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Chapter 5 – A Wild Loli Appears

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1484 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1015 words
Editor(s): Silva

The beta test pass gave Yaeger an opportunity to become a player with a headstart over the absolute majority of other players. However, all of these beautiful dreams had turned into smoke with the disastrous prize from the Great Destiny Roulette.

What despair Yaeger even more was the penalty imposed on deleting one’s 《Saint Demon World》 character: Prohibited from playing the game for an entire month!

Furthermore, deleting this account would result in him losing a portion of his benefits, with the worse being a complete loss of all benefits.

Yaeger was absolutely unable to accept this outcome.
However, he can’t possibly play this game with a -999 luck stat, right?

Yaeger pulled at his hair as his eyes turned bloodshot with rage. Turmoil gripped his heart, though he didn’t know what he should do.

Just as Yaeger was at his wit’s end, a pair of scarlet-red eyes suddenly snapped open from within the pitch-black space.

“Found you.”

In the next instant, a tender child-like voice rang out from the pitch-black space.

“Ding! A powerful existence is staring at you.”
“Ding! A powerful existence is rapidly closing in on you.”
“Ding! A powerful existence is descending down on you.”`

Three notices rang out in Yaeger’s head. However, before he could understand what had happened, intense ripples appeared in the space before him, just like the ones that would appear when a rock was thrown into a lake.


Space fractured apart, before a pale white finger extended out from within. Grabbing hold of the shattered space, it gave a tug, causing a door to appear right before Yaeger’s eyes.

“Are you the one that had awakened me, human?” a petite little girl walked out from the large spatial door. Standing in the air, she looked down towards Yaeger before speaking out with a faint smile.

“Huh?” Yaeger had yet to recover from his shock when he heard her words. Stunned, a blank look appeared on his face as he did not know how to respond to her.

Standing not far from him was a girl of approximately 11 to 12 years of age. With a head full of scarlet-red hair that was tied into twintails, a pair of blood-red eyes graced her petite little face, while her peach-like lips glistened with an alluring lustre.

Faintly radiating with a mysterious power, a jet black roulette hung from her white neck,

She stood at a height of at most 140 centimetres. Covering her small and petite frame was a pink blouse, giving her an exceedingly cute look.

Yaeger could not help but gulp his saliva down. Never, ever, had he seen such a cute little girl! His heart started to race.

Forcefully biting his lip, he took a deep breath. After slowly managing to calm his heart down, he looked towards the little girl and replied: “I’m not clear if I’m the person that had summoned you.”

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During his three years of playing the game, Yaeger had never seen an NPC like her.

Could this be a hidden quest? His heart started to quiver slightly.

However, exactly what did I do to trigger this…all of a sudden, Yaeger thought of the 【Feather of Calamity】.

“I’ve sensed the power of Calamity from your body. Without a doubt, you’ve used the 【Feather of Calamity】.”

A faint smile was present on the little girl’s face: “I’m Litzy. I’m the owner of that feather.”

Yaeger’s mouth twitched upon hearing her words, while he roared within his heart: Do you have nothing better to do!? Why the hell did you place such a destructive thing as a prize for the Great Destiny Roulette!?

“Because it’s very interesting,” replied Litzy with a giggle.

Yaeger’s face instantly turned pale white.

“Your thoughts are written all over your face,” suppressing her laughter, Litzy looked towards Yaeger and said, “That’s a one in ten thousand chance that you’ve obtained. You really are a jinxed child.”

“What one in ten thousand chance?”

“The probability of obtaining the 【Feather of Calamity】 is one in ten thousand. You can imagine how unlucky you are.”

The corner of Litzy’s mouth curled up: “However, if you aren’t that jinxed, you wouldn’t have bumped into me.”

Those words immediately baffled Yaeger.

“You, do you wish to spin one more time?” all of a sudden, Litzy spoke out with a sweet voice.

“What did you say?” Yaeger thought that there was something wrong with his hearing, as the other party had actually said that he could do a re-spin…

“I’m saying that I can let you re-spin.” Litzy’s smile appeared pure and cute, and absolutely devoid of harmful intent.

“You’re letting me re-spin? Exactly what are the conditions required for that?” Yaeger never believed that there was anything as a free lunch in this world, even if it was in a game.

“The condition is very simple. You just need to use your lifespan to spin it,” Litzy replied in a light tone.

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“Use my lifespan!?” Yaeger’s face immediately contorted. Ain’t this too high of a price?

“That’s right. As long as you pay one day of your lifespan, you can re-spin once.”

Taking the black roulette off her neck, Litzy said: “Want another go?”

Her voice was filled with seductive power.
It was only one day! There’s utterly no need to consider anymore!

“I want to spin,” at this moment, the closed beta test was the most important matter for Yaeger. It would naturally be extremely good if he was able to use a day’s lifespan to change this disastrous situation around.

As long as he could get rid of this -999 fate stat, it would not be a problem if he gave up a day’s, no, even a month’s lifespan!

“Haha, a smart decision.” Litzy tossed the black roulette out. In an instant, black light blossomed from it, before it transformed into a large roulette.

Just like before, the names of countless precious items were displayed on it.

“Huu!” Yaeger suddenly exhaled deeply, as he could see that there were divine weapons and the Demon King Bloodline present on it!


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