Chapter 139 – The Train to Jade City Has Left

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1912 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1229 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

“Anyways, just how did I return to my male body?”

Yaeger set aside what she couldn’t deal with and began to consider the issue of her transformation. Last night, she had tried several methods to dispel her transformation.

First, she logged on and logged out again, which failed. Second, she tried to contact the system, but was ignored, so it failed. Third, she tried to draw a prize from the [Chaos Roulette], which was a failure among failures.

“Could it be due to my lifespan being drained?” Yaeger immediately shook all over when she thought about how she had lost seven days of lifespan. If she could only return to her male body by paying with lifespan, then that was far too much of a price.

Not to mention, that stupid roulette kept multiplying in price every time that she used it. For now, she assumed that it was by seven times, but who knew if it would increase further in price? That was a huge pitfall that she absolutely couldn’t jump down into!

“Right, I used up all of my energy before I logged off for the last time. I then felt sleepy after returning to the real world…”

A light of understanding flashed in Yaeger’s eyes. She felt that this method was rather reliable. However, she couldn’t eliminate the possibility that it was due to her lifespan being drained.

“I hope that my guess is correct.”

Yaeger gently sighed. Although she didn’t want to admit it, [Dream Transformation] was the best thing she could possibly rely on in real life. If she was forced into a situation where it was required, she would still use this skill if she had to.

Meanwhile, Sachiel and Nangong were “happily” enjoying their breakfast. They were able to speak a lot more freely without Yaeger present.

“You stupid girl, I’ll lock you up in a small dark room if you dare to secretly slip out again!” Nangong was pulling on Sachiel’s ear. “Do you hear me!?”

“Ow ow ow, Aunt, I won’t dare to do it again!” Sachiel’s vision was becoming unclear with tears. ‘She’s back, my normal aunt is back!’

She wasn’t exclaiming. It was simply that her ear was in a great deal of pain.

“Your bodyguards will be doubled from now on whenever you go outside.” Nangong had a severe expression as she enunciated each word clearly with pauses in between.

If it wasn’t for Princess arriving coincidentally and saving Sachiel, this stupid girl would have been r̲a̲pe̲d̲ already by some pigs. Several pigs, at that!

“Wah… I won’t have any freedom anymore then.” Sachiel resisted slightly, but the result was: “Ouch ouch ouch ouch!”

She was immediately awarded a knock to the head.

“I gave you too much freedom previously!” Nangong took back her hand. “From now on, you must report to me before you want to go anywhere.”

“Wah, I have no freedom, I’ve lost my freedom, I’m so heartbroken, my tears are flowing…” Sachiel rubbed her head where she was hit as she hummed a sad old song in a low voice.

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“Do you hear me?”

“I hear you.” Sachiel pouted in obvious dissatisfaction. However, she still felt somewhat afraid when she recalled what almost happened last night.

She was still a flower in a greenhouse, after all. She was far too weak without others’ protection.

“If only I could bring the power I have in the game to real life. That would be great,” Sachiel muttered to herself in a low voice while licking her lips.

Nangong finally became gentler upon seeing her niece becoming obedient. She picked up a small and elegant meatball and placed it by Sachiel’s mouth. “Here, ahh.”

“Ahh.” Sachiel obediently opened her mouth and let Nangong feed her.

Sachiel narrowed her eyes slightly as she felt the smooth and pleasant sensation of the meatball. She then suddenly thought about that handsome guy.

‘I wonder what that guy is doing right now?’

That handsome guy – Yaeger, was in the game already.

“The blackhearted Princess is online yet again!” Pitiful howls instantly arose in Broken Leaf City.

White lights kept flashing in the city as a large number of players logged off simultaneously.

“Am I that scary?” Yaeger tilted her head slightly. ‘I’m clearly so beautiful, and I have such a kind heart.’

With fewer players around, this city suddenly became much quieter. Many NPCs also hurriedly escaped upon seeing Yaeger appear, so all the streets were empty.

Yaeger had already gotten accustomed to this. She walked by herself outside the city to the place where she killed the Wind Wolf King. She killed all the Wind Wolves along the way, making this place completely empty.

“This feels so nice.” Yaeger put away her bow and stretched. “As expected, one must vent when they’re in a bad mood.”

A white light suddenly flashed in front.

“Princess!” This person had a cute appearance and the name [Mahou Shoujo Yunuen] on top of her head. This was Yunuen Lin.

“Oh, you’re so early.” It was currently 8:30 a.m., so there were still thirty minutes until the time they said they would meet.

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“Yeah! Princess is also so early!” Yunuen hopped over with an expression of delight. As she expected, the early bird got the worm! Old adages really were right after all!

“Did anyone try to find you yesterday?” Yaeger inquired.

Yunuen shook her head. “Last night after I logged off, I convinced my parents to move. Since I was worried that someone would come to my home, we moved overnight and took a train to Roc City. Right, Princess, are you still in Roc City right now?”

“For the time being.” Just about everyone knew by now that Yaeger had appeared in Roc City, so she didn’t have anything to hide about this.

“Wow, then can we meet in real life in the future!? I’m so happy!” Yunuen was really excited as she clenched her small fists.

“There will be a chance.”

Just as Yaeger said this, another white light flashed nearby.

Rakshasa: Princess!

“You’re quite early as well, Rakshasa.”

Rakshasa: I wanted to see you earlier. Right, Princess, how come you left so fast last night? It’s rare for me to leave the inner city~

Rakshasa pouted and lightly smacked Yaeger on the shoulder with her fist. Yunuen was quite envious as she watched.

“I’ll come find you to have fun the next time I have a chance.” Yaeger smiled rather awkwardly. That chance might not come for a really long time.

Right after this, another person suddenly appeared. It was Nangong Lin.

The four of them chatted for a while before going to the teleportation array. It was now nine o’clock.

“Let’s go.” Yaeger waved her hand, causing the other three to immediately follow her into the teleportation array.

Meanwhile, in Newbie Village 92.

Sachiel received a message from Nangong Lin and also entered a teleportation array so that she left at the same time.

A faint white light started spreading above the teleportation array as the power of space began to distort the area and connect to the teleportation array’s destination.

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The next instant, white lights flashed as everyone disappeared.

When the NPCs of Newbie Village 101 saw that Yaeger disappeared in the teleportation array, the entire city suddenly started celebrating, as if it was a festival.


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