Chapter 142 – Who Said That Two Girls Can’t Give Birth!

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1784 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1120 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Sachiel: Aunt, Princess, that woman captured me. She wants to marry me! Wahh! What do I do!?
Nangong: What!? I won’t agree to this!
Yunuen: Such a stimulating experience?

Yunuen had been invited to the chatroom as well. She immediately became excited upon seeing Sachiel’s message.

Rakshasa: Exciting.
Princess: Sachiel, did you activate some type of quest?
Sachiel: No, I… wait, a quest suddenly popped up!
Princess: Send it over.
Nangong: Sachiel, be careful not to let an NPC take advantage of you!
**Yunuen*: Exciting, exciting.


Ding! You have activated the bloodline quest [Bride of the Empress].
Quest description: Blood Empress [Selubelya] likes your appearance and high-level bloodline. She wants to get married to you and give birth to the strongest possible child.
The two of you shall be married 180 days from now.

You currently have two choices.

1: Accept [Serubelya] and give birth to the strongest child together with her.
2: Adamantly reject [Selubelya] and escape the Frostwinter Empire within 180 days.

Choice 1: you shall become the new empress of Frostwinter Empire and rule this frigid land along with receiving the greatest authority and veneration from countless citizens.
Choice 2: you will receive many exquisite gifts and special presents from [Selubelya].

Quest time limit: 180 days.

Notice 1: during the quest, [Selubelya] will be unable to forcefully do anything beyond the limits of friendship to you. She’s also banned from intimate skinship with you. However, these restrictions will be lifted after 180 days when you get married.

Notice 2: once the time limit is up, you shall be bound together with [Selubelya] for all eternity and never be separated again.

Notice 3: you can ask [Selubelya] for what you desire, but you can’t take without asking.

Notice 4: occasionally be gentle to [Selubelya] and there might be something unexpected that will happen.

Notice 5: [Selubelya] will pursue you crazily if she’s rejected. Please mentally prepare yourself.

Everyone remained silent for quite a long while after seeing this quest’s description.

Nangong heaved a slight sigh of relief. At the very least, the NPC couldn’t touch her Sachiel for the time being. Otherwise, she truly wouldn’t know what to do.

Yunuen was really excited and her face was slightly red. Although intimate skinship wasn’t allowed, she thought it would feel really nice to be pursued by an empress.

Rakshasa didn’t have much expression as she didn’t know who Sachiel was. If Nangong had met with such an incident instead, Rakshasa absolutely would have laughed out loud and hoped that Nangong would get married as soon as possible so that Nangong couldn’t fight over Princess with her.

Yaeger was really envious. That’s right, she was truly envious.

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She couldn’t help but want to shout: “[Selubelya], let go of that girl and come for me instead!”

The Blood Empress was considered one of the ten prettiest female NPCs in Saint Demon World. Yaeger had really liked her in her past life, but the blood empress had been an unreachable flower for someone like her back then.

Yaeger recalled that many major personages in the real world had furiously tried to pursue the Blood Empress, only to be met with death at her hands over and over again.

“I originally thought that [Selubelya] was a cold-blooded and heartless vampire empress. I never thought that she was actually a lesbian. It’s such a pity… wait a moment, I’m a girl now, so doesn’t that mean I have a chance!?”

Yaeger clenched her fist and couldn’t help but become excited. However, she suddenly thought of something that caused her some depression: “Yuri is really nice, but the big pity is that children aren’t possible.”

“Princess, according to the quest description, it seems that two girls really can have a child together,” Yunuen mentioned weakly.

Yaeger’s eyes flashed upon hearing this as she hurriedly focused on the chatroom again.

Currently, Nangong was consoling Sachiel, while Rakshasa was enjoying the show.

Princess: Sachiel, just make [Selubelya] happy for the time being, and take anything that she gives you. You absolutely don’t need to act reserved. They’re all good things. I’ll go to Frostwinter Empire and rescue you later.
Sachiel: Yeah! Princess, I’ll be waiting for you!
Nangong: Sachiel, you absolutely can’t be seduced by that woman. I will go with Princess to save you as soon as I finish the quests here!
Rakshasa: I’m going.
Yunuen: I’m going as well!
Sachiel: Everyone… Wahh, I will work hard! Wait, [Selubelya], where are you taking me to… save me!
Everyone: Good luck.

At any rate, since the Blood Empress was unable to do anything to Sachiel for the time being, everyone felt quite assured about her safety.

After that, Yaeger asked about Nangong and Rakshasa’s bloodline quests.

Compared to Sachiel’s, these quests were incredibly normal and good.

Nangong’s quest was [Trial to Become a Ruler]. Basically, she would work hard and take steps to become a candidate to become queen.

Rakshasa’s quest was [Path of a Sword Saint]. It could simply be described with the word cultivation.

“I’m so envious.” Yunuen’s eyes were sparkling. She had an ordinary human bloodline, so it was natural that she didn’t have a bloodline quest.

“Rest assured, by staying in our guild, you will become extraordinary one day as well,” Yaeger chuckled.

“Really? I’m looking forward to it!” Yunuen clenched her tiny fist with an excited expression. Compared to Sachiel and the others, she was far too ordinary. It felt bad to only remain in the same place while watching the others soar. Besides, if she could only remain ordinary, what right would she have to stay by Princess’ side?

Yaeger exited the chatroom and looked in front of her without doing anything. It seemed like she was thinking about something.

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Sachiel, Nangong, and Rakshasa had left her party due to their various lucky opportunities. Yaeger now lacked people to train with, so her progress would naturally slow down.

However, Yaeger didn’t mind this too much, as sometimes it would be easier to move around by herself.

“I’ve already completed the basic accumulation of resources at Broken Leaf City. The next step is to use money to make more money.”

Broken Leaf City was just a small Newbie Village. Yaeger could suppress that place with just her personal strength alone. However, Jade City was the capital of the Jade Empire. Her previous tricks wouldn’t work here.

If she wanted to make lots of money, she naturally needed to collude with NPCs… ptui! She meant collaborate with NPCs!

Yaeger already had a plan, but it wasn’t time to enact it yet.

“I need to strengthen myself first. As long as I have a bigger fist, anything I say will carry more weight!”


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