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Chapter 170 – I Want Everything!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1450 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1013 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

In the outside world.

After Mylene Tian logged out, she didn’t complain to Elder Tian. Instead, she swiftly gave the command for most agents to return to inner Roc City while the remainder of the agents waited for orders in outer Roc City.

Mylene had a premonition that Princess would appear again in inner Roc City.

After that, Mylene told Xina to make absolutely certain to report to her immediately if anything happened, no matter if it was big or small.

Mylene didn’t want a repeat of what happened last time.

“It seems like I’ll be busy again for really long. I wonder when I’ll be able to see Brother again?” Mylene glanced at the scenery outside the van and gently sighed as a nostalgic look flashed in her eyes.

She then began to recall memories of when she was young at the orphanage in Xiaoya Bay of Swan City.

Many foreigners had now appeared in both inner and outer Roc City. This city suddenly became quite international even though it was already on the path to internationalization.

However, most of these foreigners hadn’t arrived with pure intentions.

The foreigners included special agents, those looking for opportunities, and predators who roamed the darkness. Of course, there were also some who were simply unrelated tourists.

The current Roc City seemed like a barrel of explosives. The person who had set off all these explosives was obviously Princess.

As long as she appeared again, these people would all come swarming like hunting dogs to viciously bite her!

Beijing, at the Dragon Family mansion.

“What!? You’re saying that Pixie threw the 100-carat Ocean’s Heart that I gave her into the trash can!?” A man of around 23-24 years old, with a soft and shadowy appearance, pale white skin, and pink western-style clothes angrily slapped the table and stood up with an expression of disbelief.

“Ocean’s Heart was a mega rare diamond that I spent 60,000,000 on along with using family connections to obtain. She actually threw it in the trash can just like that!?”

Across from him was a middle-aged man wearing butler attire who replied unhurriedly, “Yes, just as if she was throwing away a piece of trash. Also, Miss Qin told me to inform you, Young Master Jun, that ‘I, Pixie Qin, will only ever marry the most handsome man in the world. A piggy like you should stop bothering me already. You’re disgusting.’”


Upon hearing this, the little piggy known as Young Master Jun forcefully slapped the table and actually shattered it into many pieces.

His face was completely distorted and even seemed to be emanating a black aura that made him appear particularly vicious.

“I spent 100,000,000 in Korea on plastic surgery to get this wondrously perfect handsome face, yet she thinks I appear disgusting!? What the hell is this!? I refuse to believe that there’s someone more handsome than I am in this world! If, if there really is such a person, then I’ll kill him, kill him with the cruelest method possible!”

Young Master Jun clenched his fists tightly enough to the point where his veins bulged. The sound of his joints cracking could be heard in the air.

The butler’s mouth twitched slightly. ‘Your face can be called handsome? Young people these days have such a strange standard of beauty.’

Young Master Jun took a deep breath and slowly calmed down as he said, “Forget it, I’ll ask Grandpa later to pressure the Qin Family and slowly force Pixie to the brink. At that time, hahaha, she’ll be a lamb ready for the slaughter, and she won’t be able to choose!”

His mouth curved up slightly with a wicked smile. It seemed as if an evil flame was about to jump out from his eyes.

He was absolutely going to have Pixie, who was the #1 beauty in Beijing!

“Right, is Pixie still at home right now?” Young Master Jun’s mind was filled with lust as he suddenly thought of her beautiful figure. He really wanted to run over to the Qin Family right away to get his fill of eye candy.

“Miss Qin took a plane to Roc City half an hour ago,” the butler informed him.

“What!? How come you’re telling me only now!? Why is she going to Roc City!?”

Young Master Jun’s eyes instantly widened as he had an expression like he wanted to eat someone alive.

“I just obtained the information right now myself.” The butler unhurriedly pointed at his Bluetooth earpiece. “According to the information from our spy in the Qin Family, Miss Qin seems to have gone to Roc City to have fun watching the chaos there.”

“Is it because of that Princess?” Young Master Jun folded his arms as he narrowed his eyes. “Hmph, this woman who suddenly appeared is in the news so much lately. Still, she really is my type. After I’m done with family business here, it doesn’t seem like a bad idea to go to Roc City to capture her and make her warm my bed.”

Young Master Jun’s lust instantly exploded inside him and was about to burst out as he recalled Princess’ wondrously beautiful appearance.

No matter if it was Pixie Qin or Princess, he was going to capture them all!

“Only children and ordinary people have to make choices. I am the young master of the Dragon Family, the head of Beijing’s four major families, so of course I want them all!”

After saying that, Young Master Jun – whose real name was Jun Dragon – began to laugh loudly with a lustful expression on his face.

Inside the game, outside Jade City.

Yaeger tossed aside Gellar’s corpse and chugged down a bottle of high-level mana recovery potion to restore her empty mana pool so that she could be on guard against any unexpected situation.

She then immediately opened up her inventory to check the blue skill book [Beginner-level Flash].

“Hahaha, Bain, you’re such a generous person.” Yaeger revealed her incredibly beautiful smile after she finished reading the skill introduction.


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