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Chapter 6 – A Genuinely Beautiful Transformation

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1749 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1170 words
Editor(s): Silva

The black roulette thing was basically more than a grade higher than the Great Destiny Roulette he had spun earlier!
Could this be the real Great Destiny Roulette?
Shock filled Yaeger’s heart, while faint trembles shook his tightly clenched fists.
Other than those two things, there were many other names that he had never seen before that were present on the black roulette.

However, just a single look and he could tell that all of them were outstanding prizes.
Following that, Yaeger saw the thing that almost made him lose control— 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】.
Without a doubt, this was the thing that he wished to obtain the most!
With the goddess’s blessing, he would be able to completely dispel the Power of Calamity present in his body.
Extremely satisfied with his expressions, Litzy’s eyes turned into two crescent moons as she gave a wide smile.

With much difficulty, Yaeger calmed himself down. Extending his hands slowly out, he pressed on the spin button present before him.
The large black roulette started to spin. Gradually getting faster, Yaeger soon found himself unable to clearly spot the prizes.
After spinning for 30 seconds, it slowly started to decelerate.
As the roulette slowed down, Yaeger’s heart pounded, gripped with nervousness as the needle floated over every incomparably precious item.

I have to get it! I have to get it!
He had only one target, 【Blessings from the Goddess of Fate】.
Finally, the roulette came to a stop, with the needle resting on the name.

“Jackpot!” At the instant he saw its name, Yaeger leaped into the air in an utterly berserk manner.

The needle of the large black roulette was pointed precisely at the 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】!1 Never did he expect to hit the jackpot!
In his excitement, Yaeger failed to notice that a subtle power from within his body silently dissipated away.
This was his lifeforce, a day’s worth of lifeforce that came from Yaeger’s lifespan.

Unlike the Great Destiny Roulette, the larger black roulette did not disappear after stopping. It remained suspended in the air, as though it was waiting for something.

“Ding! You’ve won the 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】.

After hearing the announcement, Yaeger was wild with joy to the point that he almost started to dance.

“Since you’ve already obtained the thing you want, I’ve no reason to remain here.”
“I’m truly thankful, Litzy! I’ll definitely repay you for this chance!” Yaeger didn’t know what kind of powerful existence or saint she was. Nevertheless, that was not of importance, as he knew that the latter didn’t have any bad intentions towards him.
“Okay, I’ll remember it.” waving her hand, Litzy tore the surrounding space apart, before floating right into it.

Strangely, that large black roulette did not leave alongside her.2

“Use 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】!” Yaeger did not pay any attention to it, as his entire mind was focused on removing his abnormal status effect.

Just as his voice rang out, he felt a mysterious power enveloping his entire body, as though he had been submerged into a sea of light.

“Ding! Unable to use the 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】.”

All of a sudden, big sister System’s voice rang out, before the glowing spots surrounding Yaeger’s body instantly disappeared away.

“What’s the matter?” Yaeger asked out in anxiety.
“Logical error.”
“The 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】 is only effective for females. You’re a male. Therefore, it is impossible for you to use it.”
“Are you joking!?”

Yaeger clenched his fists tightly and let loose an involuntary curse. What the heck does that mean! Ain’t gods supposed to be impartial?

“Searching for solutions…please wait.”

There was not a single change present in the clear and indifferent voice of the game system.
Exhaling deeply, Yaeger attempted to calm himself down.

“Ding! Solution found.”
“Really?” a sliver of redness surfaced on Yaeger’s pale white face, while a glimmer of hope flashed across his eyes.
“Since the 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】 is only effective towards females, transforming you into a female will solve the problem.”

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The cold voice of the system rang out, with not a single change in its tone, as though it was faced with an exceedingly ordinary matter.
However, the words struck Yaeger like a clap of thunder in spring.

“Wait a minute, big sis System! Did I hear that correctly, or did you just say something strange?”
Yaeger felt a chill travel through his enter body as an exceedingly bad feeling surfaced in his heart.

“Authority override 5%, accessing Power of the World 0.005%, initiating reconstruction of the target’s soul, immediate execution.”
“Stop! I don’t want it! You can’t treat me like this!”

Yaeger was filled with utter shock. Being a person who had came back from the future, he was extremely clear that it was impossible to change one’s sex in the game, as the game terminal would read one’s soul upon entry. Regardless of whether one was a transgender or a hermaphrodite, one’s soul would show up in the sex one was assigned to at birth. There was no such thing as transgenders and hermaphrodites in the game, just males and females.

If his soul was to be reconstructed into a female, wouldn’t that mean that Yaeger would become a true and genuine female?
How could he accept that!
However, it was a pity that Yaeger was utterly incapable of obstructing this reconstruction
A beam of white light descended from the sky, completely enveloping him, before an endless stream of mysterious power gushed into his body.

Yaeger started to feel changes occurring to his body. Inch by inch, a part of his body started to disappear, while another part of his body started to swell.
These changes sent him into absolute terror, yet he was utterly incapable of doing anything to change it.
The transformations lasted for an entirety of 3 minutes, though it felt like a lifetime for Yaeger.

As the white light disappeared, an outrageously beautiful young lady appeared into view. Rich locks of black hair hung from her head. Standing at 1.75 meters tall, she had an extraordinary figure, with skin as fair as jade, as well as a pair of jet black eyes that sparkled with a soul-stirring glint.

All of a sudden, the young lady collapsed onto the ground in disappointment, while a helpless expression appeared on her face.
“It’s gone. It’s really gone,” tears gradually filled her eyes, while a massive void seemed to appear in her heart.

“Ding! Congratulations on becoming the 1st player to change gender in the Holy Saint World. Reward: 1000 charm stat points.”
“Ding! Pre-requisites for the 【Blessing of the Goddess of Fate】 have been met.”
“Ding! You have obtained 【Gorgeous Transformation】.”

“Transformation my ⓐⓢⓢ!”
Yaeger roared out as tears streamed down his face. Now, he can no longer be considered as complete male…that’s wrong. At this moment, he had completely transformed into a woman.


  1. Silva: Wao, for real? Didn’t he have negative luck?
  2. Silva: It’s a trap! A trap to make him roll more so she can absorb more of his lifespan!

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