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Chapter 7 – My Title’s the Princess of Destiny

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1710 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1224 words
Editor(s): Silva

“My precious sword! Give me back my precious sword…” after a while, Yaeger raised his head and begged towards the sky, as though there was someone up there looking down at him.

However, just as before, there was no change to the endless stretch of whiteness before him.
The system gave no ⓢⓗⓘⓣ to him.
Yaeger felt his heart give way. According to his understanding of big sis System, there was no longer any way for him to regain his original body.

After knowing that reality couldn’t be changed, Yaeger finally started to calm down: “Fortunately, this has happened in the game, and will not affect the real me.”

So what if I’m a female in here. It’s just a female game avatar.

Heaving a sigh of relief, Yaeger felt much better than before.
Looking down, he immediately noticed two mountainous lumps present, as well as pairs of white and slender limbs that seemed so fragile they would break in a single flick.

Seeing the changes to his body, a voice suddenly started to dance around just like an electric eel in his head: “Hey! Hey! Take a look! Those two buns are so big and round! Look over there! Those arms and legs are so white and slender! Aaaaaaah!

“Ha…” Yaeger gave a light sigh. Since his bodily transformation had already become a reality, he decided to not give anymore care about it.
He had no choice but to accept this fact.
Opening his inventory window, Yaeger used the 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】.
A beam of light descended from the sky. As it enveloped her, countless flows of mysterious energies surged into her body.

Visible slivers of black air rapidly fluttered out from Yaeger’s body. As this continued, he felt his body become exceedingly clean and pure. Without a doubt, the abnormal effects from the Feather of Calamity had been completely dispelled.
Opening the status window, his luck stat had indeed been changed, from -999 to 666.

“Oh my 666!” Yaeger didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry upon seeing this changed stat value. All of a sudden, his expression changed, “Oh my god! 666 Luck stats! Am I going blind!?”

In the previous life, Yaeger had once managed to take a look at a reigning powerhouse’s stat window. However, the latter’s luck stat value was only at 100.
Yet, her own luck stat value was at 666! What a heaven-defying value!
She was utterly incapable of believing her changed luck stat value.

At this moment—
 “Ding! You’ve obtained the love of the World’s Will. Princess of Destiny title obtained.”
 “Ding! You’ve obtained one lucky draw chance.”
 “Ding! You’ve obtained one set of newcomer gifts.”
The system voice rang out in succession.

“Am I really not dreaming…” Yaeger’s face brimmed with so much emotion that she was on the brink of flailing her arms into the air, “How is this bad luck at all? This is just like turning into a god!?”

She had also obtained a lucky draw ticket without even doing anything. Furthermore, she also gained a special edition of the newcomer gifts.
Most importantly, she had actually obtained the love of the world’s intent!

“Doesn’t that mean that I’ve become the Heaven’s Chosen One?”

A shiver shook through Yaeger’s entire body as her mind went completely blank, so blank that she was on the brink of fainting over.
It was an extremely unlucky thing for her to transform into a woman without any warning at all. However, never did she expect for fortune to strike her with such abruptness and ferocity.
It seemed that there weren’t any cons over transforming into a woman…

As such, a thought flowed through her mind, a cold shiver was immediately sent down Yaeger’s spine: “ Pui pui pui! What the hell about the cons of becoming a woman! Even if you have changed my body, you can’t change my heart!”
As those words left her mouth, Yaeger’s expression became filled with resolution.

“It’s time to customize my character,” having already wasted quite a bit of time, Yaeger opened the system status window and started to customize her character.

The system of the《Saint Demon World》had an exceedingly detailed modelling function that was able to create a copy of one’s real self, as well as make subtle changes to one’s liking.
However, the customized character can’t be too different from one’s soul.
Height, physique, and age could be changed within defined parameters.

Around halfway in ascension to its peak, this game had become a favourite for many middle and old-aged people, as they were able to adjust their game characters to the springtime of their youth. In this game, they were able to enjoy the 2nd coming of youth. Furthermore, they were also able to gain access to the same mental speed and energy as youths, something that was truly too enticing for them.

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Despite them being just something that one could only experience in the game, this was a new lease of life for old people that were at the edge of death.
The secret selling point of the game was the chance to experience a 2nd life.
Everyone could enjoy the feeling of rebirth in this place.

Appearing right before Yager was a beautiful young woman, lovely as a flower, with a look that was capable of causing a downfall of a country in ancient times. This was her current appearance, a lady of incomparable beauty.
Yaeger was somewhat gobsmacked at her appearance.

“As a male, I was handsome enough to dazzle. Never did I expect that I’ll become as beautiful as a fairy!”

If I’m this beautiful, what was there to adjust?

Yaeger fixed her gaze at the 3D model of her avatar, taking quite a few minutes before finishing her customization.
She proceeded to enter her desired character name.
Yaeger thought for a second for an eye-catching name to use. However, she discovered that there was already a name assigned to her.

That’s right. It was Princess.

“What is this?” asked Yaeger with a slight frown. She never knew that the game had ever provided a username before. Could this be a prank from the system?

Change change change!

Yaeger did not wish for the Princess title to hang over her head, as it was truly eye-catching.
Regardless of whether she was a pretty good fit for the Princess Title, a princess was a beautiful and untouchable existence within most people’s mental conceptions.
As for her, all of this didn’t matter. It was alright as long as she was beautiful!
Yaeger tried changing the name. However, the only thing she got was the four words “unable to be changed”.

“What’s the matter!?”
“That’s because you’re the princess.” the system’s voice suddenly rang out
“Are you saying that this name cannot be changed?”
“That’s because you’re the princess.”
“That’s because you’re the princess.”

“You’re just repeating!” Yaeger felt himself being played.
“That’s because you’re the princess.”
“…okay, it should be enough if I don’t change my name, right?”

The system voice stopped ringing out.
Indeed, it’s your doing!
Yaeger was 100% convinced that it was big sister System that had given him that title!
There was no one else with such authority.

Do you have a grudge against me or something?!
Yaeger roared in his heart.


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