Chapter 10 – Wishing to Marry Little NPC Sisters and Consummate

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1601 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1225 words
Editor(s): Silva

“So my basic attributes have really increased by 10 fold…” Yaeger muttered to herself as she looked at her stat window.

The Ranger job had the most equal spread of basic attributes. At level 1, all of them would be at 5. However, with the 10x multiplication, all of them were now at 50!
“Jackpot!” Yaeger roared out emotionally as she clenched her fists. Those stat values were permanent and would grant her a massive lead over anyone at the same level as her.

Removing the effect of equipment and Innate Skills, Yaeger was absolutely able to become invincible among the same leveled players. In fact, he would be able to fight enemies above her level.

“No, I’m going to get a heart attack!” There were even more matters today that had triggered Yeager’s excitement, to the point of causing her heart to throb in pain. Patting her chest, she noticed that there was something wrong with the feedback she was getting from her hand.
The feedback felt just like a bucket of ice water splashing down her head, instantly calming Yeager’s excitement down.

“All of this in exchange for my male gender. What’s there to be excited and happy about.”

Giving a light sigh, Yaeger dully closed her status window.
Regardless of the innumerable benefits gained from the gender change, Yaeger felt that none of them could match up with his big sword down there.
That was because the limitations of intimate contact would be removed at the late stages of the game!

It could also be said that he could date and marry those NPC ladies and have offspring.
Naturally, those were matters that could be done when one’s relationship reaches those levels.
However, those matters were already out of Yeager’s reach.

“I hate gender change!”

In his previous life, there were many young NPC sisters from various factions that had feelings of infatuation for him. However, he did not have the chance to take any action against them.

The main reason was that it was too hard to gain a positive reputation in the game. Furthermore, there were also various kinds of hidden requirements that needed to be met. This resulted in an extraordinary difficulty to raise one’s reputation to an intimate level.

Having come back from the future, Yaeger had originally placed hope on using the advantage of his future knowledge to steal the hearts of some young NPC sisters. However, this dream of his had already been shattered.

“I give up. A grown man doesn’t worry about not having wives.” Yaeger was able to treat the loss of his member with an open heart. In any case, it doesn’t affect her real body. As long as she was able to reach the peak in the game and gain sufficient strength, who could stop her from being together with Sachiel Luo?

Ah, why does it feel like Sachiel Luo had become a spare tire…

After finishing the adjustment of her physical parameters, Yaeger looked towards the last customization step in the game.

【Pain level】

The pain level of the game could be adjusted on a scale ranging from 10% to 100%. The nearer the value towards 100%, the closer the pain level was to the real world.
Without any hesitation, Yaeger immediately slid the counter to 100%. This wasn’t because of her having masochistic tendencies, but due to the maximum usage of it for benefits in-game.

Firstly, one would obtain 10% more experience gain when using the maximum pain settings.
Secondly, the game was extremely focused on personal skill and technique. Only by completely integrating one’s senses into the game would one be able to unleash one’s true strength.
Thirdly, the maximum pain settings would allow people’s real bodies and their game avatars to fuse seamlessly during the late phase of the game, allowing the inheritance of strength in one’s original body.

Having completed the final customization step, Yaeger instantly transformed into a flash of white light and disappeared.
When she reappeared, the scenery around her had changed.
Right in front was a neat and tidy street that was lined with 2-3 story buildings. The roads were filled with people walking around, creating an extremely lively atmosphere.
She was standing on a plaza. This was the place where players would respawn in. At this moment, the place was deserted, with not a single person other than her present.

“Ding! You’ve discovered Broken Leaf City.” the system voice suddenly rang out.

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This was the game’s newcomer village-Broken Leaf City. Although it was called a city, it was around the size of a small town, with less than 2000 inhabitants present.
It was no bigger than a village in Cathay.
The Broken Leaf City was surrounded by stone walls that were guarded round the clock by soldiers, making it a relatively safe place.

As she walked quickly along the streets, she would hear cries of astonishment ring out from time to time. This left her slightly depressed, as these people were gasping in shock towards her beauty!
Compared to people praising her about her beauty, Yaeger would rather have people praising about her suaveness.
It was a pity that this had become an impossibility.

There were 2 paths a player could take in the newcomer village, the mercenary path and the adventurer path.
The mercenary path required one to take quests from the city garrison, while the adventurer path required one to become an adventurer to be able to take up quests.
Truthfully speaking, there wasn’t much of a difference between these 2 paths. The only difference was the way people would address one upon selecting either path.

If one chose to walk on the mercenary path, one would be called a soldier by NPCs, and adventurer for the adventurer path.
However, there wasn’t much of any difference between these 2 paths once one left the newcomer village.

Yaeger chose to walk on the adventurer path. The reason behind his choice was extremely simple. This path allowed him to come into contact with many different hidden plotlines, which would lead to endless benefits for her.
Furthermore, the degree of freedom granted was extremely high. There weren’t any negative consequences if one doesn’t follow the story plots.

Arriving at the adventurer Guild, Yaeger quickly finished up the registration and became an official adventurer.
A starting adventurer would obtain an identity plate that was black in color. This black color was a corresponding indication of the Black Iron rank.

There were a total of 8 Adventurer Ranks: Black Iron, Bronze, Platinum, Jade, Black Crystal, Diamond, Legend, Myth.
Adventurers could only take quests up till their highest rankings.
Opening her Quest List, Yaeger could see a bunch of Black Iron Rank quests she could take.
Hidden beneath some quests were special quests that could trigger unique storyline plots.

In an instant, Yaeger immediately picked a quest.
However, just as she was prepared to accept that quest, a cold and clear voice suddenly rang out: “Ding! You’ve leveled up.”
“Huh?” Yaeger was dumbfounded by those words and even believed that she was hallucinating due to her outstanding hearing.

Nevertheless, despite being filled with suspicion, she opened up her status window to discover that she had actually risen in level!
She’s now at level 2.
“Automatic leveling’s possible in the game?” Yaeger could not help but exclaim in shock.


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