Chapter 325 – I, Goda, Just Want To Roast You Alive!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2175 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1496 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Path. To. Apotheosis. The corner of Yaeger’s eyes twitched after seeing these words. She could vaguely recall that it was associated with a large-scale civil servant selection campaign. In a Chinese myth, legendary heroes who were selected would die (Apotheosis), and then turned into wage-slaves in heaven.

“I’m getting jinxed.” She used the invitation code provided by Mylene as she spoke. This website was invite-only. Moreover, only high-ranked members could send those invitations.

Once her real identity was verified, Yaeger officially entered the website. The first thing she saw was [Path To Apotheosis], which was completely empty. Then, she saw the [Prodigy Ranking].

“Hey, admin, show yourself! Do you hold a grudge against me?”

The name—[Princess]—was the first place of the [Prodigy Ranking].

“You might as well just burn me at the stake!” She took first place right after entering the list. Would anyone accept that? No wonder Korg Gongshu targeted her!

With a glance, well, she saw Korg Gongshu in second place. Her guess was correct. She now had a massive target on her back!

“This is uncalled for.” Yaeger had zero interest in the so-called [Prodigy Ranking].

It wasn’t like the one in the game where she’d attain various benefits when her name was listed within. This ranking was nothing but trouble. Korg Gongshu was the first trouble she encountered. And she knew more would come.

“Do you think I have nothing better to do in life?” Yaeger facepalmed with her left hand and used the phone with her right hand.

She discovered that she could learn relevant information on the names she clicked on. For example, [Princess]. With a click, it revealed her age, personality, height, cultivation stage, potential, and other information. Even her photos were included.

However, when she inspected Korg Gongshu, only his name, potential, and cultivation stage were listed. Everything else was unknown.

“You people can’t even verify that person’s gender?”

She continued checking other people’s information. Some of them were mostly complete but most of them were lacking. Including Yaeger, there were 10 people on this ranking.

All of them had one thing in common, which was their cultivation stage. They were all Pinnacle Masters! No, technically, there was another thing in common. They were all under the age of 20.

“No wonder it’s called the Prodigy Ranking. It turns out that all of them are potential Grandmasters.”

Indeed. These people were only one step away from reaching the Grandmaster Realm. Moreover, they were all terrifyingly young. Hence, their chances of reaching the Grandmaster Realm were obviously higher than those who were already in their middle-ages.

“I am granted such a high position. They’re undoubtedly trying to ruin me.”

Yaeger was only known to the world for several days but had already attained such heights. It was definitely not a good thing for her.

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“However, I definitely deserve the first place.”

After all, a person without any prior experience had defeated others, who had painstakingly worked for more than 10 years, after training for a couple of days. Wasn’t it obvious that such a person would take the first place?

Yaeger was completely calm and collected. She even felt the urge to laugh. The displeasure she felt just now was all gone. She already had lots of enemies anyway. It wouldn’t matter to her if more nobodies came to pick a fight with her.

“But come to think of it, it seems like this ranking is updated very frequently.”

Looking at the data, most of them were updated in the past few days.

Shifting her gaze, she discovered the [Domestic Ranking] and [Overseas Ranking]. If the Prodigy Ranking only included the youth, then these 2 rankings included all age groups.

There were 3 Domestic Rankings—[Grandmaster Ranking], [Master Ranking], and [Martial Artist Ranking].

There were also 3 Overseas Rankings—[S-Transcendent Ranking], [A-Transcendent Ranking], and [B-Transcendent Ranking].

Yaeger first clicked into the [Master Ranking]. She saw herself and Korg Gongshu being ranked lower than the tenth place. Everyone above them were all old and renowned Pinnacle Masters.

Of course, she didn’t know any of them.

Yaeger only took a glance at the [Martial Artist Ranking] before closing it. Both of these rankings had 100 names included within. All of these people were all elites in their own fields.

Unfortunately, Yaeger was not interested in any of these elites at all. Simply because they were insignificant to her.

Opening the [Grandmaster Ranking], her eyes lit up instantly. The person at the top of the list was Mylene’s master—[Lisa Black].

She was currently the strongest individual in Cathay, and was rumored to be very close to becoming a Martial Saint. After chatting with Mylene, Yaeger finally learned that Grandmasters were separated into different phases. Each phase had a massive gap of strength when compared to the others.

There were 5 phases—Primary, Intermediate, Advanced, Pinnacle, and Perfect. Above the Perfect phase, there was another abnormal phase—Half-Step. In short, it meant the individual was only half a step away from reaching a new Realm.

“Half-Step actually means that person has already surpassed the Grandmaster Realm. I suppose Lisa Black has reached that phase.”

Yaeger held nothing but respect towards this woman that she had never met. On one hand, it was because she had treated Mylene well. On the other hand, she was simply impressive.

Becoming known as the strongest individual in Cathay at such a young age was nothing short of unbelievable. Yaeger could only feel impressed by that fact.

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Clicking on her name, there was very little information. It seemed like information on anyone from illustrious families were kept secret.

Looking down, Yaeger’s pupils shrunk uncontrollably.

“As expected of my sister.” There were also 100 spots on the [Grandmaster Ranking]. But only 38 names were listed. Mylene’s name was on the 13th place. Her strength as a Grandmaster was far above average.

Just like her master, her information was kept confidential. Not even her photo was included.

Looking down again, Yaeger was surprised to find another name. Pixie Qin.

“Never judge a book by its cover.” In her previous life, Yaeger already knew that Pixie was very powerful. However, she didn’t know that she was actually this powerful. She was in 20th place. Which was above average.

Indeed. An above average Grandmaster.

Looking down once more, Yaeger saw another familiar name—Ronald Tian. Old Man Tian! At the very bottom. Unlike Mylene, the information about him was so substantial it could be compiled into a book.

Yaeger read it in detail. It took her 10 minutes to finish it all.

“The youngest Grandmaster in history. Fought for his country and suffered debilitating injuries. He’ll never get to advance into a higher realm because of that. He’s a hero with a tragic tale that’s worthy of respect.”

Yaeger sighed softly but changed her tone. “However, we must still settle the scores between us!”

She wouldn’t let go of her grudges with Old Man Tian just because he was Mylene’s grandfather. Whoever that offended her would never escape her wrath!

After calming down, Yaeger clicked on the [Overseas Ranking].

The updates on this side were less frequent. But still, all the rankings were filled to the brim with names. Looking at the string of cryptic characters, Yaeger felt a headache coming her way. Her comprehension of foreign languages was terrible.

After browsing for a while, she eventually realized that there was an automatic translation feature on this website. With a click, the names turned into Chinese.

“As expected, Mira’s on this list.” It was another friend of hers.

“Twenty-fifth place. She’s quite good.”

The rankings were only there for reference. She knew not to take it seriously. Without an actual duel, there was no way to actually tell who was stronger than the other. Just like the potential Grandmasters on the [Prodigy Ranking]—they sounded powerful on paper but the actual capabilities in combat were yet to be tested.

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At the very least, Yaeger was somewhat disappointed by Korg Gongshu’s capabilities. Of course, he was considered decent since he only relied on his puppets and didn’t rely on his own strength at all.

“Could this [Silver Wolf] be the one that battled Old Man Tian on the Himalaya Mountains?”

When she reached the bottom of the list, this name intrigued Yaeger.

After checking the information, it was indeed that [Silver Wolf]. Ronald Tian and Silver Wolf, both of these old coots had paid a massive price due to that universally shocking battle.

After checking out Silver Wolf’s information, something was about to hatch from the depths of Yaeger’s mind but it seemed to be suppressed by the metaphorical equivalent of a massive boulder.

“I must not underestimate the Skywolf Tribe.” She decisively placed this tribe on her watchlist.

Closing the website, Yaeger turned on her other phone. She was instantly swarmed with messages the moment she opened it. She received a portion of them very recently.

“Don’t you guys need to sleep?”


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