Chapter 140 – I’m No Longer By Myself

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1861 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1286 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Ding, you have discovered Jade City.”

The system’s voice spoke up as the white lights disappeared.

What Yaeger first saw was an extremely large plaza that had light green bricks, a large fountain in the middle, and plants everywhere.

This was Jadeleaf Plaza of Jade City. Part of this section was designated for players to resurrect in, while most of this section was a place for people to have fun and relax.

“I’m feeling a bit nostalgic.” Yaeger felt as if she had returned to home upon coming back to Jade City. She had stayed here for quite a long while in the past, and met some really nice people such as Xina Chen.

“Ding! Welcome to one of the main human cities, Jade City. You are the first group of players who have arrived here, thus you are rewarded with 1000 gold coins.”

Yaeger didn’t know whether to laugh or cry upon hearing the system’s announcement. This reward was really so meager. Still, even something small was better than nothing.

Jade City was the capital city of the Jade Empire located in the south of the continent. Jade City was separated into the outer city district and inner city district. The regular population was 800,000, and its maximum capacity was 1,500,000.

The inner city district contained the nobles’ district, the central garden, and the royal palace, as well as teleportation arrays to other faraway places and an underground labyrinth.

The outer city district had four major districts.

The eastern district contained the Jadeleaf Plaza, the commoners’ district, Crystal Street, Trade Street, and teleportation arrays (short distance).

The southern district contained the adventurers’ guild, taverns, hotels, and training grounds.

The western district contained a magic school, Tower of Scholars, and Church of Light.

The northern district contained a military base, Tower of Heroes, trial grounds, and a large prison.

Outside Jade City to the east were docks leading to other cities as well as several villages. South of Jade City was the largest freshwater lake in the south, Splitting Mirror Lake. To the west was Magic Beast Valley and Miasma Swamp. To the north were the Ironhoof Tribe, Gray Forest, and Canyon of the Dead.

“I can grind here for at least a month.” Yaeger smiled slightly. Under normal progression, an ordinary player would need to stay in Jade City for at least three months before finishing everything here. However, she knew all the walkthroughs and could save a significant amount of time.

No, wait, she was no longer by herself. She now had a guild. Even though there were only five people in her guild, they were all elites. The time could be further reduced if they all trained together.

“I’m no longer by myself,” Yaeger gently muttered to herself before turning to look behind her. “Rakshasa…”

“Princess, it’s so beautiful here!” At this moment, Yunuen was completely enthralled by the beautiful plaza. She didn’t notice at all that Yaeger seemed to be petrified.

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“Nangong Lin, Sachiel Luo, Rakshasa, where are you guys?”

Yaeger recovered quite swiftly. She looked all around her but didn’t see any girls apart from Yunuen.

“Eh, where did they go?” Only then did Yunuen notice that Rakshasa and Nangong were missing.

“I don’t know. It’s such wide open space here, and it’s easy to see everything, so I don’t think that they should have gone somewhere else.” Yaeger furrowed her dainty eyebrows. They had only been in Jade City for a few seconds, so it was impossible for them to leave the plaza.

“Could it be an error with the teleportation…” Yaeger licked her lips as she muttered to herself.

She suddenly received a message.

Rakshasa: Princess, where are you?

Yaeger’s heart suddenly skipped a beat when she saw this message. She thought of a possibility as she hurriedly replied.

Princess: I’m in Jade City. Open your minimap immediately and see if you’re within the Jade Empire.

Normally, teleportation arrays worked two ways, from A to B or from B to A, arriving at a fixed location. It should have been impossible to go from A to C. However, there were certain special circumstances that would sometimes arise, such as someone’s interference or a special energy interfering with the teleportation array, thus causing a person to be teleported to location C.

Interference by someone intelligent was typically referred to as “kidnapping”, or a more discreet name would be “summoning”.

Rakshasa soon replied.

Rakshasa: Princess, I’m in the [Flame Dragon Empire]! A large red dragon suddenly appeared in front of me, what should I do!?

Yaeger’s eyes immediately started twitching slightly when she saw this message. It was quite obvious that Rakshasa had been kidnapped.

Currently, in the Flame Dragon Empire, at a secret location.

This place was filled with a sea of fire. All the ground in the area was covered in flames. Torrential heat overwhelmed this place.

Rakshasa was panicking as she looked at the red dragon which suddenly appeared before her. She didn’t know what to do.

“Young lady, I can see that your brilliance is beginning to shine like a Divine Equipment that’s just been unsealed. You’ll definitely soar through the heavens and become a sword saint in the future as long as you’re polished slightly. Are you willing to learn the dragons’ secret sword techniques that aren’t taught to outsiders from me?”

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Rakshasa: …

She didn’t want to, because she only wanted to play the game together with Princess!

In the Forest of Spirits.

Nangong looked blankly all around her. This was a primeval forest, but it was also different from ordinary primeval forests. This place had a holy and gentle aura to it.

Suddenly, a beautiful elf who had a wondrous figure and wore a light veil appeared in front of Nangong like a ghost. She was wearing a flower crown and had a gentle expression. When she smiled, it seemed as if spring had arrived, making others feel especially comfortable.

“Who are you? Where am I? Where’s Princess?” Nangong felt rather confused when she saw the elf, but she soon recovered and asked three questions in rapid succession.

“My dear daughter, this will be your home from now on. One day, you shall be crowned as the ruler of this land.”

However, the elf didn’t answer her question at all and instead hugged her.

“Save me! You’re invading my personal space!” Nangong couldn’t help but shout out loud. “Also, I’m not your daughter!”

‘Princess, hurry and save me!’

Frostwinter Empire, in the Valley of the Blood God.

Sachiel held her mage staff as her beautiful eyes kept blinking in surprise. In front of her was a giant blood pool. Although it seemed like a blood pool, it didn’t reek of blood at all. Instead, it felt like a powerful force emanated from within that made people’s hearts shudder.

“Where is this? Where are my aunt and Princess?” Sachiel was slightly nervous as she vigilantly glanced at the blood pool in front of her while muttering to herself.

She kept feeling like there was something inside the blood pool. Suddenly, the blood pool started bubbling, as if it was boiling. A whirlpool appeared in the center.

Right after that, a beautiful woman slowly arose from the whirlpool. She was wearing bright red ceremonial clothing and had pale skin. She opened her tightly closed beautiful eyes to reveal that they were bright red. She glanced at Sachiel and gently opened her blood-red lips while asking, “Girl, did you drop this golden magic hammer, or this silver magic hammer?”

With a stunned expression, Sachiel stared at the golden and silver hammers that the woman was holding. Sachiel couldn’t help how her mouth started twitching.


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