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Chapter 4 – Jinxed bloodline

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1454 characters
Translator: FrozenFirez English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 974 words
Editor(s): Silva

This lasted for an instant, though it felt like an eternity.
Yaeger slowly opened his eyes. Indeed, right before him was a pure white space, a stretch of endless whiteness.

“Welcome to the 《Saint Demon World》.”

All of a sudden, a clear woman’s voice rang out in Yaeger’s head, making him feel as though he was separated from the world.

This was the game system’s voice, a voice that had accompanied Yaeger for close to three years, an ever-so familiar voice.

Yeager had nicknamed this game system as big sis System, and had once pondered exactly what the owner of this voice looked like.

He was unable to believe that this system was an illusionary existence.

“Please start customizing your game character,” following big sis System’s words, a window-like thing suddenly appeared before him.

Sweeping his eyes over it, Yaeger didn’t start to customize his character. Instead, he suddenly started to walk forwards, silently counting his steps as he did so.

Walking forwards, he didn’t stop after walking through the status window. After counting to a hundred steps, he stopped and repeated the same motion in all directions.

If anyone was watching, they would definitely find Yaeger’s actions as exceedingly strange.

“I’ve found it!” coming to a stop, Yaeger raised his hands and felt blindly about in the surrounding space. All of a sudden, he pulled out a small box from the air.

All of his weird actions were for the sake of finding this hidden box.
This was an easter egg.
It was found by the endless searching of an incomparably bored player.

Now, this has ended up benefiting Yaeger.
Opening the box, he immediately took notice of a lottery ticket present within.

As his finger made contact with it, a voice immediately rang out: “Ding! Congratulations on winning the world’s only—hidden destiny lottery ticket! You’ve obtained the title, 【Explorer】.”

Taking out the lottery ticket, Yaeger was able to see its description. This was an extremely rare lottery ticket, one that contained the possibility of obtaining an accidental surprise.

“Use.” whispered Yaeger.

In the next instant, the lottery ticket started floating in the air, radiating with blinding brilliance, before a large wheel appeared.

This was the most famous lottery roulette in the Saint Demon World, the 【Great Destiny Roulette】. It was extremely rare for one to obtain a lottery ticket for it. However, any one of its tickets would incite massive and miserable fights upon appearing in the public’s eye.

Staring at the prizes displayed on the roulette, a fiery blaze lit up in Yeager’s heart. Dragon’s Bloodline, God Slayer Sword, Myriad Poison Pearl. All of them were present. Anyone of those prizes would allow him to reap endless benefits.

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Every single thing shown on the roulette would cause the countless of different races that have appeared during the last 3 years of his previous life to go fanatically crazy.

Yaeger tapped on the “SPIN” button. Immediately, the roulette started to spin, before gradually increasing in speed.

After spinning for 30 seconds, it started to slow down. Under Yaeger’s expecting gaze, the needle slowly rested on a string of words.

【Feather of Calamity】!

Yaeger gawked in response, before blinking his eyes repeatedly in surprise. A single look at the prize and he could tell that it wasn’t anything good…wait a minute! This was the Great Destiny Roulette! There shouldn’t be any bad prizes present.

Just as these thoughts flashed through Yaeger’s mind, the Great Destiny Roulette disappeared in a white flash. Following this, a black feather floated down from the sky, landing right before him.

Extending his hand out slowly, Yaeger grabbed hold of the feather. Immediately, a notice popped up: Feather of Calamity, effect unknown, please be cautious when used.

Yaeger’s eyelids twitched madly as he read its description, while a feeling an unease welled in his body.

It’s extremely likely that this wasn’t a good thing at all!

“How about tossing it away…” such a thought flashed through his mind, though Yaeger immediately changed his mind. “How’s that possible. This is the only chance present in the entire world! Won’t it be a waste to throw it away? Furthermore, it might not necessarily be a bad thing.”

Forcefully psyching himself, he gradually changed his thoughts into optimistic ones.

Thoughts like him being the chosen one, etc, etc, and that he would definitely be alright.


Whispering that words in his heart, the black feather instantly transformed into a black dot, before flying silently into Yaeger’s body.

“Ding! Your constitution has been changed to the Body of Calamity. From now on, calamity will exist alongside with you.”

Upon hearing big sister System’s cold and indifferent voice, Yaeger felt his scalp instantly turning numb. Hastily opening his status window, his eyes immediately snapped wide open in shock.

Despite this being a partial status display, he had noticed that his luck stat had become -999!

Having played this game for three years, this was the first time he had seen such a frighteningly low luck stat! What an astonishing sight to behold!

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In this game, 【Saint Demon World】, the luck stat played an exceedingly important role, as it determines the drop rate of items and equipment.

The higher one’s luck stat was, the greater the chance of obtaining drops and equipment, as well as their rarities.

Previously, Yaeger had seen a lucksack obtain a blue equipment drop from a little monster. He had also seen a jinx obtain only a dozen gold coins and some white equipment from killing a boss mob.

From a certain perspective, this was a luck-based game!
Now, with his luck stat at -999, everything will go to waste.
Yaeger’s entire body turned icy-cold as shiver struck his extended hand.

However, never did he expect that he would experience such bad luck on the first day of his return!


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