Chapter 148 – They Have the Power of Money

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1961 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1319 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Everyone left after the commotion was over. Everything returned to normal.

It was as if nothing had ever happened here. However, the tattered ground indicated that a battle had once occurred on this ground.

A gust of wind blew up towards the clouds in the sky.

Yaeger brought Yunuen to Trade Street. As the jade empire’s main business street, this place was incredibly bustling with countless people passing by. Beast-pulled carts kept going through the middle lane while carrying many tourists or products.

Yaeger and Yunuen stopped in front of a small store named [Lena’s Item Shop]. The owner [Lena] was a level 9 apothecary that players could learn apothecary techniques from.

“Welcome… my store doesn’t welcome you. Please leave.”

When Yaeger and Yunuen first entered the store, they saw a smiling beautiful woman who was about 1.6 meters tall. But, when she saw Yaeger, her expression instantly chilled as she waved her pretty hand as if she was shooing away a stray dog.

The effects of having -10000 favorability with the Jade Empire were stronger than Yaeger had expected. However, she then understood after thinking it over just a little. This beautiful woman – Lena had very high mental resistance, making it difficult for Yaeger’s Charisma stat to take effect.

“That’s troublesome. I originally wanted to do business with [Lena].” Yaeger softly mumbled to herself as a look of worry flashed in her eyes. Lena was absolutely necessary for her plan to make a major profit.

However, Lena hated her, so it was impossible to talk business with Lena. It seemed that Yaeger would need to think of some other method.

Yaeger thought things over quickly and suddenly recalled the seventh princess [Kastina]. If Yaeger could really improve Kastina’s favorability rating, then it would become far easier to do things in Jade City.

However, it was quite difficult to see the seventh princess, since Kastina wouldn’t come out to the outer city to play every day.

It was rather difficult for ordinary people to go to the inner city. Going into the royal palace would be even more difficult.

“Life is filled with setbacks.”

“Princess, what’s filled with setbacks?” Yunuen suddenly asked.

“Nothing, I was saying that money isn’t so easy to make.”

Yaeger gently sighed. If only she’d known, no, even if she’d known beforehand, she still would have killed City Lord Hades.

“Yeah, making money isn’t easy.” Yunuen felt like she knew this really well. Her family’s income was only at about 4000-5000 per month, so there was barely any money left after expenses. It was likely that only she herself knew how difficult this was.

“Yunuen, stay here and learn potion making from Lena. I have something else to do. Notify me if you see other players arriving in the main city.”

Yaeger glanced at [Lena], whose expression was becoming ever more hostile, while whispering to Yunuen.

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Yaeger didn’t want to fight with Lena here. That would be a meaningless fight. She wouldn’t be rewarded with anything if she won, and it might even lead to the guards trying to hunt her down.

“Yeah, I’ll do my best!”

“I’ll transfer 500,000 to you for your tuition.” Yaeger opened her interface and swiftly transferred the money. “Good luck with your learning. It would be best if you can become a level 4 apothecary within 5 hours.”

Although being an apothecary was quite profitable, it would also require a hefty investment in the early stages. The tuition would be really costly, and the resources required for practicing potion-making were also a significant cost.

“I’ll do my best to learn!” Yunuen clenched her little fists and was quite serious.

“Yes, I’ll be looking forward to it.” Yaeger then left the item store.

Yaeger’s beautiful figure seemed to sparkle under the sunlight.

“The Divine Equipment ranking hasn’t been discovered yet, so I’m safe for the time being, but once people discover it, I’m likely going to have some trouble.” Yaeger’s eyes gained some trace of worry as she gazed off into the distance while she played with her silky smooth black hair.

“Not only that, the level 10 players will soon be coming in large numbers. Once the super-rich players enter the main city, they will use the [Power of Money] to recruit a tremendous number of players to help them increase reputation, purchase faction equipment, and level up as fast as possible.”

At that time, Yaeger would be facing a horde of army ants, rather than ants on the level of S.K.Y.

“I have orange equipment boxes and purple equipment. It’s obvious that those ants will target me. If I also add in the divine equipment, haha.”

Yaeger’s head felt rather numb as she thought about it.

“Still, there’s still some time until that happens. I’ll be able to become even stronger in that time. My primary goal right now should be to obtain a purple or orange sword.”

After the battle with the Wind Wolf King, Yaeger understood part of [Advanced Sword Skill]’s power. She wanted to utilize even more of its power, but that would require her to improve her sword’s quality. Green and blue equipment obviously wouldn’t be good enough.

Yaeger retracted her gaze and walked towards the adventurers’ guild to see if there was anything suitable for her to take there.

At the same time, in the outside world.

In a certain building in Roc City. The room was spacious and the light was bright.

“Elder Tian, please have a seat.” Xina Chen had gone early in the morning to receive two major personages who were now with her.

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The first was an old man in his 70s. He wore a white sleeveless shirt, gray shorts, military shoes, and his sharp eyes revealed a faint pressure. He didn’t seem like an old man at all. Rather, he seemed like a large predator.

The other person was small and dainty. She wore a white one-piece dress, black gloves on her hands, and her face was cute and exquisite.

“Head Captain, please have a seat.”

“Thank you for your hard work.” Elder Tian sat down and spoke in a soft tone.

“Sister Xina, I said to not call me Head Captain. It makes me sound really old!” Mylene Tian also sat down with a pout and obvious dissatisfaction.

“Haha, you’re from the main headquarters, and your ranking is so much higher than mine, so I obviously can’t be casual with your title.”

Xina smiled faintly.

“There are no outsiders here,” Mylene answered.

“Haha, then I’ll do as before and call you Mylene.” Xina began to make some tea as she said this.

“Tea can wait for later. Let’s talk about the main topic at hand.” Elder Tian waved his hand as his expression suddenly became serious.

“Okay.” Xina stopped making tea. “Just as I previously reported to you, Elder Tian, the target of our protection, [Princess], is very likely to be a martial arts expert, and she’s also highly likely to be a super expert who cultivates both the sword and her body.”

Xina then took out several photographs from under the table.

One photograph depicted a white van with a completely distorted B-pillar that also had a faint shoe print upon it.

Yaeger had left that behind when she kicked the van and sent it flying. Not only was the B-pillar distorted, both van doors were also somewhat distorted from the impact.

“Such fierce power!” Elder Tian’s eyes sharpened. “I think she’s probably about my level.”

Meanwhile, Mylene didn’t say anything, but she glanced at a certain picture in the stack of pictures which showed half a leaf embedded in Wenzel’s forehead. She muttered to herself, “Is an ordinary internal energy master truly capable of using a leaf to cut open a metal car and kill someone?”

Right after she said that, Elder Tian and Xina both suddenly shook all over.


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