Chapter 143 – Then, Sister System, What’s the Price?

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1739 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1141 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger opened her interface and saw that her red name status had already vanished. As for favorability, all of the Jade Empire was at -10000 favorability against her.

“In that case, my Charisma stat won’t be very effective.” Yaeger licked her lips as she thought to herself.

Her Charisma stat was extremely effective on low level NPCs. However, it would be far less effective on the high level NPCs in Jade City who all had relatively high mental resistance. Of course, the Charisma would be even less effective since she was at -10000 favorability.

Someone else who started out at -10000 favorability would probably have rotten eggs tossed at them by the NPCs. Someone more pitiful might even directly be kicked out of the city.

“Ding! [Bain] has gained 10000 points of hatred for you. The two of you have become mortal enemies.”

The system’s voice suddenly rang in her mind.

“What’s with this guy named Bain? When have I ever done anything to him?” Yaeger furrowed her eyebrows and shook her head after thinking about it a little.

“Ding! The royalty has lost 5000 favorability towards you. Some members of the royalty now have obvious loathing for you.”

“So, just what is going on here?” Yaeger tilted her head in confusion.

Yunuen had a confused expression as well. Why was Princess constantly talking to herself?

“Ding! The eldest princess has gained 20000 points of interest towards you.”

“…” Who could tell Yaeger just what was going on? She narrowed her eyes as three question marks appeared on top of her head.

After a few seconds, Yaeger decided to not care about it. She would simply deal with whatever came at her.

She opened up her inventory and glanced at the [Purple level-up book].

This was the book that she obtained from the [Chaos Roulette]. It could level up a piece of purple equipment that was capable of doing so, and it could be only used once on each purple equipment. The book would automatically disappear after three uses. This was a really precious item book, but Yaeger still used it without hesitation.

Her [Windchaser Boots] flashed with a purple light and instantly finished leveling up. At the same time, its condition changed to [cannot be equipped].

It showed that her level was insufficient to equip it.

Yaeger was instantly delighted when she saw this. The boots had actually leveled up by six levels, and all its stats had increased as well. The only problem was that the level limitation had leveled up as well.

Feet equipment: [Windchaser Boots].
Grade: Purple Level 7 (Upgradeable)
Attribute: Wind
Level Restriction: 15
Armor: 50
Durability: 99
+25 Dexterity
+15 Endurance
+50% Movement Speed
Special effect 1: By wearing these boots, the user will gain the power of wind and can use the wind-attribute skill [Phantom Step]. Dexterity +100, Dodge +150, Movement Speed +150%. Lasts for 45 seconds. 10 minutes cooldown.

Special effect 2: Upon receiving a fatal strike, there is a 5% chance to activate Mirror Image. Increases dodge rate to 100% and lasts for one second. Can’t dodge special attacks. 24 hours cooldown.

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“[Phantom Step]’s cooldown has been reduced by 20 minutes, lasts for 30 more seconds, gained +50 Dexterity, +50% Movement Speed, and +50 Dodge. Special effect 2 [Mirror Image] also gained a 3% increase to its activation rate.”

Yaeger nodded in satisfaction and then used all of her experience points gained from helping others to level and killing the Wind Wolf King on leveling.

“Ding! Your level has increased.”

The system’s voice sounded as Yaeger reached level 15. She was finally able to equip the [Windchaser Boots].

“My experience points reserves are completely gone.” She would have to grind again. Yaeger sighed gently as she put on the [Windchaser Boots].

Her basis stats instantly increased.

Strength: 114
Endurance: 117
Dexterity: 164
Mentality: 85
Intelligence: 80
Talent: 83

“As my equipment keeps improving, my first three stats will keep having a greater difference from my latter three stats. Haha, it’s finally not a hexagon shape anymore.”

Yaeger gently chuckled as she used the item book to level up another purple equipment.

Her [Purple Sky Crossbow] flashed with a purple light. The next instant, the leveling was completed as it gained completely new stats.

One-handed equipment: [Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder].

Grade: Purple Level 9 (Upgradeable)
Level Restriction: 15
Attribute: Thunder
Attack Damage: 150
Durability: 99
+30 Strength
+60 Agility
+120% Attack Speed
+120 Thunder Damage
+80 Penetrating Damage
Special Effect 1: User’s attack has a 5% chance to cause [Purple Lightning Storm]. It causes 200% Thunder damage against all enemies within 100 meters.
Special Effect 2: Energy consumption of [Multi Shot] is reduced by 50%.
Description: This is a magic bow from a lower plane. It used to have the power to summon thunder. However, its core was destroyed, leaving only minute thunder attribute special effects. If you can find a Sky Thunder Stone to augment it, you may gain unexpected results.

Just from the obvious changes, all of its stats were increased, and it even gained a longer name to represent its leveled-up form.

However, Yaeger could tell that the equipment had become worse.

“This is obviously trying to nerf me!”

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This was due to the change in Special Effect 1.

The original Special Effect 1 had been: User’s attack has a 25% chance to cause paralysis. It lasts for three seconds and can be stacked. Currently, it was: User’s attack has a 5% chance to cause [Purple Lightning Storm]. It causes 200% Thunder damage against all enemies within 100 meters.

On the surface, the special effect seemed to be stronger, but it was actually weaker.

“A 5% chance to activate [Purple Lightning Storm] instead of 25% chance of paralysis that can be stacked? That’s such a huge nerf!”

200% Thunder damage in a large area of effect seemed powerful, but it would only be better for grinding levels. It couldn’t even compare to the effect of paralysis.

With a 25% paralysis activation rate and Yaeger’s godly attack speed and Luck stat, she had been basically undefeatable. Anyone who had low Thunder resistance would be nothing more than a living target.

This bow’s usefulness was more than half gone now that the effect was such a low chance of an AOE attack.

“Can I lower it back down to level 8?” Yaeger muttered to herself as her mouth twitched.

“You can.” The system immediately answered her.

“Sister System!” She never thought that the system would answer her at this time, so Yaeger was pleased and astonished. “You really have a way to do it?”

“Yes. As long as you increase your [Dream Transformation] percentage by another 50%, the [Purple Sky Crossbow – Berserk Thunder] can be deleveled to [Purple Sky Crossbow] again.”

Yaeger almost spat blood upon hearing this.


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