Chapter 145 – Sorry, You Can’t Win at Beauty

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1601 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1067 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger’s pupils contracted slightly. She recognized this young woman on the Blackblade Cougar who had blonde curly long hair, a pretty face, elegant figure, and exquisite light armor. This woman was [Kastina], the 7th princess of the Jade Empire. She was the most selfish and willful princess of the Jade Empire.

“Peasant! Just die if you won’t get out of the way for me!” The Blackblade Cougar actually sped up instead of slowing down when it saw someone in front due to Kastina’s shouting. Like master, like pet.

Yaeger furrowed her eyebrows slightly and felt some displeasure inside. This Crystal Street was the equivalent of a ten-lane road in real life. It would be quite easy for 20 Blackblade Cougars to sprint down the street simultaneously, not to mention a mere single one.

However, the seventh princess absolutely insisted on taking the pedestrian lane of the street. She basically did as she pleased without caring even the slightest about the safety of ordinary people.

The way that she kept calling others peasants was her unconcealed disdain for others.

“Ahh!” Yunuen couldn’t help but scream when she saw the Blackblade Cougar rapidly approaching.

Yaeger stepped forward with her left foot. With her speed, it wouldn’t be that difficult to dodge the Blackblade Cougar, but Yunuen wouldn’t be capable of doing so. Besides, Yaeger had no intentions of dodging in the first place. She wouldn’t feel satisfied unless she taught a lesson to such a selfish princess.

The Blackblade Cougar approached with astonishing speed. It seemed like it was about to crash into Yaeger and Yunuen.

At this moment, everyone else present was already imagining the two of them being flung into the air with spurts of blood.


“Get the hell out of here!” Yaeger stepped forward and suddenly turned around in midair while kicking with her right leg at lightning speed. Her slender and beautiful leg seemed like a whip of light that smashed with great force on the Blackblade Cougar’s head.

The Blackblade Cougar only felt a powerful force invade its body and cause it to shake all over. Right after that, its powerful body was actually forcefully kicked into midair as the sounds of its bones cracking could be heard.

“Ahh!” Kastina was directly flung into midair as she screamed in astonishment.

“Princess!” Soldiers immediately started shouting when they saw this from behind. It was likely that they would all be executed if something happened to the princess here.

“Don’t think that you can do whatever you want just because you’re a princess.” Yaeger gently landed on the ground and raised her head slightly while looking at Kastina who was rolling around on the ground at this time after falling.

She actually dared to attack the princess? Was she suicidal!? All the spectators were really astonished as they hurriedly retreated. They were afraid that this violent person would bring trouble to them as well.

If the princess’ precious body was injured here, she might vent her anger out on everyone here in her fury!

“Peasant, I’m going to kill you!” Kastina crawled up with a furious expression on her pretty face. It seemed as if her beautiful eyes were about to start spewing flames.

“Princess, are you alright?” A guard captain ran over at this time and asked with worry.

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“Does it look like I’m alright?” Kastina slapped the guard captain on the face and then immediately looked at Yaeger. “Good, good, good. You dare to make me into such a wretched state…”

Before she finished speaking, she suddenly widened her eyes as her heart skipped a beat: this girl was actually so beautiful to the point where she was envious!

Kastina’s flames of anger were instantly replaced by the flames of envy.

‘I’m absolutely going to cruelly torture this beautiful girl to death!’

“Peasant! How dare you attack the princess! Someone come and capture her!” The guard captain didn’t mind the red slap mark on his face at all. Instead, he looked at Yaeger and shouted with a severe tone.

The soldiers who heard this immediately drew their weapons and surrounded Yaeger.

But at this moment…

“All of you back off, because I’m going to kill her personally!” Kastina waved her jade-like hand as combat fervor filled her body. She was a warrior in addition to being a princess.

The Jade Empire favored a martial path. Every member of the royalty had significant combat strength.

“Princess, this…” The guard captain’s expression instantly became nervous. But, he received another slap before he could finish his sentence.

“Get the hell over to the side!” Kastina had an icy expression and faint killing intent in her tone.

The guard captain lowered his head and slowly backed away. He also made a hand gesture for the other soldiers to back down.

“Peasant, I won’t allow you to die a slow death.”

Kastina drew her sword, which shone with a faint light under the sun. This sword was pitch-black and about three feet long. It gave off a faint aura of the mystical.

“Another NPC who doesn’t know what’s good for them.” Yaeger gently shook her head. “Why must she antagonize me?”

Although Kastina was selfish and willful, she was from a noble family and was incredibly beautiful. She was really popular in Yaeger’s previous life with many male players and had many sycophants.

However, Yaeger would never kneel just because someone else was beautiful.

“I think that you don’t know how to spell the word death,” Yaeger muttered in a small voice while pursing her cherry lips. A cold light flashed through her eyes as a chilly aura started emanating from her body.

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Just as Yaeger was about to teach the seventh princess a lesson, the system’s voice suddenly spoke up at this time.

“Ding! You have activated the storyline quest [Kastina’s Redemption].

Question description: Jade Empire’s seventh princess [Kastina] is selfish and willful, arrogant and tyrannical. The citizens have countless complaints and suffer so much under her. As you are an adventurer filled with a sense of justice, please use concrete actions to knock some sense into her so that she can change herself and become a new person.

Quest requirements: Beat or convince [Kastina] within 10 minutes.
Quest reward: 1000 gold coins.
Quest failure: Imprisonment for 10 days.

Yaeger’s eyes couldn’t help but twitch when she finished reading the quest description.

“Sister System, you’ve changed!!!”


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