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Chapter 8 – My Title’s the Princess of Fate

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1591 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1141 words
Editor(s): Silva

Knowing that she was incapable of defeating the system, Yaeger could only rub her nose and accept that name with much unwillingness.

Princess. So be it. In any case, it sounds pretty eye-catching.

Setting her age at 18 years, she proceeded to choose her class. Ordinary players could only choose to play as commoners, while people who used real money could choose to be aristocrats, as well as some rarer classes.

The more money spent, the greater the choices.
Different classes grant different kinds of potential, something that was essential to the growth of one’s character.
The first difference was in the experience needed to raise levels. Aristocrats required lesser experience to level up. Other differences include the greater ease to incite goodwill in NPCs, as well the gain in reputation.

In the previous life, Yaeger had chosen to be a commoner. There was no other option, as he was poor.
Naturally, he was also dirt poor now.
However, his female avatar was someone with a title.

“Although I don’t like this title, how can I forsake such advantages,” Yaeger accepted his Princess title without any hesitation.
“Ding! Your potential stat has risen by 10 thousand. Basic resistance increased by 10 times.”
“Hiss!” Yaeger immediately sucked in a breath of cold air upon hearing the system’s words. This Princess of Destiny title was truly awesome! There were so many advantages!

It seems that being a woman…ah pui pui pui! As if I want to be a woman! Yaeger shook her head furiously in denial.
A faint smile proceeded to appear on her face. The game has yet to start, but she had already ran ahead of everyone else. This was utterly too awesome!
After all, that was 10 times the basic resistance values, as well as 10 thousand potential stats! It would be extremely hard for other players to catch up to her even if they tried to grind it out!

Next up would be the selection of the bloodline. Ordinary players could only choose low level human bloodlines, while rich players…
Yeah. Rich players have everything in their hands.
This game seemed to be too unfavourable towards ordinary players.

Naturally, one had the possibility of obtaining various kinds of bloodlines in the game. One could also evolve or fuse their bloodline after paying a certain amount of credits, allowing them to become stronger in the process.
One’s bloodlines would determine the upper and lower limit of a player’s strength.
It was extremely difficult for a low grade bloodline to defy the heavens. Only with the aid of a divine grade bloodline would one be able to reach the peak in this world.

Yaeger didn’t have time to slowly change her bloodline! Furthermore, she had a lucky draw ticket!
Opening her status window, she tapped on the Great Destiny Roulette’s lucky draw ticket.
A white light flashed out, before a gigantic roulette appeared in the air before her.
Without any hesitation at all, Yaeger tapped on the spin button.

From her calculations, there wasn’t even a 10% chance for her to obtain a bloodline upgrade from this roulette spin.
However, with a godlike luck stat, her chance was frighteningly high despite it not reaching a 100% chance.
The large roulette gradually slowed down after spinning for a while, before the needle rested on an item.

【Celestial Race bloodline】.
Grade: Peak

“……” Yaeger was dumbfounded. Despite having prepared her mind, she was unable to stop her heart from pounding crazily upon seeing the bloodline prize she had obtained.
The Celestial Race was a race that had appeared near the peak of the Saint Demon World’s popularity. According to the rumors, they were a powerful race that had shattered the void to appear here. Furthermore, they arrived here alongside an immortal island.
It was said that the island was a part of their Celestial World, with divine aura lingering all year round.

The Great Destiny Roulette disappeared in a flash of white light, before a blood-red crystal slowly descended and landed right before Yaeger.
The crystal was the size of a ping pong ball, with streams of light circulating within, giving it an exceedingly mysterious vibe.
Swallowing her saliva, Yaeger stared incredulously at the blood-red crystal before her.

“What heaven-defying luck.” Yaeger slowly extended her hand out to grab the cool crystal. Despite the cold expression on her face, her heart was at the brink of exploding.
With close to 3 years of game experience, how could she not know exactly what kind of disgustingly freakish race the Celestial Race was!

Ever seen a sword-wielding Celestials dish out enormous duke damage?
Not only had Yaeger seen it, but she had also been destroyed by them!
They didn’t target her at all. Instead, she had been killed by the shockwaves from the collisions between the 2 massive forces.


Unable to control the emotions in her heart, Yaeger proceeded to use the crystal.
In the next instant, the blood-red crystal transformed into a blood-like liquid, before rapidly seeping into her body.
It took a short while before completely disappearing from sight.

Yaeger felt her entire body turn scorching hot. Rumbling explosive noises rang out, as every single cell of her body appeared to be absorbing some kind of energy.
After a short while, some impurities transformed into black dots before fluttering out from her body.
The entire process lasted for over a minute before coming to an end.
Clenching her fist, Yaeger felt that she could destroy a bull with a single punch! Not only a bull, but a rhinoceros!

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“Ding! You’ve gained the affection of the natural law, obtained the title Princess of Fate.”
“Ding! You’ve obtained the Divine Physique and Spiritual Aura Affinity, absorption rate raised to the maximum value.”
“Ding! You’ve obtained the innate skill 【Devourer】.”
“Ding! You’ve obtained the innate skill 【Final Strike】.”
“Ding! Your charm stat + 1000.”

Yaeger’s scalp turned numb after hearing the system announcements, while an expression akin to a monarch lording over the world appeared on her face.
That was because she had a divine physique!
Although she did not know exactly how much of a help this divine physique would grant her, Yaeger knew that anything with a divine or demonic title before their name was extremely disgustingly powerful!

Yaeger was brimming with so much happiness her eyes had turned into crescent moons.

It seems that it’s quite good to become a woman!
“That’s not it!” A shiver went down her spine, making Yaeger feel as though there was some kind of mysterious power that was constantly affecting her will.
However, Yaeger did not notice that her style of speech was increasingly like that of a girl.

“It still comes back to this. Why is there also a princess title in these things?”
Yaeger’s eyelids twitched upon seeing the “Princess of Fate” title. I’m a male!


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