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Chapter 326 – Rakshasa In A Gown

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2143 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1420 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

The scenery at night was stunning.

  • In the Flame Dragon Empire’s royal palace.

Today was Dragon Empress Hera’s birthday. A formal night banquet took place. It only became more lively as time went on. Rakshasa had no idea about Dragon Empress Hera’s age. Only a few people in this Empire knew about that. However, based on the fact that foreign guests weren’t invited, it meant this year wasn’t her once-in-a-decade birthday party.

Rakshasa didn’t enjoy being in the crowd. After offering her blessings to Hera, she went outside and looked at the night sky. As Dragon Empress Hera’s sole disciple, Rakshasa was now considered to be the most popular figure in the Empire. Many powerful individuals hoped to befriend her.

Unfortunately, Rakshasa wasn’t interested at all. She rejected them all. She was only here for one reason, which was to become stronger and return to [Princess]. Anything else other than that was insignificant to her.

If Hera hadn’t told her to rest after seeing her pushing herself lately, Rakshasa would most likely be battling Magic Beasts at this very moment.

“Prin… Princess…” Looking at the moon, her beautiful face was expressionless as a veil draped over her head and a beautiful necklace on her neck. Her snow-white gown made her seem all the more prettier.

“Are you bored?” Suddenly, a familiar and melodious voice was heard behind her. Rakshasa turned around.


At this moment, the wind blew and scattered petals everywhere. She pulled back her frazzled blonde hair and looked over without emotion. She saw a dazzling beauty, who had long red hair, a curvaceous figure, and wearing a red gown, approaching her.

She was none other than Dragon Empress Hera. Unlike Rakshasa, her beauty came from her maturity. Every single motion from her was captivating.

“I can see that you don’t like being in crowds.” Hera came to her and extended her hand, tidying up Rakshasa’s scattered hair.
“No… I don’t…” Rakshasa replied earnestly. She sincerely liked Hera as a person.
“Then you don’t have to participate next time.” Hera laughed.

If anyone saw the gentle expression she had at this moment, they would definitely be utterly shocked and awed. The brutal, temperamental, and domineering Dragon Empress actually displayed such an expression. It was truly the most unbelievable thing ever!

Rakshasa nodded.

“You… Are you thinking about someone just now? Your lover? Or family?” Hera asked.

Hearing the word ‘lover’, Rakshasa instantly blushed and spoke hurriedly, “I… We… We’re not in a relationship yet.”

She was already capable of speaking slightly. Although her voice wasn’t pleasant to hear, it was at least better than when she first started speaking.

“Oh, So you’re saying that it’ll happen in the future. I wonder what kind of person can make my treasured disciple fall head over heels? I’m so curious.” Hera mused.
“Master… Meanie…” Rakshasa blushed all over and clenched her fists, feeling the urge to punch her chest.

However, the moment she saw the majestic twin-mountains, she instantly felt like she was defeated. Well, she was actually utterly defeated. It was simply incomparable in size.

“What kind of person could he be?” Hera stroked her face and asked.
“The world’s… Most beautiful… The world’s best…” Rakshasa said.
“Is he a human? A human’s life span is too short. Falling in love with a human will be very painful.”

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Hera looked at her gently, as if she’s looking at her own flesh and blood. In actuality, the moment Rakshasa became her disciple, she had practically adopted a new daughter.

“No… No.” Rakshasa shook her head.

She chose not to divulge more information since she promised [Princess] that she wouldn’t do so.

“Is he from a race with a long lifespan?” Hera retracted her hand and spoke calmly.

Rakshasa deliberated slightly and nodded. “Yes.”

‘The Celestial Race should have a long lifespan, right?’ She wasn’t sure.

She wondered how much does it take for race to be considered as having a long lifespan. 1,000 years? 10,000 years? Forever?

‘What am I thinking about? Both the Eternal Race and Celestial Race only exist in the game. They don’t mean a thing in real life. Princess and I are both humans.

We are short-lived. We won’t be around for tens of thousands of years… Life is fleeting. We only have many decades left in us. As long as I can spend what little time I have left with Princess… Then I have no regrets in life.’

Under the moonlight, the young girl looked up towards the endless expanse. Although she seemed calm, her emotions only rumbled in her soul and gradually became worse.

  • 6th April. 6 AM.

Before the alarm clock rang, Yaeger opened her eyes and was revitalized. Ever since she turned into a female, she hadn’t slept soundly.

Last night, Yaeger played 2 persona and used 2 different phones to chat with the others until 4 AM. Then, she slept until now. Her mental fatigue had miraculously dissipated and she was once again freshened.

“My Celestial Bloodline just makes things easier.” She sighed. She entered the game after refreshing herself in the washroom.

At this moment, Layna’s Item Shop was empty. Yaeger went inside the workshop, only to find Layna sleeping on the floor and snoring loudly. Her clothes were a little messy, revealing her attractive belly button.

“Thank you for the hard work.” With a whisper, she carried Layna. She was light, but slightly heavier when compared to Yunuen. After all, they had different heights.

She carried Layna back to her room and placed her on the bed. After putting the blanket on her, Yaeger left the Item Shop.

Ding! Layna’s Favorability towards you has increased by 1,000 points.

A system announcement was suddenly heard the moment she went outside.

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“Ah, she’s pretending to be asleep.” Yaeger couldn’t help but smile.

The streets were sparsely populated.

“The city gates will be opened sometime later. Let’s stroll around for now.”

Yaeger had already decided on the place to increase her level—Magic Beast Valley. It was quite far away from Jade City, taking more than half a day to reach via Beast Carriage.

If she ran her way there, she’d break her legs first. So, she had to wait for the city gates to be opened in order to ride a Beast Carriage.

The edges of the Magic Beast Valley had Magic Beasts with an average level of 30. It was perfect for Yaeger to increase her level. Once she grinded for two days, she’d probably have enough experience to reach Level 30.

“There’s nothing more boring than grinding experience.” She shook her head and then marched out her slender legs.

Once the city gates were closed late at night, the players could no longer enter or leave the area—it was a hindrance. However, aside from those demented grinders and professional money-earners, practically no players would play the game overnight.

“There are so many grinders here.” The moment she entered Jadeleaf Plaza, she saw many players looking to trade.

‘Don’t you guys need to sleep?’

She didn’t say those words since it wasn’t her business to care about other people’s lifestyle. The players who set up a stall were about to offer their greetings after seeing someone had approached. But they realized…

“Black-hearted Princess!”

Shocked! Everyone was startled!

Then, the scene became chaotic—many players started to close down the stalls and instantly went offline.

“What the hell?” Yaeger tilted her head in confusion.

Soon, the Plaza became quiet. Only a few players remained as they didn’t close down their stalls.

“What an annoyance.” She initially planned to browse the player market and see if she could find any surprises. However, everyone fled in terror the moment when she arrived.

“Aren’t you going to run?” Yaeger looked over, only to see a player sitting still—completely calm and collected.

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“If you really want to kill us, we won’t be able to escape anyway.” This player, who was named [Vita Lemontea], said calmly.

But Yaeger noticed her hands were shaking.

“These people are just too much. How would someone as kind as me kill people for no reason?”

Hearing that, [Vita Lemontea] squinted her eyes and screamed in her heart, ‘are you shameless?’

If their beautiful girl in front of her wasn’t infamous, to begin with, all of those players wouldn’t be so terrified of her!

Yaeger pouted in dissatisfaction and then approached. She checked out the items on offer, her eyes became wide the moment she noticed a tattered horn.

“Is this…?”


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