Chapter 147 – Girl, Your Favorability Rating Has Betrayed You

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1704 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1173 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

After all the explosions, Yaeger put away the purple bow and drank a high-level mana recovery potion.

Kastina dropped from midair at high speed and smashed into the ground with a loud thud.

“Princess!” Only then did the guard captain regain his senses as he shouted loudly. He immediately brought his subordinates and rushed over.

“Princess!” The guard captain immediately took out a recovery potion and kneeled while feeding it to her since he saw that she was injured all over with an expression of pain on her face. Since he didn’t dare to touch the princess’ royal body, he was unable to open her mouth, so he could only drip a little bit of the potion onto her lips at a time.

Everyone was abnormally silent. All of the spectators were still stunned by the sight. They didn’t dare to believe that the willful princess had been beaten within an inch of her life by an adventurer.

The adventurer actually dared to hit the princess!

“Ding! [Kastina’s Redemption]’s first phase is now over. You have been rewarded with 1000 gold coins. The next phase shall begin.”

Yaeger tilted her head slightly upon hearing the system’s voice. There was actually another phase? It seemed like the system loved her after all!

“The next phase, quest requirements: none. Reward: none.”

Fine then, she was overthinking things. Yaeger smiled wryly and then immediately turned to look at Yunuen.

“Yunuen, let’s go.”

The quest was finished now. There was no more meaning in staying here, and staying here would also be quite troublesome.

For instance…

“Stop! You dare to try and run after injuring the princess!? Capture her!”

The guard captain had finished feeding Kastina the potion at this time. He suddenly got up and shouted loudly while pointing at Yaeger.

The guards all immediately withdrew their weapons and spread out everywhere, swiftly encircling Yaeger in a tight formation. All the guards had serious expressions. They didn’t dare to relax their guard one bit after seeing how powerful Yaeger was.

“It seems that you guys have a death wish.” Yaeger gently sighed as her expression instantly turned icy.

Her high-level mana recovery potion had already replenished all of her mana. It was no problem for her to use all her skills for another two rotations.

Since someone had a death wish, then she would raise her butcher knife and swing it heavily.

At any rate, it made no difference, since she was already basically blacklisted in the Jade Empire. She didn’t mind being blacklisted even more.

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The guards all had nervous expressions and tense bodies. All of their strength seemed to explode at this moment, causing killing intent to spread everywhere. They would have to risk their lives in order to deal with Yaeger.

“Kill her if she dares to resist!” The guard captain issued a command.

The next instant, the guards all swarmed forward. All of them had vicious expressions in their eyes.

“Although killing NPCs doesn’t grant me any experience, and I’ll also gain hatred, I’m still going to kill those who deserve it,” Yaeger muttered gently to herself as her purple bow appeared in her hand. She was about to start a slaughter.

At this moment…

“Everyone, stop!” A sonorous voice came from behind.

The guard captain immediately recognized this voice as the princess’.

He turned around to see that the princess’ injuries were mostly healed. He immediately felt far more at ease, since if the 7th princess was severely injured here to the extent of being difficult to recover from, it was likely that the guard captain’s head would be hung up on the castle wall afterwards as a warning to others.

The guards all stopped with looks of confusion on their faces.

Kastina walked over slightly with an icy expression in her eyes. She glared at Yaeger as if she wanted to slice her up into thousands of pieces.

“Ding! Kastina’s favorability rating towards you has increased by 13000. Your relationship has changed from Unfriendly to Friendly.”

Yaeger had a stunned expression while she mentally shouted, ‘Is something wrong here? I just viciously beat her up, so why did her relationship with me improve instead of worsen?’

“Peasant, remember this, I’m going to repay this grudge ten times back in the future! We’re leaving!”

Kastina then turned to leave, but then she suddenly stopped again. “Peasant, I still don’t know your name yet. Give me your name.”

Yaeger squinted and wondered if this woman’s brain had been damaged by her attacks. Otherwise, why would her favorability rating suddenly go from -10000 to plus 3000?

Besides, it was too strange for her to ask for a peasant’s name.

“Princess.” Still, Yaeger answered Kastina’s question. It would be really useful for Yaeger’s future development to make a connection with the seventh princess, after all.

“A strange name.” Kastina licked her lips with an icy expression. “Very well, [Princess], from today onwards, you’re the first person on my list of names that I must kill! Wash your neck clean and wait for me!”

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Her tone was as chilly as winter, as if this place was going to turn into frozen earth and cause people to tremble.

After that, Kastina left with her guards.

“Ding! Kastina’s favorability rating towards you has increased by 1000.”

“A tsundere?” Yaeger didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… favorability rating could even increase by saying vicious words like that.

As she watched Kastina leave, Yaeger gradually retracted her expression as doubt flashed through her eyes. Had anyone actually managed to complete this quest in Yaeger’s past life?

Kastina’s power level was truly strong. She also had outstanding equipment. It would be quite easy for a level 20 NPC like her to completely crush a level 15 player.

However, Kastina could only get beaten into a pulp upon meeting someone as ridiculous as Yaeger.

Yaeger was already capable of crushing the big Black Iron boss at level 10 – the Wind Wolf King. Now that Yaeger was level 15, a mere level 20 NPC wasn’t really enough to challenge her.

“Ding! The first princess’ favorability rating towards you has increased by 15000 points. Her interest in you has increased by 10000 points. Your relationship has changed from Strangers to Friendly.”

Three question marks instantly popped up on Yaeger’s head when she heard this sudden report from the system.

“What’s with this first princess? I don’t even know what she looks like, so why did her favorability rating suddenly increase by so much!?”

Just as Yaeger was feeling confused, Kastina, who wasn’t far away yet, was holding her own arms while trembling all over with slightly flushed cheeks and a look of addiction in her eyes.

“Ah~ this feeling of being smacked to the point of numbness all over on my body, feels as if I’ve been filled with happiness, it’s so wonderful~”

Meanwhile, the guard captain’s chin almost hit the ground as he observed the seventh princess’ expression. ‘This is bad, the princess’ brain has been damaged by that fight!’


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