Chapter 141 – I Naturally Want Them All As I’m an Adult

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1622 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1100 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Nangong Lin: Princess, a female elf is invading my personal space, what do I do!?

Sachiel Luo: Princess, a woman rose up from a blood pool and said that I dropped a hammer. She wants me to choose. What should I do!?

Rakshasa: Princess, this dragon is asking me if I want to learn the dragons’ secret sword techniques, what should I do!?

Yaeger instantly received three messages. She basically understood what happened after reading the messages.

Indeed, all three of them had been kidnapped. The reason was likely due to their bloodlines.

Nangong had the highest-level elf bloodline. She had probably been kidnapped by the elven queen.

Sachiel possessed the highest-level vampire bloodline. She was likely kidnapped by the blood empress.

As for Rakshasa, she had a god bloodline yet appeared in Flame Dragon Empire, which was rather surprising.

‘Wait a moment… I recall that Rakshasa obtained the broken Divine Equipment in Flame Dragon Empire in my last life. Perhaps she was sent there due to the Divine Equipment.’

“I overlooked this. I actually forgot about the bloodlines’ influence,” Yaeger gently sighed.

In her past life, she had indeed heard about how top-level bloodline players could activate some special events and obtain great opportunities.

However, she had merely been an unlucky and especially poor player back then. Although she heard such news before, she never tried to remember it.

She never thought that three members of her team would activate these special bloodline events.

Suddenly, Yaeger recalled that her own bloodline was also of the highest level. Why hadn’t she been kidnapped?

Upon closer consideration, she understood. It was simply because the fairies’ base, Fairy Island, was far too distant from the Jade Empire. It would be impossible to sense Yaeger’s existence.

At this moment, thousands of kilometers above the Endless Sea, on an island that was covered in fairy energy, and inside a certain palace filled with fairy energy, a girl who appeared to be only 11-12 years old was sitting on a throne. She had a dainty figure, wore light clothing, and had an exquisite face. She had her eyes tightly closed, and it was unknown whether she was sleeping or contemplating something deeply.


She suddenly opened her eyes. Something resembling white light seemed to shoot forth from her eyes as her body sent out an explosively powerful energy shockwave.


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All of Fairy Island shook as all creatures on the island became afraid. They then sensed that incredible power that seemed like heaven’s might. Every single living being trembled.

“Just now, I seemed to sense some energy of fate… was it my mistaken impression?”

On the throne, the girl shook her flawless small feet as her cherry lips glowed with a faint light and opened slightly to release her melodious tone.

She then closed her eyes as that frighteningly powerful energy shockwave suddenly disappeared. Fairy Island immediately returned to normal, as if nothing had ever happened.

However, the living beings here were still trembling.

Yaeger opened up a public channel and pulled the three kidnapped girls into the chatroom.

Princess: Nangong, Sachiel, where are you two right now?
Nangong: the Forest of Spirits. Princess, this female elf won’t stop hugging me. What do I do?
Sachiel: Frostwinter Empire. Princess, this pale woman is acting like a recording and keeps asking me what hammer I dropped. What do I do!?
Rakshasa: Princess, I want to go back to your side!

Frostwinter Empire, the Forest of Spirits, and Flame Dragon Empire. These three places were all on the southern continent.

‘Just as I expected. I wasn’t kidnapped because the distance is too much, so Fairy Island can’t sense me,’ Yaeger thought to herself.

Fairy Island was located high above the Endless Sea. It was more than 10,000 kilometers away from the southern continent. Even a long-distance teleportation array wouldn’t be able to teleport a person that far away.

‘It would be strange if the highest-level fairy existence could sense me.’

As for whether Yaeger felt that it was a pity she wasn’t kidnapped? Naturally, she felt that it was a pity, since that was the fairy base. She could get anything she wanted there.

Not to mention, she was also the Princess of Fate beloved by the heavens. She would probably have a very good time at the fairy base.

Yaeger focused back on the chatroom and sent a message.

Princess: Don’t panic. This is a good chance for all of you. Just relax and take anything that they offer you. Just take everything. You absolutely shouldn’t hold back. What comes next for you is probably your personal scenarios. Make sure to do everything in them. Come back to my side after all of you become stronger. Or, wait for me to become stronger and go find all of you.

The Frostwinter Empire was located in the farthest north of the southern continent. The Flame Dragon Empire was somewhat in the south and closer to the center. The Forest of Spirits was at the westernmost part of the continent. All three of them were too far away from the Jade Empire, so it wasn’t possible to go there unless Yaeger used the royalty’s district-crossing teleportation arrays. Thus, it would be impossible for her to retrieve the others for the time being.

In fact, if she forcefully took the others back, those three powerful existences would likely give her a beating of love. Besides, her party members shouldn’t miss such an excellent opportunity. Thus, Yaeger felt that it would be best to have the others grow on their own for a while.

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After Yaeger explained the situation to them…

Nangong: Wahh, I understand. Princess, I’ll return to your side as soon as I can!
Sachiel: Same for me!
Rakshasa: Work hard and keep fighting! I’ll return to your side as early as possible!
Princess: Yeah, everyone keep working hard.

Frostwinter Empire.

“Girl, which of these did you drop…?” The blood empress continued to repeat herself like a recording.

“I dropped both of them!” Sachiel exclaimed with a domineering attitude.

Princess had said that she could ask for everything.

The blood empress paused in surprise before revealing a sweet smile. “You’re quite honest. From today onwards, you belong to me.”

“Eh?” Sachiel tilted her head slightly. What did this mean?

“Yes, when calculating the time, there’s a fortuitous day in 180 days. Let’s get married at that time.” The blood empress smiled with beauty that was incomparable.

“What?” A marriage? The heck? Sachiel turned around and ran without even needing to think.

“Princess, Aunt, save me!”


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