Chapter 138 – Yes, I’ve Truly Transformed

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1734 characters
Translator: imperfectluck English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1199 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Yaeger’s expression was pale as she touched her Adam’s apple which was obviously much smaller than before. Her eyelashes trembled slightly as she felt shock run through her heart.

“There’s still 29 more days until it’s a full month, so why did my body transform…” Yaeger couldn’t help but start trembling when she heard her rather pleasing voice.

At this moment, she already knew the answer. That so-called transformation rate would directly affect her male self!

The higher the transformation rate, the more like a woman she would become, until she became a real girl!

“This is so terrible… wait!” Yaeger howled, but then suddenly thought of something. She hurriedly opened up her pajamas and saw that something down there was still present, so she heaved a big sigh of relief.

“I absolutely won’t transform unless the situation forces me to!” She glanced at her male self who was still incredibly handsome and declared this in an adamant tone.

Yaeger then discovered that her skin had become whiter and smoother, similar to how a girl’s soft skin would be.

“Fortunately, I’m so handsome that I’m one in ten thousand. Otherwise, I’d really look like a girly guy.” Yaeger heaved another sigh of relief that she hadn’t completely become a girl.

Actually, her current aura seemed quite mystical, as if her entire body was enveloped by a mysterious energy that made her seem ethereal.

Knock knock knock!

Someone knocked on the door at this time. Yaeger heard Sachiel’s voice right after that.

“Princess, are you awake?”

“Yes…” Yaeger replied, but then immediately covered her mouth. She suddenly recalled that she was now back in her male body.

Naturally, she couldn’t appear like this in front of Sachiel and Nangong. Otherwise, she would expose Princess’ identity! Not to mention, she had no way of explaining why she was here in this room in her male body. What should she do? What should she do?

Yaeger felt as if she was being slowly boiled alive. She was really anxious, yet she couldn’t come up with any ideas.

Even worse was that she had previously thrown away her original male clothing in a small forest. Now, she no longer even had male clothing to change into. Secretly slipping away would be a problem.

Yaeger’s eyes immediately began to twitch when she saw the dress and panties by the bedside. ‘Am I supposed to go out in female clothing?’

Yaeger forcefully shook her head and shivered. She then glanced at her pajama, which was more like a robe to sleep in. Her robe was really thin, and her figure could be seen even through the cloth.

It was evident that she wouldn’t be able to slip away secretly.

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“Could it be that I have to transform again…?” Yaeger hurriedly rejected this option when she thought about the changes in her body. She couldn’t use this skill again!

“Princess?” Sachiel felt like she heard something, but she couldn’t hear it clearly. She thought that Yaeger had just woken up.

Sachiel had only slept for two hours last night, as she used all the remaining time to grind in the game. She had just reached level 10 three minutes ago, which was why she hurriedly came over to inform Princess and also invite the latter to eat breakfast together.

Yaeger had a big headache right now. If she responded right now, she would expose herself, but it also seemed bad to not answer. Even if Sachiel left, Nangong would likely come over as well.

If Yaeger didn’t reply to anyone, the others would definitely think that something had happened to her, and then they would break the door down and enter. That would be really hilarious for her then!

“Sachiel, why are you up so early?” Nangong suddenly arrived at this time.

“Aunt, I’m level 10!” Sachiel turned to look at her aunt and smiled.

“Congratulations.” So she was here to tell Princess her level. Nangong heaved a slight sigh of relief. If her Sachiel fell in love with Princess, should she agree, or should she agree? That was a problem.

“Is Princess awake?” Nangong inquired. She had also come here in order to invite Princess to breakfast.

“I think so. She’s probably washing up or brushing her teeth.” Sachiel smiled.

Yaeger eavesdropped on their conversation from behind the door. She felt even more of a headache from hearing this. ‘Can’t you two sleep a bit longer!?’

Yaeger turned around and looked around the room for a way to resolve her dangerous situation.

Her first target was the window. However, she then remembered that this was the hotel’s top level, so she immediately rejected the idea of climbing down. She wasn’t Princess right now, so she would die if she fell down.

‘No, wait, if I’m Princess right now, I wouldn’t even need to run away!’

Yaeger depressedly glanced at the bedside. Her eyes then flashed as she swiftly walked over.

A small notebook and a pen were atop the bedside stand.

“Princess, would you like to eat breakfast together with us?” Nangong suddenly spoke up after waiting for three minutes outside the door.

However, there was no response from inside.

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“Could it be that she’s still sleeping?” Sachiel couldn’t help but wonder if she had heard wrong earlier.

“Let’s wait in the suite’s living room,” Nangong recommended. If Princess was still sleeping, she didn’t want to bother her.

At this moment, there was the sound of two knocks from the door. The two girls who were about to leave immediately turned around and glanced at the door. They saw a piece of white paper stick itself out from under the door.

Nangong walked over and picked up the piece of paper. Sachiel also went over to take a look.

Some words were written on the piece of paper.

Princess: “My throat doesn’t feel well today, so I’m unable to speak or eat. Feel free to eat breakfast without me. Also, I won’t be going outside today. Don’t call any doctors for me. You should log in to the game on time at nine o’clock. Don’t be late.”

The two girls exchanged awkward glances. They then became really worried. They felt that Princess must be feeling really unwell if she was at the point where she couldn’t even talk or eat.

But, why did Princess especially say to not call any doctors over?

“Princess, you really don’t want to see a doctor?” Nangong couldn’t help but ask since she was really worried.

Another piece of paper emerged after a few seconds.

Princess: “My recovery abilities are really strong. It’s fine, so don’t worry.”

“Princess is so amazing, so I think she should be fine.” Sachiel nodded slightly as she thought about how Yaeger had sent the hoodlums flying with just a few hits.

Nangong was still rather worried, but since Princess was saying so, she couldn’t really say anything else. Thus, she went downstairs to eat breakfast together with Sachiel.

Inside the room.

Yaeger leaned against the bed and glanced at the ceiling while muttering to herself, “I made it past this for the time being, but what will I do about the next time?”


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