Chapter 324 – Bite My Handkerchief Out Of Envy

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 2090 characters
Translator: Keissen English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1190 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

  • Rosen Hotel.

Nangong tossed a Bluetooth keyboard onto the bed and spoke solemnly, “Get on your knees. If I see a single letter on the screen within three minutes, I’ll lock you up for ten days straight.”

Hearing that, Sachiel trembled and spoke timidly, “Auntie… That’s an electro-capacitive keyboard. It’s super sensitive… And you promised Princess that you wouldn’t punish me.”

“I’m not punishing you. This is a test. You can go to sleep if you pass. If you don’t, you’ll kneel until dawn.” Nangong crossed her arms and spoke indifferently.

“Sob… auntie, it’s my fault. I won’t do it again!” Knowing that she was angry, Sachiel ran over in a hurry and grabbed her hand while crying sorrowfully.

“Huh? You know you’re at fault? That’s what you get. You’ll be bedridden for the foreseeable future!” Nangong pinched her face and smiled.

“Sob sob… It hurts. Please, it really hurts!”
“Will you try to sneak out again next time?” Nangong let go of her hands.
“No. I’ll never do it again!” Sachiel rubbed her face and shook her head hard.
“If Princess wasn’t the one taking you out this time, I’ll definitely lock you up for many days!”

“Sob!” Sachiel felt wronged. Nagong promised that she wouldn’t punish her but yet she pinched her hard. So scary!

“Oh ho. Do you feel wronged? It seems like you’re itching for a beating!” Seeing that Sachiel was dissatisfied, Nangong instantly dragged her out of bed. “Such a disobedient child. You shall be bedridden for the entire day.”

Nangong suddenly pulled out a rattan cane from nowhere.

“Please don’t!” Sachiel was instantly terrified as a response.

“Do you still think I’m at fault?” Nangong said with a smile. The cane glimmered in a faint green light under illumination. It was obviously not made out of actual rattan, its material was closer to a glowing plastic.

Sachiel shook her head instantly. “I won’t. I will never! You’re the best auntie in this world!”

She passionately strived to survive.

“Hmph! I’ll forgive you this time. But only this once!” Nangong symbolically smacked her with her cane once.

‘Heheh, she’s still a softhearted person after all. She’ll never smack me for real!’ Sachiel grinned in her heart.

“Now, you must be thinking that I’ll never actually smack you, right?” Suddenly, Nangong leaned down and inched her face very close to Sachiel’s, then spoke grimly.

Immediately after, Sachiel felt chills down her spine.


“Lil’ Sachiel, Don’t challenge my limits. Or you’ll get to experience true cruelty.” Nangong gently caressed her face with her slender fingers. “Don’t do it again. Do you hear me?”

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“Yes…” At this moment, Sachiel finally knew that she was actually angry, very angry.

It was the second time for her to see Nagong being this angry.

“Very good.” Nangong got up slowly with a smirk on her face, as if her hostile demeanor back then was an act.

“Ugh.” Seeing that she had returned to normal, Sachiel couldn’t help but pout. Her current demeanor just now had terrified her greatly.

Nangong slowly caressed her face with a gentle expression.

“Where did Princess take you tonight?”

“Westgate Pedestrian Street, and…” Knowing that Nangong’s anger had subsided, Sachiel climbed up and leaned on her shoulder. Then, she recounted what happened and just now in detail, evoking Nangong’s envy.

No. She’s so envious that she wanted to bite her handkerchief! Princess carried her with a ‘princess carry’, twice! Not only that, they even walked across the air under the moonlight and had an intimate conversation! She was so envious!

“Lil’ Sachiel, I’ve decided to sleep with you tonight!” Nangong held Sachiel’s shoulder and spoke decisively.

“Hm-hmm! It’s been a while since I’ve slept together with you!” Sachiel Luo nodded softly.

“It’s getting late. Let’s sleep!” Then, Nangong laid down and covered herself with the blanket. ‘Woah~ It’s Princess’ smell!’

“Auntie, are you feeling unwell?” Hearing that Nangong was inhaling, Sachiel asked in confusion.

“No… No. It’s getting late. Let’s sleep.” Nangong spoke with a slightly blushed face.

‘Something’s wrong. Something’s very wrong with her!’ Sachiel became even more perplexed. Just as she was about to ask, Nangong clapped her hands and turned off the sensor lights. The room was now pitch black.

‘By the way. Princess said I’ll become just like her when the time comes. What does that really mean?’

Closing her eyes, Sachiel suddenly recalled those cryptic words. She was left utterly clueless.

  • In Jade Flower Garden.

Yaeger came down from the top floor. She made virtually no noise while she traveled. If anyone were present, they’d assume that a female ghost was floating around.

Suddenly, she stopped and her expression instantly turned solemn.

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‘Someone’s here!’

Yaeger lived on the top floor. She was the only resident in this place. Someone was still around at this late hour, so something was obviously amiss! She stood in place and listened to the movement. Soon, she heard people talking.

“That kid hasn’t moved in yet, right?” Someone whispered.
“I think so too. Otherwise, why would the lights not be on at night?” Another person whispered as well.
“It’s been like this for the past two days.”
“There’s no entrance records either.”
“He rented such an expensive place but doesn’t stay in it. Does he have too much money to spend?”
“Who knows.”
“Sigh, is the young lady actually in love with that brat? Otherwise, why would she make us spy on him? It’s technically surveillance but actually we’re protecting him. After all, we’re elite bodyguards.”
“You’re overthinking this. The young lady hates men the most. If she caught wind of what you said, you’ll suffer!”
“Hey, hey, hey. Don’t you snitch on me!”

The conversation gradually grew silent. A figure emerged from the stairwell, it was none other than Yaeger.

“Young lady, bodyguard, surveillance, hates men… Could it be Nangong Lin?” Their conversation had exposed lots of information. It led Yeager to believe that it was perpetrated by the controlling young lady of the Nangong Family.

“That’s right. She said her family has been renting well over sixty properties in Roc City. I must’ve rented a property from her family!”

Compiling all information available, she already knew who her landlord was. Indeed. It was Nangong.

“I’m practically digging my own grave.” Yaeger was both amused and angry.

Due to Sachiel, she knew that Nangong disliked his male form.

“She obviously wants to track my movements by sending these bodyguards to spy on me. With that, I won’t have a chance to get close to Sachiel. She’s definitely working hard.”

Yaeger instantly locked the door after entering her house. Returning to her room, she dropped onto her bed and fully extended her limbs. It didn’t seem elegant but it was comfortable.

“My current situation is that I’m surrounded by enemies… Well, no. Nangong’s still an ally. She won’t cause me any trouble as long as I don’t meet Sachiel.”

Compared to Nangong, Yaeger was more concerned about that so-called Prodigy Ranking. She took out her phone and typed in the web address Mylene sent her.

Three massive words appeared on the main page:

Path. To. Apotheosis.


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