had checked the Equipment Ranking Chart and learned the information about this staff, he’d never be standing within her attack range without a care in the world.

“Hah! Hei!” Yunuen’s gaze became sharp. She suddenly swung at terrifying speeds.


The bright red staff slammed into the Holy Knight’s head. Soon, it created the sound of a watermelon being smashed and released a fine mist of blood.

Holy Knight, dead!

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Seeing that, the Warrior’s pupils instantly shrunk. His expression instantly changed as he felt chills down the spine, backing off instinctually. However, he was still a little too slow. The staff with a bright-red hue instantly landed on his head and the previous scene happened once again!

No, it was actually more tragic. The staff’s Special Effect had been activated and its Attack Power was multiplied. The Warriors skull was instantly turned into dust and his head became a fine mist of red.

Aside from feeling unimaginable pain, he also felt utter shock the moment he died. ‘What king of f̲u̲c̲k̲i̲n̲g Priest is she???’

Seeing that both of them had turned into light particles and disappeared, Yunuen instantly breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat off her brow. “So close. They’re very strong. If I didn’t strike first, I’ll be in trouble!”

Her expression changed as she spoke. She lifted the staff with her right hand and pointed in front, while doing the peace sign with her left hand and dragging it across her face. “I am the magical girl of love and justice—Little Yunuen. On behalf of the moon, I’ve eliminated you!”


The current emotions she felt could only be described that way.

Indeed. She wasn’t terrified nor shocked after eliminating those players. Instead, she was so excited that every fiber of her being was trembling. Because this was the first time that Yunuen had defeated her enemies without any assistance.

She felt like a fledgling soldier that entered the battlefield at first, paranoid and fearful at everything. But after she had killed her enemies, she felt an indescribable feeling of pride and joy!

She was so very excited!

Crash! Suddenly, she heard the sound of broken glass from behind.

Yunuen was startled and her face instantly became pale, sweat started to flow from her forehead. Turning around in fear, as expected, she saw Layna being in a daze. The glass that was initially in her hands had shattered and transparent liquid was sprayed everywhere.

“Master… Master…” At this moment, Yunuen felt like she was a young man that was doing unmanly poses in his room and was discovered by his mother who intended to clean the room.

Shocked, ashamed, embarrassed, and wanted to die!

“I… I didn’t see anything at all. Please continue!” Layna instantly covered her eyes and then turned around.

She came out of her bedroom because she heard voices. Yet, she didn’t expect to see her disciple posing and speaking in such an embarrassing way the moment she came out.

‘That’s young people for you!’ Layna started walking away as she thought so.

However, before she could take a step back, Yunuen grabbed onto her. “Master, please let me explain. It isn’t like what you think!”
“Yunuen, I understand. Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone else.” Layna forced out a gentle smile and said.
“Sob sob sob. It really isn’t like that!” She blushed and spoke sorrowfully.

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“It’s fine. Since you’re at that age, it’s normal for you to do these kinds of things.” Layna recalled what Yunuen did and said earlier and couldn’t contain her laugh anymore. “As your master, I… Completely understand it~ Muahahahahahaha!”

In the end, she couldn’t hold back her laughter.

“Sob sob sob. Master, you meanie!” Yunuen was so ashamed that she wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.


Joyous laughter was heard inside the Item Shop.

On the road, there was a Beast Carriage with lavish decoration that was pulled by eight Desert Bisons. A melodious voice was heard within.

“Lili, want some candy?” Yaeger pulled out several roughly packaged candies from her pocket and asked the young girl sitting in front of her.

This carriage was very luxurious and extravagantly decorated. All of its surfaces inside were padded with soft material and it was comfortable to sit on. Of course, it was naturally expensive to purchase such a carriage, just about 200 times the price of an average Beast Carriage.

However, both Yaeger and Lili didn’t need to fork out the money. Their travel costs were subsidized. Plainly speaking, they were vacationing using the taxpayer’s money. Leeching off the people was just awesome!

“Sure.” Lili said. She didn’t come closer but simply opened her mouth.

Seeing this, Yaeger instantly understood her intentions. She removed the wrapping with a smile and then inched closer, gently placing the light-red candy into Lili’s mouth. Her fingers touched those tiny lips, feeling a slight sensation of softness and dampness.

“Uhm!” Lili put the candy in her mouth, displaying an imperceptible hint of pleasure on her expressionless face.

Yaeger returned to original position and then fed herself a piece of candy. Then, she licked her fingers that had come in contact with said candy. Witnessing the scene, Lili’s eyes instantly became slightly wider.

‘That finger touched my lips just now…’ with that in mind, her tiny face started blushing.


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