Chapter 149 – Am I That Unlucky?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1881 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1321 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Xina suddenly recalled that their cars were all specially modified to have extra thick metal plating for bulletproofing. A tree leaf had so easily pierced metal that even a gun would have difficulty with, and killed someone inside.

No ordinary internal energy master would be capable of accomplishing this.

“Princess is likely already at the peak of mastering internal energy and almost about to enter the realm of a grandmaster?” Xina’s body shook slightly as she was incredibly astonished.

“This little girl really isn’t simple. In my opinion, even if she hasn’t reached the peak yet, she’s probably almost there.” Elder Tian squinted his eyes which flashed with a sharp light.

“She’s both at the peak of internal energy and an expert swordsman. Unless a grandmaster-level person attacks her, nobody would possibly be able to harm her. That is, with the prerequisite of not surrounding and attacking her with guns,” Mylene added.

No matter how strong a martial artist was, they’d still be afraid of guns.

Someone at the peak of master level would still likely die if they were surrounded by several dozen well-equipped warriors with guns.

However, a grandmaster wouldn’t be the same!

Xina glanced at Elder Tian. This old man who had an ordinary appearance and seemed to be weak in his old age was actually a grandmaster! His power level had already surpassed the human limit, and he was approaching the realm of indestructible godhood!

He only needed one more step to become a saint.

However, that step was a step that all grandmasters would likely never achieve in their lives.

A martial saint, also known as a god on earth, was a truly undefeatable existence!

The only person in all of China who was nearing the martial saint realm was Mylene Tian’s master, the head of the Ability Management Department, the number one death god in China – the head of the secluded Black Family, Lisa Black.

It was rumored that Lisa was already halfway at martial saint realm. She was unmistakably the #1 strongest fighter in all of China.

“Even Master wasn’t as strong as Princess when she was 18 years old,” Mylene couldn’t help but exclaim.

“If she’s allowed to develop and grow, her future potential is basically incalculable.” Elder Tian’s expression became really serious. This was a seed with the potential to become a martial saint. This seed would need careful protection until it grew up. At the same time, he also felt rather envious. He also wanted to achieve that realm, but…

Elder Tian could only smile wryly. He knew that he was getting old, and that it was time to wake up from his dream.

“Xina, Princess really didn’t leave any way to contact her?” Mylene suddenly asked.

Xina shook her head. “Princess’ emotions didn’t seem very stable at the time. I didn’t ask her very much.”

Xina couldn’t help but tremble when she recalled Yaeger’s incredibly icy aura. It felt as if someone had suddenly placed a popsicle down her back.

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“You can’t find even a little trace of her?”
“We wouldn’t possibly find any trace of someone who’s a peak master if she wants to hide herself.”

Xina could only smile wryly. Perhaps it would be possible if she could use all the agents in the entire city, but the issue was that she didn’t have that much authority.

“If that’s the case, I’ll go into the game to contact her. Xina, send every single agent that you can in Roc City to accompany me in the game to grind levels.”

Mylene had a serious expression. Based on the latest information, Princess was already in Jade City. If she wanted to meet Princess, then she would have to grind to level 10 first.


Not long after, several hundred people gathered and all entered the game together.

In the white dimension, Mylene used her treasury and spent 13,000,000 before she finally drew the highest-level demon fox bloodline. She then immediately chose the mage class to enter the game with.

“Let’s open up a Newbie Pack first.” Mylene had been assigned to Newbie Village 20, along with more than 100 agents together with her.

Mylene had researched this game constantly while on her way to Roc City, so she had no problem with the controls.

She opened the Newbie Pack. A white light flashed as three items instantly appeared.

[Low quality wine], [Black bread], and [Hunger potion].

Mylene’s eyes twitched slightly at seeing these three trash items. She recalled quite clearly that there were others who had opened up green equipment with the Newbie Pack.

‘Am I that unlucky?’

While Mylene was feeling doubtful, Yaeger arrived at the adventurers’ guild.

Jade City’s guild was far more extravagant than Broken Leaf City’s guild. The adventurers’ overall quality was also much higher.

Many people glanced at Yaeger when she entered the guild. They all instantly had expressions of disbelief because this girl was so beautiful that she didn’t seem human!

Not only were they astonished, but they also felt dislike welling up in their hearts, which made them couldn’t help but treat this girl as an outsider.

Everyone stopped looking at her and focused on their own things. Everything seemed to be so distorted and unnatural.

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Yaeger didn’t mind. She stepped forward with her beautiful legs towards the front desk and updated her level information before immediately searching for an appropriate quest on the quest bulletin.

She knew where she could obtain a purple sword in Jade City. However, she would first need to raise her level to level 20, as she wouldn’t have the right to go there to obtain the sword until then.

Raising one’s level from 15 to 20 would require several more times experience than going from 10 to 15.

Every five levels in this game was a new stage. Leveling would keep getting more difficult at every stage.

That was why the 5% experience boost from joining a faction was incredibly alluring for most players.

However, Yaeger didn’t really care. It wasn’t something that she needed, since her bloodline, potential, and status were all top of the line. She needed much less experience to level compared to others. While having an extra 5% would help, it really didn’t count as much.

Besides, the purple bow [Berserk Thunder] was a godly item for grinding levels. It would be quite easy for her to reach level 20.

Of course, it would still take a bit of time. Yaeger estimated that she could finish this within four hours. At the same time, Yunuen would also level up to become a level 4 apothecary.

“Becoming a level 1 apothecary requires me to craft 100 beginner-level health recovery potions. Level 2 requires me to craft 200 beginner-level mana recovery potions, and level 3 requires me to craft 500 mid-level health recovery potions, while level 4 requires…”

Yunuen looked over the apothecary leveling explanation. Her pupils gradually shrunk to the size of a needle hole as she read: “You want me to craft more than 1000 potions in just four hours, Princess!? Are you a demon!?”

Yaeger seemed to hear someone calling for her. She looked all around and only saw a small girl with golden twintails and maid attire walking swiftly in her direction.

“May I ask if you are [Princess]?” The girl stared at Yaeger’s face while blushing slightly. However, there was also a strange flash of disgust in her eyes.

“That’s me, do you have business with me?” Yaeger was somewhat confused. She hadn’t been in Jade City for long. She didn’t even know a single mosquito here, so how come someone was looking for her?

“My master wishes to see you,” the girl said in a soft voice.

“Who’s your master?” Yaeger was still confused.

The girl looked around and ensured that nobody was paying attention before she really lowered her voice and told Yaeger, “the first princess.”


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