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Chapter 41 – Advance Sword Skill

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Author: Mad Flower Original Source: SFACG Word Count: 1493 characters
Translator: Snoring Dragon English Source: Re:Library Word Count: 1021 words
Editor(s): NeedHydra

Each player had three empty skill slots at the beginning of the game, but only a few players could fill all three blank skill slots with an Advanced Skill Book.

The reason behind it was simple. Advanced skill Books were very rare. The drop rate was much lower than orange equipment. Even white Skill Books were rarer than purple equipment.

One could imagine how rare Advanced Skill Books were.

However, Rakshasa and Yaeger both got two identical Advanced Skill Books in Newbie Village. They were simply too lucky.

According to norms, Rakshasa who didn’t contribute much at all, should have had a very slim chance to get the same reward as Yaeger, but since her luck stat was at the highest level, so were her odds, and she got the best reward as well.

It could only be said that a Lucksack was a Lucksack, it’s almost like running a cheat engine.

If Yaeger hadn’t gotten the blessing of the goddess of luck after her rebirth with her luck stat skyrocketed to 666, she wouldn’t be even able to catch up with Rakshasa even if she was on the same starting line as her!

Rakshasa looked excitedly at the [Advanced Sword Skill]. After watching the fight between Yaeger and the Storm Wolf, her desire to get stronger was amplified.

Now that she had gotten an Advanced Sword Skill, she wanted to jump in excitement.

Rakshasa: Princess! Do I have to slot the Skill Book in skill slots to learn skills?

“Yes, just slot it in.” Yaeger nodded at her, feeling a little emotional in her heart as she thought that Rakshasa may have obtained the same Skill Book in her last incarnation.

She clicked on the skill panel and effortlessly installed the [Advanced Sword Skill].

Then she noticed the changes in her skills.

Equipped Skill: [Advanced Sword Skill] Grade: Purple level 9 (Upgradeable)
Attribute: Metal
Level Restriction: None

Skill 1: [Sword Manipulation] Skill 2: [God Slayer] Skill 3: [Ancient Celestial Sword Formation]

Description: This is an Advanced Sword Skill from the ancient sword sect known as Divine Sword Sect. It’s only taught to the inner disciples. Although it’s an entry-level Advanced Skill, it had amazing power. With this skill, it’s possible to best and kill higher level opponents.

Looking at the skill description, Yaeger couldn’t help but suck breathless and her entire body quivered with shock: “My eyes aren’t playing a trick on me. There are actually three skills in this skill book! Moreover, they work wonders on higher level enemies too!”

Rakshasa didn’t know how powerful this skill book was, but seeing Yaeger’s shocked expression, she knew that she had gotten a treasure. She was very happy.

Yaeger pursed her lips, quickly calmed her euphoria, and took a look at the three skills.

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[Sword Manipulation]: Learning Sword Manipulation will make your sword a part of your body. You can control it at will and sever the enemy’s head from thousands of miles away!

Metal Attribute Attack: + 50%
Critical Damage: + 50%
Ignore target defense
There is a 1% chance to trigger [One Hit Kill] Cooldown Time: 30 seconds

Yaeger clutched her chest and nearly forgot to breathe. Wouldn’t this skill be more difficult to deal with than a cruise missile if one was able to sever an enemy’s head from thousands of miles away?

However, after reading the description clearly, her jubilation ended. It turned out that this effect would not be achieved until its grade was upgraded to a very high level. At her current level though, she could sever an enemy’s head from at most a kilometer away.1

This range was similar to an ordinary sniper rifles’ range but its flexibility was countless times better. After all, a player can turn, slip around, and manipulate the sword any way they want.2

Yaeger looked at the skill effect with a 1% trigger rate, and her eyes immediately squinted. This [One Hit Kill] was really as its name implied. There’s no doubt that certain death awaits the opponent once it was triggered. It was almost on the same level as the law of causality. That’s how terrifying it was!

But with the trigger rate of 1%, it was basically impossible to proc it.3

Of course, this only applied to ordinary players. Yaeger, however, was far different from the ordinary players. Her luck stat was off the charts and her odds of successfully triggering it were definitely more than 1%.

“Such a divine skill! Moreover, its cooldown is only 30 seconds. Does it mean that I can shoot flying swords?” Yaeger felt excited just thinking about it.

Then she looked at the next skill.

[God Slayer]: By learning this skill, you will get the ability to become one with the sword. You can instantly enhance your strength to the limit and slaughter gods and demons with one strike.

Metal Attribute Attack: + 100%
Critical Damage: + 100%
Ignore target defense.
Ignore special dodge.
Sure hit
There is a 1% chance to trigger [Celestial Carnage Sword Formation]

Cooldown Time: 48 hours

Yaeger blinked her eyes, wondering if she had read the description wrong. How could this be an entry-level Sword Skill?

Slaying gods and demons with one strike… and that Celestial Carnage Sword Formation. You aren’t kidding me, right?4

Once activated, all the creatures within a hundred miles would be slaughtered!

Yaeger felt dizzy for a while. What kind of celestial clan was this Divine Sword Sect? Its entry-level Sword Skills were already so powerful. It’s unbelievably good.

Although such a powerful skill could only be activated after she reached a high level, it had to be said that it was just overpowered.

Shaking her head, Yaeger continued to look at the next skill.

[Ancient Celestial Sword Formation]: Once learned Ancient Celestial Sword Formation, you will understand the true essence of the sword. You will be invincible during the duration that the formation is activated.

Metal Attribute Attack: + 200%
Critical Damage: + 250%
Ignore target defense.
Ignore special dodge.5

1% chance to trigger [One Hit Kill] 1% chance to trigger [Sword God Descends] 1% chance to trigger [Ancient Divine Sword Formation]

Cooldown Time: 240 hours

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  1. Hydra: Bro
  2. Hydra: Maybe Chinese rifles but most NATO rifles push 2km as rated and known to be shot farther
  3. Hydra: Bs it will have at least 50 50 rate
  4. Silva: This game is broken af
  5. Silva: I sure hope all of these effects only apply to the skill and not the base stats? Otherwise that’d be way too OP

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