Chapter 146 – Bloom Like Fireworks

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1608 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1077 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yeager swiftly glanced at Kastina, and saw that she was level 20 with an HP value of 13000.

Back at Broken Leaf City, defeating the level 10 Kahn who had an HP value of 5000 rewarded her with a blue skill book and activated a main character quest.

However, defeating this level 20 NPC would only reward her with 1000 gold coins. That was so stingy.

“Peasant, I’m going to slice you to pieces!” Yaeger didn’t get to complain to the system before Kastina attacked. She was like a flying cannonball that had astonishing momentum. This was a powerful enemy!

Yaeger’s eyes chilled as she swiftly took out her purple bow and used [Multi Shot]. Lightning instantly crackled as countless energy arrows shot forth.

Kastina’s expression became slightly more serious when faced with the storm of arrows, but she didn’t retreat at all. Instead, she continued charging forward while swinging her black sword at lightning speed. She actually succeeded in knocking away all the arrows without receiving a single scratch.

However, Yaeger had already used [Multi Shot] three times in succession before Kastina knocked away the arrows.

No other players were around now, so Yaeger didn’t need to hide her true strength. She started with her highest attack speed from the very start. Plus, the purple bow’s [Berserk Thunder] effect allowed [Multi Shot]’s energy consumption to be reduced by 50%, which meant her full attack power was basically terrifying. It was as if the entire street was transformed into a thunderstorm.

Kastina could only defend herself as lightning flashed all over her body and her HP kept decreasing. She never expected that this ridiculously beautiful girl was actually so incredibly powerful!

At the same time, she felt a mysterious sense of discomfort, as if she had been poisoned.

Actually, she really had been poisoned. Yaeger’s equipment’s poison effect was activating with explosive speed, causing Kastina’s HP to drop even quicker.

This was bad! Really bad! Kastina felt danger that she had never felt before.

Although she had strong poison resistance, it still couldn’t defend her against the constantly stacking poison attacks.

She would lose at this rate!

“How could a princess like me possibly be defeated by a peasant!?” Kastina suddenly swung her sword when she thought of this possibility. Red light flashed all over her body as a powerful strength instantly exploded and knocked away all of Yaeger’s attacks. Kastina then instantly appeared in front of Yaeger, as if she had instantly teleported, and swung her sword.

This sword contained extremely vicious energy. The sharp sword already gave Yaeger the impression that her body would be cut in half before the sword even reached her.

Yaeger had to be serious as she kicked the ground with her feet and swiftly retreated in order to dodge this sword swing.


“Don’t think of escaping!” An icy look flashed in Kastina’s eyes as the sword attack instantly exploded. An energy beam manifested from the black sword and sliced at Yaeger, who was flying backwards in midair.

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“Escape? I would never do that.” Yaeger had a calm expression as she immediately exchanged her bow for her sword… hmm? She suddenly recalled that her sword had been vaporized into ash from the battle with the Wind Wolf King. She no longer had a sword equipped!

Yaeger instantly broke out into a cold sweat and jumped to the left with an inelegant posture. She barely managed to dodge the black sword energy as she followed up by rolling on the ground before getting up again.

Meanwhile, Kastina grabbed the opportunity to attack at lightning speed. The red light on her body flashed even more brilliantly.

Kastina knew quite well that ranged attackers like Yaeger were all incapable fighters at close combat! As long as she managed to get close and attack, then victory would be hers!

“Peasant, take this sword attack!” Kastina immediately became excited to the point of trembling when she imagined herself being able to slice up this ridiculously beautiful girl. She suddenly added more strength to her sword grip, as if she was injecting her heart’s desire into it for more explosive force!

Yunuen Lin was rather worried as she watched Yaeger. This was the first time that she had ever seen Princess be at a disadvantage. That felt rather bad, because in her mind, Princess was a synonym for being strong. Princess was undefeatable. But now…

“I bet you’re thinking that a bow user like me will definitely be bad at close combat?”

Yaeger actually put away the purple bow at this time and stood empty-handed with a faint smile as she watched Kastina charge at her.

Kastina suddenly felt her heart skip a beat, as if she had an ominous premonition. However, her momentum was too great for her to stop charging.

“Have you ever tasted a Soviet iron fist?” Yaeger arched her lips up slightly as the power of wind swirled around her body. Her tightly clenched hands immediately made a clear sound of joints popping. Right after that, she stepped forward and caused the brick ground to instantly shatter as she suddenly vanished like a ghost.


Right after that, everyone witnessed the originally charging Kastina being shot backwards like a cannonball. A figure also appeared where she just was, with the posture of having just punched. No, wait, this was an afterimage, not a figure.

That was because someone already witnessed that figure actually catching up to the flying Kastina, grabbing Kastina by the foot, and suddenly causing sparks to fly up from the ground.

Everyone didn’t have time to finish being astonished when that figure – Yaeger suddenly turned around and smashed Kastina into the ground with great force like she would with any mob character.


The ground shattered.

“Pa!” Kastina felt as if all her bones had come apart as she spat fresh blood out from her mouth. However, this wasn’t the end. Yaeger instantly picked her up again and kept smashing her into the ground, as if this would never end.

A series of explosions came from Crystal street as dust flew everywhere.

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Everyone suddenly saw something flying through the dust and into the sky. When they focused, they saw that it was actually Kastina, who was injured all over from the smashing!

“Bloom like fireworks.”

At the same time, Yaeger took out her purple bow and pulled it to its maximum as she sent [Multi Shot] exploding everywhere.


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