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Chapter 171 – I’m Astonished

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1864characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1299 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger equipped [Beginner-level Flash] in her second empty skill slot and saw the new skill’s information appear in front of her.

Equipped skill: [Beginner-level Flash] Level: Blue level 9 (upgradeable)

Attribute: Space
Level Restriction: None

Description: This is a rare space teleportation skill that can teleport you to any location within 30 meters. This skill is unable to dodge special attacks nor teleport you through obstacles. Costs 100 mana and has a cooldown of 15 seconds.

Once this skill satisfies certain conditions, it can be leveled up to become [Mid-level Flash], [High-level Flash], [Continuous Flash], and finally [Divine Flash].

As for the special conditions required to level the skill up: please figure them out by yourself.

“What the hell does it mean to figure it out by myself!?” Yaeger was quite aggrieved after she read the skill description, but then she soon calmed down.

“This skill is really something good. Although it can’t compare to a mage’s [Instant Teleportation] in how far it can teleport, and it also can’t go through obstacles, it’s still excellent for dodging normal attacks, ambushing, and kill stealing!”

The only downside was that it consumed a very large amount of mana at 100 mana per use.

Luckily, Yaeger had a much larger mana stat than most rangers. An ordinary ranger would be out of mana after using [Flash] just twice.

“[Beginner-level Flash] combined with my [Shadow Skulk] and [Shadow Assault] is such an excellent combination for killing, stealing, and traveling.”

Yaeger closed her skill interface and flashed a smile. She suddenly felt like there was much less pressure on her.

Her pressure had originally been due to real life, but now that she possessed [Beginner-level Flash], she would definitely be able to run away from any enemy that she couldn’t beat.

By using [Flash] and entering shadow form, it would be incredibly difficult for any ordinary grandmaster to find and catch her.

“You actually gave me such a wonderful present that I don’t know how to thank you, Bain. How about I let you go to accompany Hades?”

A flash of icy killing intent appeared in Yaeger’s eyes as she softly muttered to herself.

“Princess, you’ve worked hard!” At this moment, Yunuen hopped over with an energetic smile.

“That was just a warmup.” Yaeger smiled at her and then looked down at the corpse on the ground. “Yunuen, I’ll leave this thing to you. You should take his body to go get the reward.”

Normally speaking, you would be able to raise the local favorability rating towards you by killing a red-name NPC and getting the reward. However, Yaeger had lost 10,000 favorability right when she arrived, so getting the reward wouldn’t help very much with improving her favorability, so she might as well instead give the body to Yunuen so that Yunuen could gain some favorability with the Jade Empire and benefit much more than she could.

Yunuen looked at Gellar’s corpse and nodded. Although she was rather afraid of humanoid corpses, she was happy to do anything that Princess commanded her to do.

Yaeger licked her lips as she glanced at her experience bar. It indicated that her current experience was enough to raise a level. After a player reached level 20, they could use experience points as they wanted to choose between leveling their character or their skills.

“I’ll need more and more experience to level up in the future, and increasing my level by one or two won’t increase my strength by very much. I might as well instead max out my skills to increase my foundational strength.”

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Yaeger decided to leave her character level alone for the time being and focus first on leveling the skills she used the most.

She opened up her skill interface and used her slender long white fingers to press on her [Multi Shot] skill.

Her experience points disappeared with the speed of flowing water. [Multi Shot] increased from level 5 to level 8, which decreased its mana cost by 30% while also increasing its damage by 10%.

[Berserk Thunder] also reduced [Multi Shot]’s mana consumption by 50% already, so [Multi Shot]’s mana consumption was incredibly low. When Yaeger had a full mana bar, she would be able to explosively use [Multi Shot] as she pleased for at least two or three attack waves.

Yaeger couldn’t help but narrow her eyes with an obvious look of hesitation as she glanced at the nearby [High-level Sword Manipulation] skill.

“Previously when I manipulated objects like leaves, my [Sword Manipulation] cooldown didn’t change at all. Does this mean that I can simultaneously manipulate objects together with a sword?”

At the time, back when Yaeger was manipulating leaves, she only felt that she had used up some of her mana, but it didn’t seem like her [Sword Manipulation] skill had been used.

“I’ll know it when I try it once I have a sword.”

Yaeger turned off her skill interface and glanced at Yunuen. Yaeger was just about to say something when she heard the system’s voice.

Ding! The player Honda Yu from Okinawa server has changed her job class from [Warrior] to [Avenger]. She is the first player in the world to change her job class.

2 purple random equipment boxes
2 blue random equipment boxes
99 bottles of high-level health recovery potions
99 bottles of high-level mana recovery potions
Permanent +5 to all basic stats.

This was a worldwide announcement.

“What exactly happened!?” Yaeger blinked her eyes with an expression of disbelief.

She remembered quite clearly that Honda Yu had never become an Avenger in her past life!

Not only that, Avenger was a job change possibility that would appear in the midgame. It was a special branch of the warrior job class that was extremely difficult to job change into.

Not only did you need a powerful bloodline as the foundation for changing your job class, but you would also need to achieve certain special conditions in order to job change to Avenger.

Yaeger didn’t know what the conditions for getting the Avenger job class were, since Avenger was an incredibly rare job class in her past life, which meant that its stats were very difficult to find.

All she knew was that this job class was really ridiculous.

Avenger could be called a combination of Berserker and Tank Warrior.

Yes, Avenger was a monstrous job class with explosive attack speed, extreme attack power, yet also had ridiculous HP.

Apart from that, of course there were also the basic stat bonuses gained from job class changing, along with all new job class skills.

“It’s changed. The future has changed so much…” Yaeger’s pupils contracted significantly as her brain went blank for a moment. “Because of my reincarnation and everything that I’ve done, the world is now changing in a way that’s difficult to predict!”

At this moment, she suddenly felt a sense of danger that seemed to explosively grow like algae, forming an endless sea in her mind.

In Yaeger’s mind, other players weren’t anything at all. Only beta testers could be considered an opponent to her.

And now, out of the five strongest beta testers in her previous life, Rakshasa was her teammate, so her only remaining opponents were Mira of America, Leon of America, Gulliver of Russia, and Honda Yu from Japan!

Yaeger had the advantage of reincarnation, so she had been far in the lead compared to the others. Nobody should have been able to reach her, but now Honda had suddenly changed her job class, which basically meant there was no longer a difference between them.

Yaeger would obviously be astonished and feel a strong sense of danger.


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